10 Best Courses After BCA: What To Do After BCA?

Bachelor of Computer Application or popularly known as BCA is a popular course among aspirants who wish to embark on a career in the Information Technology field. BCA is a 3-year course and is accomplished in six semesters. This course is for the computer geeks who see their future in the IT industry.

After completing BCA, one can go for multiple career alternatives in the IT field and pursue further studies. Let us share with you some of the various BCA job opportunities you can opt for. You can read this article to understand anything there is to know about the courses and employment opportunities.

How To Choose The Right Career Option after BCA?

What kind of career can I get after BCA? What are the finest courses to take after BCA? These questions may perplex you, and you may be hesitant to take the next step after BCA. If you want to specialize further, you should pursue a master’s or post-graduate diploma.

If you want to gain some professional experience before pursuing a higher-level qualification, you could take advantage of job opportunities.

Best Courses After BCA

1. Master of Computer Applications

The MCA program is a two-year postgraduate professional degree program broken into four semesters. This teaches students how to investigate any complex computer application by studying the current software development trends, programming languages, and tools.

Students can choose from a variety of MCA specializations based on their areas of interest. Students can also choose to master other skills such as C++, UI, UX, Python, OX, Java scripting, and others.

Eligibility Criteria

  • BCA or other equivalent degrees in graduation

Job Opportunities After MCA

  • System Analyst
  • Software Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Troubleshooter
  • Software Consultant
  • Web Designer & Developer
  • IT Architect
  • Professor
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Cloud Architect
  • Technical Writer
  • Database Administrator

Some Top Colleges for MCA

S.R College Name Est. Year Location
1 National Institute of Technology (NIT) 1961 Rourkela
2 National Institute of Technology (NIT) 1964 Tiruchirappalli
3 National Institute of Technology (NIT) 1959 Warangal
4 JawaharLal Nehru University (JNU) 1969 Delhi
5 Chandigarh University 2012 Chandigarh
6 Christ University 1969 Bangalore

2. MBA (Master of Business Administration)

MBA is the second most popular option after completing BCA. Apart from MCA, most students pursue higher education, and MBA has its own set of standards in the corporate sector. An MBA graduate may quickly advance through the ranks of any large corporation. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a two-year professional degree program that teaches finance, administration, management, and other related topics. Aspirants who want to pursue an MBA after completing their BCA can choose from a variety of MBA specializations.

Eligibility Criteria

  • BCA, BBA, B.Com, or other relevant degrees in graduation

Job Opportunities After MBA

  • Data Analytics
  • Information System Management
  • Private Equity
  • Management Consulting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Banking & Finance
  • Investment Banking

Some Top Colleges for MBA

S.R College Name Est. Year Location
1 Indian Institute Of Management, 1961 Ahmedabad
2 Indian Institute Of Management, 1961 Kolkata
3 Indian Institute Of Management, 1973 Bengaluru
4 Indian School Of Business, 2001 Hyderabad
5 Indian Institute Of Management, 1984 Lucknow
6 Indian Institute Of Management, 1996 Indore

3. Data Scientist

Data science is one of the most rapidly growing industries, with numerous job opportunities for Data Scientist graduates and other relevant degree holders in positions such as Computer Scientist, Data Administrator, Research Analyst, Data Architect, Data Engineer, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, and others. There are PG courses in Data science and their specialties, as well as a diploma. A master’s degree in data science can lead to intriguing opportunities in marketing, technology, information, and a variety of other fields. In the last two years, there has been an increase in the demand for the job profile of data scientists.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Should be graduated in IT-relevant courses, BBA, BCA, or other equivalent degrees in UG.

Job Opportunities After Data Scientist

  • Data Analyst
  • Data Administrator
  • Data Scientist
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Architect
  • Data/Analytics Manager
  • Business Intelligence Manager

Some Top Colleges for Data Scientists

S.R College Name Est. Year Location
1 India Institute of Technology – IIT 1959 Madras
2 Loyola College, 1925 Chennai
3 Manipal Academy of Higher Education, 1953 Manipal
4 Madras Christian College, 1837 Chennai
5 Christ University, 1969 Banglore
6 Fergusson College, 1885 Pune

4. Certificate Course in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a well-paying degree field. After completing BCA, hundreds of students enroll in digital marketing courses. They aim to inject some innovation and originality into the digital platform. After completing the BCA program, you will have a wide range of employment options in digital marketing, which is a vast and rapidly growing area.

