Indian Army Salary 2024: Check Salary, Pay Scale & Allowances

There are several career paths available and chosen by individuals. However, being a part of the defense forces is one of India’s most prestigious professions. The feeling of selflessly contributing to the nation and its citizens is unparalleled. Out of the 3 forces, the Indian Army has a unique charm amongst the young generation. Life during this tenure teaches you the most!

Indian Army Salary

If you want to know about the Indian army in detail, this post will depict all about the Indian army, the Indian army’s salary, allowances, and more.

Let’s begin!

About Indian Army

‘Sewa Paramo Dharma’ – The slogan of the Indian Army.

The Indian Army is one of the 3 branches of the Indian Armed Forces, which operates on land. It was formed in 1895 alongside the armies of the time East India Company, however, later, in 1903, the Indian Army became one unit and was free from other presidency armies. In addition, the President is the supreme commander of all 3 forces in India.

The ultimate aim of the Indian Army is to provide national security and fight against any external aggression or threats. In addition, the army is also responsible for ensuring peace and security within the territory. Many humanitarian rescue operations are also conducted in case of calamities.

Interesting facts about the Indian Army:

  • Largest standing army with 12,37,117 active troops and 9,60,000 reserve troops.
  • Divided into 7 commands geographically and operationally.
  • The Indian Army has been a part of 4 wars with Pakistan and 1 with China.
  • Biggest voluntary military force in the world.
  • The highest altitude bridge, the Bailey bridge, is built by the Indian Army.

Reasons to Join the Indian Army

To be a part of the Indian Army is one of the most prestigious career opportunities. All the aspirants who pursue this as their career path must know that this position is full of challenges and adventure. There are various reasons to join the Indian Army besides being a respectable job.

Let’s discuss.

Job Security

As the economy is mostly uncertain, most individuals prefer to have a government job and hence, job security. There are zero pay cuts in the Indian army salary and only increments in the tenure. After joining the Indian Army, one can expect complete job security with various perks and allowances. No one asks you to leave, and you lead a highly respectable life.


The lifestyle of defense forces is unmatchable. Every soldier is trained to be disciplined and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Every morning, the day starts early with many physical exercises and a training schedule. This way, a soldier stays fit both physically and mentally. In the Indian Army, every day is full of excitement and newness. This job has a lot of thrill and adventure but a lot of responsibility.

Serving the Country

The passion and feeling of serving the motherland at the cost of your lives is a serene feeling. The challenges of a soldier’s life are different such as guarding the border, facing extreme climate situations, and being prepared for any attack or external aggression.

Pride of Uniform

Uniform is one of the most appealing aspects of being a part of the Indian Army. The badges, the fit, everything adds to pride to an individual.

Perks and Allowances

There are various perks enjoyed by Indian soldiers as well as their families, such as:

  • Free medical facility
  • Free accommodation
  • Canteen facility providing cheaper rates on various products
  • Education providing scholarships

Travel Perks

There are plenty of travel perks available for soldiers in the Indian Army. The Indian Army provides LTC or leaves travel concession that bears the entire traveling cost during leaves.

60 days of leaves are granted that can be utilized according to your convenience.

Leadership Qualities

Being in the Indian Army comes with plenty of challenges, one of which is having strong leadership qualities. It’s not you alone, it’s the whole team who has to fight battles and go into the war field. No other profession can teach you this level of leadership skills.

Post Retirement Perks

Even after retirement, an individual has abundant options. Various government organizations and private companies offer posts to the ex-servicemen in the Indian Army. Hence, instead of wondering what to do, it’s more about what to opt for due to plenty of paths.

In addition, good-paying pensions are also provided after retirement.

List of Headquarters of Indian Army

  • The Indian Army has six operational commands throughout the country.
  • General Officer Commanding-in-Chief heads each command in India.

All the commands are affiliated with the headquarters in New Delhi.

Command Headquarters
Northern Command Udhampur
Western Command Chandimandir
Eastern Command Kolkata
Southern Command Pune
Central Command Lucknow
South Western Command Jaipur
Army Training Command Shimla

Indian Army Rank and Salaries

The Indian Army notifies regarding the availability of vacancies, pay scale, and salaries annually.

