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How To Write a Two-Week Notice Letter?

If you have decided to quit your work, providing your boss with a two-week notice letter is standard practice. The two-week notice period gives the manager sufficient time to plan all the work in your absence. In addition, the letter will provide the manager with enough time to find a suitable candidate for the position and reassign all the tasks and responsibilities to the new employee.

If you don’t know how to write two weeks notice letter, here’s your chance to learn. This article features in-depth information on the structure, content, and other aspects.

What is Two Weeks’ Notice?

You write a 2-week notice letter to your manager when you decide to resign. The two-week notice letter is essential for the employer to manage all the work in your absence. Also, the letter is a reminder for you to complete all your current tasks before your departure.

In addition, you need to guide and train your colleagues on specific tasks before saying goodbye to them on a professional and positive note. This notice letter is essential for the employer to find the right fit for the job position and to transfer to him/her all your responsibilities, duties, and unfulfilled tasks.

Why Should You Write a Two-Week Notice Letter?

Inscribing a two-week notice letter is the best way to resign from your job position. If you want to switch to another organization, you need to leave your current job position on good terms by providing your superiors with a two-week notice letter. They’ll appreciate it. During your notice period, you have to perform all the tasks in your best capacity and display your best abilities and skills to your manager.

Suppose you fail to provide the manager with a two-week notice letter. This notice letter allows the employer to settle all your financial information and accounts, which are in your name. In that case, it will be difficult for them to arrange a suitable replacement for your job position, which may affect the company’s performance due to departmental slowdown. As such, the company might not provide you with a reference letter, which would affect your future employment opportunities.

How to Resign From Your Job in 3 Steps

Let’s discuss how to resign in three easy steps. Giving two weeks notice letter to your manager is preferable before your final day of work at the organization. It’s advisable to consider a few things before submitting your notice letter to the employer. Take a look.

1. Find a convenient time to meet with your employer

It’s best to inform your manager about the resignation of your job position in person. If it is not possible, you contact them through phone or video conference. Try to have a direct meeting with your manager. This is a gesture towards your manager to avoid unpleasant surprises and give them time to prepare for the replacement. Meeting your manager in person allows you to thank them for all the opportunities they have given to you.

Ensure your manager must not hear about your resignation from someone else. You must tell him before someone else does. Before you schedule a meeting with your manager, prepare a two-week notice letter and address questions about when you will leave the firm. If you cannot meet your supervisor, ensure to meet the HR representative to convey your decision as soon as possible.

2. Focus on good things while preparing for your conversation

Conversing about your resignation to your employer is not an easy task. You ought to get ready with your conversation previously to make it simpler. Prefer telling your manager with a clear intention about leaving your job. Don’t prattle about unnecessary details. Instead, tactfully handle the situation while telling them that you have found a new job position elsewhere with better prospects and opportunities.

You need to inform your manager about your last day of working at the organization beforehand. The two-week notice letter is essential in this case as it will prepare the manager to find a suitable replacement for your job position. In addition, you should be gracious enough to thank your manager for providing you with tons of opportunities that helped you gain better insights into the latest trends.

If you are liked by your manager for your hard work and efforts, they might tend to stop you by providing you with higher payback and perks. So, be prepared for all this. If the offer is just irresistible, consider staying with the present organization. However, if you accept the offer, be ready for an awkward relationship with your manager.

3. Send the manager an email if you don’t meet them in person

If you can’t speak to your supervisor in person or through phone or video conference, then you can send them an email. While writing your email, state a clear subject line, briefly. In addition, you need to attach your two-week notice letter in the attachment, which becomes more accessible for the manager to handle all the tasks and responsibilities in your absence.

How to write a simple two-week notice letter

While inscribing a two-week notice letter, you should keep in mind certain pointers:

  • Begin your letter by incorporating your name, date, address, and subject line.
  • Talk about your resignation.
  • State the last day of your work with the organization.
  • Give an appropriate reason for your resignation.
  • Express your gratitude to your manager.
  • End your letter with your signature.

The format of a two-week notice letter is different. Still, it is good to express your gratitude towards your manager or to tell how fruitful your tenure was with the organization. This leaves a good impression on the firm.

Two week’s notice letter examples

1. Illustration of two week’s notice letter-1

Ankur Mehta

57/2 Colony, Hudson Lane

Kamla Nagar,


[email protected]

April 27, 2022

Gaurav Gupta

Vinculum Solutions

Plot-2, Building-B, Infospace, Sector-62

Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Dear Mr. Gupta

I’m writing this two week’s notice for my resignation from the work position in Vinculum. My last workday with the company would be May 11, 2022. It was great working with the organization, and I admire the time and efforts the company has invested in me to develop my skills and talents.

I continue to provide Vinculum with high-quality work until my last day working in the company. If you require any information during this notice period, please inform me about the same.


Ankur Mehta

2. Illustration of two week’s notice letter-2

Ankur Mehta

57/2 Colony, Hudson Lane

Kamla Nagar,


[email protected]

April 27, 2022

Gaurav Gupta

Vinculum Solutions

Plot-2, Building-B, Infospace, Sector-62

Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Dear Mr. Gupta

I am jotting down this letter to inform you about my resignation from Vinculum. My end day with the firm will be on May 11, 2022. I will be happy to help the firm during my two-week stay and delighted to train young employees and guide them in any manner.

I appreciate the company’s efforts in providing me with tons of opportunities and prospects during my time with the Vinculum. I wish all the good luck for your and your company’s future ventures.


Ankur Mehta

3. Illustration of two week’s notice email-3

Subject- Resignation-Ankur Mehta

Dear Mr. Gupta

Kindly accept my two-week resignation notice from Vinculum Company. My concluding day with the company will be on May 11, 2022. I cherish all the learning and experiences I gained from the company during my tenure. I admire your efforts and the time in polishing my skills and talents.

I will be happy to help the firm in any manner and wish you luck in the future.

Best Regards,

Ankur Mehta

When to Give Two-Week Notice?

You should give your manager two-week notice when you have signed the offer letter from another organization. The notice letter is appreciated by the managers and displays your professionalism. Having verbal communication with your new manager is different from having a signed offer letter in your hand.

Tips for Writing a Resignation Letter With a Two-Week Notice

Given below are a few tips to consider while writing a resignation letter with two week’s notice:

  • Prefer formal language so that your letter looks professional. Incorporate your contact information, date, and employer’s contact information in the letter.
  • State the date of your leaving the firm in your letter. You can mention the exact date when you would leave the firm or mention the two weeks from the current date.
  • Keep your letter precise and straightforward.
  • Show your heartfelt gratitude for all the opportunities and experience you gained during your tenure.
  • Mention positivity in your letter and avoid mentioning any negative aspects of the firm.
  • Offer help during your transition period.
  • The letter should be sent to both the employer and HR.


We believe, by now, you know how to write a two-week notice letter and the things to keep in mind. If you find the article helpful, share it. Let us know in the comment section.


Ques-1: Can you leave your job without submitting a two-week notice?

Ans-1: You can resign without handing in the two-week notice. It’s not a compulsion.

Ques-2: What are the circumstances when you can’t submit a two-week notice letter?

Ans-2: You cannot submit a two-week notice letter in the following circumstances:

  • If your job badly affects your health.
  • When you are abused at your workstation.
  • When you are asked to perform something unethical.

Ques-3: What are the things you need to incorporate in your two-week notice letter?

Ans-3: You need to mention company details and the person you address in this letter.

  • Your date of leaving the organization.
  • Your gratitude statement towards your employer.
  • Your offer for help during your stay period.
  • Your name and signature.

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