SEO optimization, web content, social media marketing, content marketing, content writing, marketing analytics, and so on are all duties and responsibilities of a digital marketer. Around 50% of the corporate world now operates on a digital platform.

Eligibility Criteria

  • BCA, BBA, B.Com, or other equivalent degrees in graduation.

Job Opportunities After Digital Marketing

  • Social Media Marketer
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Content Marketer
  • Email Marketer
  • Media Specialist
  • Search Engine Marketing Specialists
  • Data Analyst
  • Search Engine Optimizer
  • SEO Specialists
  • Web Developer
  • Automation Expert
  • Content Creator

Some Top Colleges for Digital Marketing

S.R College Name Est. Year Location
1 IIM Kashipur 2011 Kashipur
2 IIM Indore 1996 Indore
3 IIM Nagpur 2015 Nagpur
4 Loyola Institute of Business Administration, 1979 Chennai
5 Indian Institute Of Management, 1984 Lucknow
6 Amity University, 2005 Noida

5. Masters in Information Management (MIM)

After completing your BCA, you can pursue a Masters in Information Management (MSIM). You will gain software skills as well as managerial abilities in this course. Having a command of both subjects is possible with detailed and linked courses.

Universities such as the University of California, the University of Denver, Syracuse University, and others provide excellent MSIM course frameworks. After completing your BCA, a legitimate graduation degree, a solid GRE, TOEFL, or IELTS score, and good letters of recommendation will almost certainly get you into your preferred college.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a graduate in IT-related subjects, IT BBA, BCA, or other equivalent degrees in UG

Job Opportunities After MIM

  • Computer Network Architects
  • MIS Director
  • Management Consultant
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • System Analyst

Some Top Colleges for MIM

S.R College Name Est. Year Location
1 Indian Institute Of Management, 1961 Ahmedabad
2 Indian Institute Of Management, 1973 Bengaluru
3 Indian School of Business (ISB), 2001 Hyderabad
4 Indian Institute Of Management, 1961 Ahmedabad
5 Indian Institute Of Management, 1961 Kolkata
6 Indian Institute Of Management, 1973 Bengaluru

6. Cyber Security

After BCA, this is the most common professional path for BCA graduates. As you may be aware, the BCA programme teaches software development and computer application. For them, cyber security is the ideal employment choice. Cyber hackers and terrorists gain access to important data and information in the digital realm, resulting in significant losses.

Security design, data analysis, cryptography, network concepts, scripting, programming, cyber threats, system administration, cyber defense, and IT system components are all topics covered in cyber security. After completing their BCA, students who are interested in defending the digital world or network from any threats might pursue cyber security as a career option. Aspirants can choose from a variety of certifications for post-graduate cyber security courses.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a graduate in IT-related subjects, BBA, BCA, or other equivalent degrees in UG

Job Opportunities After Cyber Security

  • Network Security Engineer
  • Application Security Engineer
  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  • Information Security Manager
  • Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Security Architect
  • Cyber Security Manager

Some Top Colleges for Cyber Security

S.R College Name Est. Year Location
1 India Institute of Technology – IIT 1959 Madras
2 Indian Institute of Technology, 1847 Roorkee.
3 Indian Institute of Technology, 1951 Kharagpur
4 Indian Institute of Technology, 2008 Hyderabad.
5 Indian Institute of Technology, 1961 New Delhi.
6 Indian Institute of Technology, 1958 Mumbai.

7. Teaching

To become a teacher or pursue a BCA course, students can pursue a B.ed or education degree at any accredited institution or college. If you have a BCA in Maths, there are numerous offline and online teaching options available to you. You can teach up to the tenth grade. Besides that, computer foundations can be taught as a subject. If you wish to improve your skills further, here are some of the best short-term courses available following BCA: JAVA, PHP, CISCO, Cloud Computing, Networking, and more certifications are available.

