How to Prepare for IAS after the 12th?

The Union Public Service Commission of India is the apex agency that recruits employees of Group A and B to the civil services. Clearing the IAS exam is a dream of millions in India. Aspirants start preparing years before they write the exam. The minimum qualification criteria for appearing in the UPSC IAS exam is graduation. But because of the cut-throat competition in these exams, several candidates start preparing immediately after they pass their 12th board exams. This is a good, productive step as they have the benefit of taking the preparation at a steady phase and familiarise themselves with the entire syllabus several months before they even become eligible. 

Preparing for IAS after 12th is a very effective and beneficial step, and the students who do this have an advantage as they have a chance to go through the syllabus several times, practice more mock tests, and understand the exam pattern. But one should know how to prepare for IAS after class 12. This article will help you understand how you can prepare for IAS effectively after the 12th standard.  

How to prepare for IAS after the 12th?

It can be very difficult for a new aspirant to understand how the UPSC IAS exam works. One has to be very clear about the facts, pattern, and syllabus of the UPSC IAS exam. The most important thing is to understand the requirement of the UPSC IAS exam. 

To prepare for IAS after the 12th, you should follow the given points and suggestions. 

  • First, you will need to understand what UPSC IAS is. Read about the UPSC IAS exam. Gather information about the qualifications, the eligibility criteria, the exam dates, etc. Understand what the exam means, what posts and offices are offered, and set your mind to it. 
  • Start reading the newspaper daily. News and current affairs are some of the most important parts of the UPSC IAS exam. Many aspirants have a problem in creating the habit of reading newspapers daily. But as a student who has passed class 12 recently and has 3 years in graduation, you will have sufficient time to make it a habit. 
  • Start reading NCERTs of classes 6 to 10. NCERTs are one of the best ways to kickstart your UPSC preparation after the 12th. As you are preparing for IAS after the 12th immediately, you will have plenty of time to read the NCERTs over and over again, till you memorize them by heart. 
  • Take up a side course on subjects like History, Geography, Culture, Economy, etc. Mastering these subjects take a good amount of time. But mastering yourself in these will be one of the greatest benefits in your IAS exam. 
  • Keep yourself in touch with the basic mathematics you did in school till class 10. It will be very helpful in your Paper 2 of quantitative Aptitude. 
  • Start working on your interpersonal skills and communication skills. It will help you to polish your personality which will be greatly beneficial in the Interview stage of the IAS exam. 

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