  • Indian Army Basic Pay: The income of an employee in the Indian Army based on their ranks. Basic pay is around 35-50% of the total salary.
  • Indian Army Grade Pay: Grade pay is based on the 7th pay commission per an employee’s rank.

We are tabulating the pay scale, grade pay, and salaries for various ranks in the Indian Army below:

Indian Army Rank Basic Pay Scale Grade Pay Salary
Brigadier 37,400 – 67,000 (Level 13A) 8,900 INR 1,39,600/- – INR 2,17,600/-
Captain 15,600 – 39,100 (Level 10B) 6,100 INR 61,300/- – INR 1,93,900/-
Colonel 37,400 – 67,000 (Level 13) 8,700 INR 1,30,600/- – INR 2,15,900/-
Havaldar 5,200 – 20,200 (Level 5) 2,800 INR 34,800/-
Lance Naik 5,200 – 20,200 2,000 INR 20,200/-
Lieutenant 15,600 – 39,100 (Level 10) 5,400 INR 56,100/- – INR 1,77,500/-
Lieutenant Colonel 37,400 – 67,000 (Level 12) 8,000 INR 1,21,200/- – INR 2,12,400/-
Lieutenant General 37,400 – 67,000 INR 1,82,200/- – INR 2,24,100/-
Major 15,600 – 39,100 (Level 11) 6,600 INR 69400/- – INR 2,07,200/-
Major General 37,400 – 67,000 (Level 14) 10,000 INR 1,44,200/- – INR 2,18,200/-
Naib Subedar 9,300 – 34,800 (Level 6) 4,200 INR 34,800/-
Naik 5,200 – 20,200 (Level 4) 2,400 INR 20,200/-
Sepoy 5,200 – 20,200 (Level 3) 1,800 INR 20,200/-
Subedar 9,300 – 34,800 (Level 7) 4,600 INR 34,800/-
Subedar Major 9,300 – 34,800 (Level 8) 4,800 INR 34,800/-

Allowances in the Indian Army

The Indian Army provides several allowances for the soldiers. We are tabulating some of them below:

Allowances Amount
Transportation INR 3,600/- +DA – INR 7200/- +DA
Uniform INR 20,000/- per Year
Military service pay INR 15,500/-
Parachute pay INR 1200/-
Field area INR10,500/-
High altitude INR 5300/-
Counterinsurgency INR 6300/-
Siachen INR 42,500/- per month
Special forces INR 9000/- per month
Flying pay INR 25,000
Leave 20 days
Pension lifelong Based on rank
DA Dearance allowance
Study leave Up to 2 years with full pay
Death cum retirement gratuity and foreign postings


There are various perks and allowances in the Indian Army. Along with that, the army provides high-paying salaries as well. However, this job comes with many obstacles and challenges that test you physically and mentally. Hence, it demands you to be tough!

If you want to be a part of this prestigious defense force, you must prepare yourself to be tough, decisive, and brave.

We hope this post clears your doubts regarding the Indian Army salary, allowances, and other details.

Good luck!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is the starting salary in Indian Amry?

Answer: The average Indian Army soldier’s salary in India is 4.7 lakhs.

Question: What is the highest salary in the Indian Army?

Answer: The highest salary in the Indian Army is of General: Rs. 2,50,000.

Question: What is the salary of a Lieutenant?

Answer: The salary of a Lieutenant in the Indian Army is between INR 56,100/- – INR 1,77,500/-.

Question: What is the salary of a Major in the army?

Answer: The salary of Major ranges from INR 69400/- – INR 2,07,200/-.

Question: Does the Indian Army salary change every year?

Answer: Indian Amry is currently working according to the 7th pay commission while paying.

Question: What is the difference between grade pay and basic pay in the Indian Army Salary?

Answer: Grade Pay is employees’ pay based on their rank and pay band. Grade pay is calculated according to the 7th pay commission. Whereas Basic Pay is the base income which means 35-50% of the total income.

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