PCS Full Form | What is the Full Form of PCS?

The full form of PCS refers to Provincial Civil Service. PCS is regarded as a state-level civil service. PCS officer is a prominent position attained by a candidate after being recruited by the state Public Service Commission.

PCS officers are responsible for the management of the welfare of the state and the benefits of its public. They must have quick-decision-making skills to perform the duties falling under their administration, efficiently. Candidates are recruited only if they clear the three levels of the PCS exam conducted by their particular state.

They should know about topics related to forest, agriculture, education, revenue, history as well as geographic details, regional language, customs, and tradition of the state

PCS Full Form

The full form of PCS also refers to Personal Communication Service. PCS is a set of wireless communication services that allows a combination of personal service and extended mobility. It provides services similar to a pager or advanced cellular mobile. It is used as a multimedia, data, and voice communication device over a wireless medium.

History of Personal Communication Service

The PCS network was established by an American company named “Sprint”. It constitutes a GSM network in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area. Later, Sprint converted the GSM network to CDMA technology and sold the GSM infrastructure to Omnipoint, which eventually become a part of T-Mobile USA.

The basic architecture of PCS constitutes of

MS-Mobile Station, BS-Base Station, MSC-Mobile Switching Center.

There are two types of PCSs-

  • Narrowband PCS Narrowband PCS provides advanced voiced paging and messaging, data messaging, one- and two-way electronic messaging, and facsimile. The spectrum allocated for narrowband PCs is 900 MHz.
  • Broadband PC- It is used for multimedia transmissions such as voice, data, SMS, image, and in the future full-motion video. This requires more channel capacity and is set aside on the 140 MHz radio spectrum.

The major carriers include AT & T/Cingular, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint PCS (Nextel), Alltel Mobile, and U.S. Cellular

Technologies used for PCS

  • Time-division multiple access (TDMA)
  • Code division multiple access (CDMA)
  • Global system for mobile (GSM)


PCS tends to provide high-quality voice transmission compared to analog cellular. Also, PCS offers special features such as caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, call blocking, three-way conference calling, paging, and voice mail.

PCS was conceived as a means to provide a low-cost, feature-rich wireless telephone service.

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