Devex Job Board: Pricing, Alternatives & more

Devex is a media platform job board that helps employers to post jobs for the betterment of the development of community service. The portal has good plans for the user and job seekers to find the right job with ease. 

What is Devex?

It is a well-established global company that is a job board and recruitment platform. They are the largest brand of bringing development to people with highly skilled candidates. 

Key Information

Legal Name, Incorporated
Founder Raj Kumar
Founding Date Jan 01, 2000
Address 1701 Rhode Island Avenue NW, Third Floor, Washington DC 20036
Number of Employees 100
Number of Customers 1000000
Telephone 1 (202) 249-9222


Plan Name Pricing for 30-day Posting
Basic $399.00 per job
Featured $598.00 per job

Devex vs Other Job Board

Devex Vs Indeed

Devex is a media platform that works for the betterment of society so they help employers to recruit good quality candidates for community services. Whereas, Indeed is a portal for posting all types of jobs for job seekers around the globe. 

Devex Vs Idealist

Idealist primarily focuses on nonprofit organizations and both portals help job seekers to find the right job whereas Devex is a media platform that works for the humanitarian and the development of the community. 

Devex Vs Google for Jobs

Devex is a media platform job board and Google for jobs is neither a job board nor a website but lists the jobs from the various platforms to help job seekers. 

What are some alternatives?

  • Indeed
  • Idealist
  • ReliefWeb
  • Google for Jobs


In short, the portal is best for the people who are in the development industry as the company primarily focuses on these people for the development of the community. Moreover, they provide good quality services and plans with good pricing plans.

We hope that the information listed in this article helps you to understand this topic. 

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