If a student wishes to pursue a career in teaching and wishes to teach at BCA colleges or universities, this is the finest career path for them.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a graduate in IT-related subjects, BBA, BCA, or other equivalent degrees in UG.

Job Opportunities for Teachers

  • High School Teacher
  • Mathematics Teacher
  • Academic Coordinator
  • Computer Teacher
  • Primary School Teacher
  • Middle School Teacher
  • Secondary School Teacher

Some Top Colleges for training Teachers

S.R College Name Est. Year Location
1 Lady Shri Ram College for Women, 1956 New Delhi
2 Department of Education (University of Delhi) 1922 Delhi
3 Department of Education (Banasthali University), 1935 Jaipur
4 St Xavier’s College of Education, 2009 Patna
5 KJ Somaiya Comprehensive College of Education Training and Research, 1990 Mumbai
6 Lady Irwin College, 1932 Delhi

8. Masters in Computer Management (MCM)

A master’s degree in computer management is another option to consider. This course is meant to prepare students to manage a whole software project from start to finish, including planning, execution, and benefit calculation. With nearly identical eligibility conditions, this is a course worth looking into after you’ve completed your BCA.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a graduate in IT-related subjects, BBA, BCA, or other equivalent degrees in UG

Job Opportunities After MCM

  • Database Administrator
  • Information Security Analysts
  • Computer and Information Systems Manager
  • Computer System Analysts

Some Top Colleges for MCM

S.R College Name Est. Year Location
1 Hislop College, 1883 Nagpur
2 Kamla Nehru Mahavidyalaya 1983 Nagpur
3 Savitribhai Phule Pune University 1949 Pune,
4 Asian Institute of Management Studies, 1968 Pune
5 Poona institute of management sciences and entrepreneurship, 1990 Maharashtra.
6 Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada Univerity, 1958 Aurangabad.

9. Web Development course

Web development courses are a viable employment option for BCA graduates. After BCA, a web developer’s employment mostly entails the building and management of websites. As a result, you may require further training or certifications in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. A web developer’s starting pay is 3.5 LPA on average.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a graduate in IT-related subjects, BBA, BCA, or other equivalent degrees in UG

Job Opportunities After Web development course

  • Web developer
  • Game developer
  • SEO specialist
  • Multimedia programmer
  • UX researcher
  • Web content manager
  • Web designer
  • Multimedia specialist
  • UX designer
  • Applications developer

Top Colleges/ Institutes for Web Development

S.R College Name Est. Year Location
1 Vogue Institute of Art and Design, 1996 Bengaluru
2 ROOTS Collegium, 2008 Hyderabad
3 SAM Global University, 2019 Bhopal
4 GNA University, 2014 Punjab
5 LISAA School of Design, 2013 Bengaluru
6 The University of Madras 1857 Chennai


At present, completing graduation is not the only thing you would wish for in life. If you want to excel in your area of interest, you should opt for courses that further sharpen your skillset and redefine your career.

The above top 9 courses after BCA will help you to excel further in life. No matter what course you select, always remember that you must pay attention to the course fully.

We hope you find your career choice and select one of the courses above.

Good luck!


Ques.1 Which is the best course after BCA?

Ans. There are many courses after BCA; however, the best ones are mentioned below:

  • Data Scientist
  • Web Developer
  • Digital Marketer
  • Software Developer Trainee
  • Banking Sector
  • E-commerce Executive

Ques. 2 What should I do for BCA high salary?

Ans. For high-paying jobs after BCA, you have the following options:

Software Engineer, Web Developer,  Data Operator, Software Developer, Computer Programmer, , Computer Network Architect, Database Manager, and Web Analyst.

Ques. 3 Can I join ISRO after BCA?

Ans. Yes, you can join ISRO after BCA. However, you must be good at calculative and logical skills.

Ques. 4 Which BCA specialization is best?

Ans. You can go for the following specializations:

  • Computer System Analyst.
  • Software Engineers or Programmers.
  • Database Administrator.
  • Mobile Application Developer.
  • Software Developer.
  • Software Application Architect.
  • Software Consultants Hardware Engineer.

Ques. 5 Can I join Army after BCA?

Ans. Yes, you can apply for the Indian Army after BCA.

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