MCA Salary In India: Career Opportunities, Salary & More

The IT business is expanding, and so are the opportunities flourishing in the field. When you consider IT, you think of computers and software, and there is one post-graduate degree that is identical to both: MCA, or Masters in Computer Applications.

MCA is a two-year curriculum, and due to the rapid advancement of the business, MCA graduates will have very little difficulty finding work in the public or private industry. MCA graduates are also in high demand due to their technical knowledge and analytical skills, which enable them to thrive in the IT field. So, if you’re considering getting an MCA, don’t stress; there’s a lot in reserve for you as we go over the many income opportunities open to MCA graduates. You may also create a fantastic judgment by studying the various specialties available and the accompanying wage packages.

MCA Salary Packages in India

According to Payscale, an MCA candidate in India makes almost 7.96 lakh per year. Entry-level professionals typically earn around ₹ 2-3 LPA. Employees with more seniority should estimate a package of approximately 20-22 LPA. There are numerous options for progression and strengthening your skill sets is the key to developing your career.

MCA degree holders are actively courted by corporations such as Accenture Technology Solutions, Tata Consultancy Services Limited, HCL Technologies, Cognizant, and Accenture.

An MCA graduate can work in a wide variety of career roles, each with its own set of executive compensation. In addition, your talents, geography, and company all play a role in determining your pay package.

Experience Salary per month
Fresher Rs. 18,000 — Rs. 30,000
1-3 years of experience Rs. 25,000 — Rs. 42,000
5 years and above experience Rs. 50,000 — Rs. 1,30,000

Salary after MCA

Let us have a look at the jobs after MCA and what salaries they offer. This will give you a clear picture of the salaries across various jobs after MCA.

1. Software Developer

Software Developer

Employment as a Software Developer is one of the most desired professions after graduating an MCA course. You can engage as a software developer for firms like Infosys, TCS, Tech Mahindra, Accenture, and Capgemini, among others. These groups have a worldwide reach and you will have the opportunity to interact with people from across the globe. You will be needed to come up with new ideas, design software applications, and operate them. Prototyping and verification of software applications are also included in this profession.

Average Base Salary: ₹210k – 1.2 million /year

2. Hardware Engineer

Hardware Engineer

Although it is a common misconception that MCA only offers opportunities for low-level software design jobs and related fields, it also provides equal opportunities for hardware engineers. A hardware engineer’s position requires everything from developing to installing physical elements in an electronic gadget.

Printers, hard discs, wires, routers, keyboards, and circuit boards are examples of this equipment. A hardware engineer examines this equipment and ensures that the computer operates properly. A computer system cannot function effectively without these components installed accurately.

Average Base Salary: ₹110k – 810k per year

3. System Analyst

System Analyst

Many businesses rely on the system and IT professionals with analytic skills, business experience, and technical competence. It is one of the more prominent options available to MCA graduates. As a System Analyst, you are expected to improve the functioning of a business by establishing a fail-safe IT framework, which is essential in ensuring the business’s growth.

Average Base Salary: ₹835 k per year

4. Data Scientist

Data Scientist

Have you ever questioned how Google knows the answer to every inquiry you request? It is performed through the use of data scientist-created information gathering models. MCA Graduates with a strong interest in analysis and research can seek a career in data science.

After pursuing an MCA and a data science course, you will be educated with the skills required to transform raw data into meaningful information that users can easily comprehend. It will allow you to accurately forecast, analyze, and interpret data patterns in order to assist firms in boosting user experience. You can partner with well-known companies like Google, Microsoft, and PWC to provide data methods to enhance operational efficiency.

Average Base Salary: ₹340k – 1.9 million per year

5. Troubleshooter


Working as a troubleshooter may be the right choice for you if your goal is to maintain an equilibrium between hardware and software technologies. You are basically the foundation of a computer application system as a troubleshooter, ensuring its optimal functionality and efficiency.

To prevent possible system faults, every company needs a troubleshooter. For example, if projects and deliveries are delayed owing to inefficiency or software/hardware issues, a troubleshooter may be asked in to repair errors and malfunctioning hardware or software systems.

Average Base Salary: ₹362k /year

6. Web Designer & Developer

Web Designer and Developer

In today’s digital age, a corporation’s popularity is evaluated by its online presence. This encompasses both service and retail sectors. If you own a restaurant, your webpage will give your clients a bird’s eye picture of your business and guarantee improved business. Many businesses and organizations are engaging in having a good website. As a result, there is a huge requirement for web designers and developers.

A developer establishes how a website functions, whereas a designer works on the website’s content and aesthetics. This necessitates knowledge of both backend and frontend operations. Python, Java, PHP, HTML and CSS are programming languages that aid with server-side and client-side scripting.

Average Base Salary: ₹316 k /year

7. Software Consultant

Software Consultant

At work, we regularly hear the expression “software optimization.” This approach is carried out by a software consultant in order to avoid any disturbance to the business. An ideal effective software program for any firm or business is easy to use, is totally safe and secure, and helps in boosting productivity. As a software consultant, you evaluate a company’s software applications, and technical requirements, and provide solutions to improve software functionality.

You’d also need to provide troubleshooting and technical support. As you work in this position, the programming languages you learned during your MCA will come in handy. The work offers you freedom because you can choose to work project-based, allowing employees to work on multiple projects at the same time.

Average Base Salary: ₹812 k /year

8. IT Architect

IT Architect

An IT Architect establishes an organization’s framework. Every firm emphasizes an optimum structure, thus a corporation either automates its department or employs an IT Architect. They are expected to have significant business and IT expertise that allows them to determine the appropriate elements to architect software or hardware as domain experts.

You can either work as a full-time professional or start your own company to provide IT services to companies, customers, institutions, and government agencies.

Average Base Salary: ₹1931k /year

9. Cloud Architect

Cloud Architect

A Cloud Architect is responsible for data management, processing, and administration. Data is kept on servers without a physical component, it must be handled by a Cloud Architect. As businesses switch to cloud servers for security reasons, the role of the Cloud Architect has become important. They are in charge of protecting data from being lost or exposed by a security breach.

Average Base Salary: ₹1,955 k /year

10. Cyber Security

Cyber Security

As companies go online, carrying sensitive information and company data with them, Cyber Security is one sector in urgent need of qualified professionals. Hackers and fraudulent assaults provide a continuous security risk to a large company with several cloud servers. Companies use sophisticated ethical hackers, cryptographers, and network security consultants as preventive and precautionary steps to keep their information safe and encoded.

You might pursue an Executive PG Programme in Machine Learning and AI and earn one of the highest-paying jobs in technology. You can work for a large company as a full-time professional or as a freelancer to manage cybersecurity for multiple clients.

Average Base Salary: ₹1300k /year


With an MCA, you can go on to pursue your education and find attractive jobs in data science, cryptography, consulting, and software development. Certification programs from prestigious universities might provide you a competitive advantage. Among these are CCNA, Cloud Computing, and DevOps courses.

Because of the quick increase in the digital spectrum, the IT sector is seeing rapid growth. As a result of their advanced skills, MCA graduates have come to the forefront.

However, this program requires training in an advanced curriculum and guidance from industry experts and professionals.

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