How to Post a Job on Trovit? – Step by Step Find job offers

Trovit is a global application that provides excellent job vacancies for thousands of people. The web page has millions of job openings and recruitment processes that many job seekers can apply. Individuals can’t directly post a job vacancy but through the job board, and the person has to register as a partner for the job posting. Apart from that, Trovit also provides searches, and ads for cars, houses, and many products.

What is Trovit?

Trovit application was founded and launched in Spain in the year 2006 and it was acquired by LIfull, a Japanese corporate company in the year 2014. Further, it was developed into a global job opening and recruitment website portal. Trovit is an application for job vacancies for which thousands of people around the globe can apply.

Trovit Key Information

Legal Name Trovit Search SLU
Founder Name Daniel Gimenez
Founded Date Jan 01, 2006
Address Diagonal 601, 9th Floor, Barcelona 08028, Spain
Number of Employees 100+

Trovit Pricing

The pricing of Trovit is based on the package you choose and what advertisements you want to publish or post the vacancies, the jobs, and the recruitment process. All interested clients can opt for a free trial before finalizing the pricing of the advertisements.

Trovit Posting Proccess

While direct job postings on Trovit are non-existent, there are alternative avenues to ensure your job listing reaches its extensive audience:

  • Step1. Click the “New Job” button to initiate the job posting process.
  • Step2. Enter the job title and description. You can utilize Jobsoid’s rich library of job descriptions if desired.
  • Step 3. Provide additional details about the job, such as location, department, employment type, and salary information.
  • Step 4. Once all required information is entered, your job posting can be published online.

1. Leverage Compatible Job Boards

Post your job on job boards compatible with Trovit, such as ZipRecruiter or Jobleads. Trovit’s website offers insights into which job boards align with your industry or geographical preferences, facilitating informed decisions.

2. Sync Your Native Job Portal

If your organization maintains its job listing feed, synchronize it with Trovit to automate the posting process. This seamless integration ensures timely dissemination of new job openings to Trovit’s platform, enhancing visibility and candidate reach.

3. Utilize Free Posting Options

Platforms like Workable provide avenues for posting jobs across multiple job boards, including Trovit, at no cost. Leveraging such resources amplifies your recruitment efforts, expanding your candidate pool without incurring additional expenses.

Trovit vs. Other Job Portals

The basic difference between the Trovit application and the other job portal applications available in the market is that they just index the advertisement through the partner’s site or by signing up on your official website through the Trovit app. Other job portals allow posting the job opening directly without any ease.

Trovit vs is the UK’s top job posting and recruitment site, which permits employers to post the jobs and can be local with any type of industry. Trovit only links the company’s website, and through signing up, it indexes the advertisement of the job posting on their site.

Trovit vs Totaljobs

Totaljob is one of the leading job posting and recruiting companies in the UK, and Trovit is the job aggregator. Trovit does not have fixed pricing; they decide upon the company and how many ads need to be indexed.

Trovit vs Adzuna

Adzuna and Trovit are both applications that allow users to post job vacancies and various ads for cars, houses, and properties. Unlike Adzuna, Trovit doesn’t allow users to post ads directly on their website; they can only do so by signing up or sharing with partner websites.

Trovit vs Monster

The Monster application allows users to post job openings, recruitment processes, and advertisements on their official website, and users can navigate the jobs easily. At the same time, Trovit posted the jobs through the partner’s website or by the client’s official website where they indexed the advertisements of the job openings.

What are some alternatives to Trovit?

  • InstaVal.
  • Garner Health.
  • Talent Hack.
  • Dianomi.


In short, the Trovit application is good and can be used by companies and businessmen to post job openings and advertise their cars, houses, and properties easily. Moreover, signing up will help the users maintain privacy, so data will not be breached.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can you post a job through the partner’s website?

You can visit the official website, and on the home page, click ” post your ad ” in the right corner. This will take you to the partner’s website and their pricing, and then everything will be done.

2. What can I post on the application?

You can post various sectors like logistics, banking, mining, IT, and retail are some of the major ones.

3. Is Trovit Free to Use?

Trovit extends its services free of charge to job seekers, although organizations may incur expenses while posting jobs on compatible job boards.

4. Is Trovit Legitimate?

Rest assured, Trovit is a legitimate platform, diligently monitoring job listings to uphold its integrity. However, vigilance against fraudulent activities is advisable.

5. Is Trovit Accessible Globally?

Yes, Trovit transcends geographical barriers, serving as an international job board aggregator catering to users worldwide.

6. How do you post a job on the Trovit Job Board?

You cannot post a job directly onto the website, but there are 2 ways you can post a job through Trovit. The first option is to post the advertisement on your official website and then take help from Trovit to get the ads indexed. Another option is to post on their partner’s website, which will be visible on the trovit application within 24 hours.

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