Monster Vs Workopolis

Workopolis and Monster are some of the most famous recruitment sites. Workopolis has its services in both French and English whereas Monster is one of the best job finding applications in the world.

Monster Vs Workopolis

What is Monster?

monster logoIt is an application that provides you with millions of job options right in front of your screen to choose from. It presents all of this information for free to all the job seekers helping them find employment.

What is Workopolis?

workopolis logoIt is a Canada-based job recruitment site that provides the latest job opportunities to the job seeker for free in two major languages namely; English and French.


Workopolis and Monster Features (Monster Vs Workopolis)

Feature Monster Workopolis
Phone Support Yes No
Online Support No No
Resume Database Yes No
Resume Search Yes No
Free Trial Yes No
Credit Card Required for Trial Yes No
Free Plan No Yes
Accounting Management No No
Budget Control No No
Activity Dashboard Yes Yes
Social Advertising Yes No
Social Recruiting Yes Yes
Built-in Database Yes Yes
Database Access Yes Yes
Communication Management No Yes
Customizable Branding Yes No
Real-Time Notifications No No

Monster Vs Workopolis (Pros and Cons)



  • Easy to post jobs online.
  • It always alerts when applied for an open position.
  • The search engine is very accurate.


    • It does not auto-fill the resume.
    • It can be more user-friendly.



  • It is very user-friendly.
  • Posts a lot of jobs for job seekers frequently.
  • You can put any input in your resume easily.


  • You have to enter your input twice to be able to apply for on-campus postings.
  • There is a possibility of spam.

How did we evaluate Workopolis and Monsters?

Both the websites are good in their ways and help to find the right job for job seekers. In terms of prices, Monster has increased its prices in the last 5 to 10 years. In terms of performance, both the sites perform well giving their user a friendly experience.

Workopolis Vs Monster: Which is Better for Employees?

Both are equally good. You can choose according to your preference as both sites cost some amount of money. Therefore, match your requirements with the platform and then make a decision.

Monster Vs Workopolis: Which Is Better for Job Seekers?

Workopolis is a better option because it is free for job seekers. They can search for the job as per their needs, save it, and apply whenever they want to without paying a single rupee. The Monster app is also free for job seekers making it a dual deal for them with many options to choose from.

Monster Vs Workopolis: Pricing

Workopolis and Monster both charge on a pay-per-post. But the best part about Workopolis is that it offers free services and features for job seekers which will help millions of people to get the desired job.

Also, Workopolis is free for job seekers.

Monster Vs Workopolis: User Reviews

The Monster application is very easy-to-use and can be used to find jobs with ease because of the advanced search option and resume searches. Also, it has an excellent user interface that helps us to navigate to find the right thing we need.

Whereas, Workopolis is best for job seekers as it is free and users can see the job and apply accordingly.


In short, both of these applications have their pros and cons. They both provide services for job seekers and employers. But finally, it depends on the user’s interests as to which one suits them the best.

We hope that the information helps you to choose wisely.

Good luck!


Question: How can I find jobs on these applications?

Answer: It is very simple, you just have to log in and you can search on the main page about the job and recruitment company easily. Also, you can save the desired job for future applications applying for the job.

Question: How easy is the application usage?

Answer: Both the application has an excellent user interface which can be used to navigate and search for the desired job and details about the company. Moreover, you can save multiple applications or job offer letters.


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