Mechanical Engineer Salary: Eligibility Criteria, & Colleges

The discovery of the steam locomotive in the late 18th century, which provided a critical source of energy for the Industrial Age, stimulated the growth of all sorts of machinery and equipment. As a consequence, a new major technical category dealing with machinery and tools emerged, which was formalized in 1847 with the establishment of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in Birmingham, England.

This Industrial Revolution sparked a new study. Mechanical Engineering became the most sought-after Engineering discipline study. Under-graduates across the globe, look to study mechanical engineering and build a career around it. Considered the evergreen branch of engineering, let’s take a look at the roles and responsibilities of a Mechanical Engineer and how much a mechanical engineer earns.

Who is a Mechanical Engineer?

Mechanical engineers are often linked to the production, transmission, and use of power, material science; production system industrial automation, machine design, and environmental issue handling. Other essential activities related to practicing Mechanical Engineers include exploration, testing, production, operations, advertising, and management. Personal creativity, understanding of the subject, and versatility are characteristics of mechanical engineers. They are also valuable and dependable members of diverse teams.

In addition, mechanics, energy transfer and conversion, design and manufacture, and engineering sciences are among the technical subjects that they use to support their work. They solve major challenges to improve the quality of life by employing intelligent analysis, modeling, designing, and synthesis techniques.

Mechanical engineers collaborate with teams that design a broad array of products and equipment, such as space shuttle vehicles, airplanes of various sizes and shapes, automobiles, turbines, compressors, power plants, and factories, to name a few.

A mechanical engineer has had an impact on almost every machine or process. Refrigerators, microwave cookery, high vibration, transportation, transmission, and copying are all made possible. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of mechanical engineers.

Role of a Mechanical Engineer

Let’s have a look at the roles and responsibilities of a mechanical engineer:

  1. Research and development across the entire product lifecycle.
  2. Machine and design development that meets needs and specifications
  3. Methodically conducting research, assessing data, and drawing conclusions.
  4. Theoretical designs are tested and evaluated.
  5. Find, formulate, and implement effective solutions to new issues.
  6. Examine the overall efficiency, dependability, and safety of the final product.
  7. To satisfy requirements and minimize defects, alter and adapt the design.
  8. Estimate the project’s expense and complexity.
  9. Solicit feedback from the operators.
  10. Develop new ideas or methodologies through lifelong learning.

Eligibility Criteria

1. In India

Candidates must meet the basic qualifying requirements to apply to any engineering colleges across India.

  1. The applicant must have passed a certified high school.
  2. In 12th grade, the applicant should have studied physics, chemistry, and mathematics.
  3. They should have received at least 60% in their 12th grade. Government institutes normally provide some relief to the reserved category.
  4. Students for lateral entry must have completed a three-year diploma in a comparable recognized university.

2. In the USA

Mechanical engineering bachelor’s degree requirements change from place to place. The Scholastic Aptitude Test result and a student’s high school grade point average (GPA) might be important qualifiers (SAT). A high school record can also provide insight into a student’s past interests and achievements and their possibility for future achievement. Some eligibility criteria for mechanical engineering colleges may contain the following:

  1. Application and fee must be completed and submitted within the time provided by the college.
  2. Official grade 10 records.
  3. Scores on the SAT or the American College Testing (ACT).
  4. Recommendation letters.
  5. An Interview and an essay (500-700 words).

Top Colleges

There are hundreds of colleges and universities across the country which offer mechanical engineering. Let us take a look at the top colleges.

1. In India

Sr. No. College Est. Year Location
1. IIT Delhi 1961 Delhi
2. IIT Mumbai 1958 Mumbai
3. IIT Chennai 1959 Chennai
4. BITS Pilani 1964 Pilani
5. IIT Roorkee 2001 Roorkee

2. In the USA

Sr. No. College Est. Year Location
1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1861 Cambridge, MA
2. Stanford University 1885 Stanford, CA
3. University of California 1868 Berkeley, CA
4. California Institute of Technology 1891 Pasadena, CA
5. Georgia Institute of Technology 1885 Atlanta, GA

Mechanical Engineer Salary

In India, a Mechanical Engineer earns between INR 2.5 and 10 Lakhs per year. However, the compensation varies based on expertise and experience.

We have updated this page with the most recent information on the different sorts of attorneys and their pay in India.

Types of Mechanical Engineers Urban area based Mechanical Engineer (Per Annum) Rural area based Mechanical Engineer (Per Annum)
Average Salary INR 9.95 Lakh INR 7.5 Lakh
Minimum Salary INR 4.5 Lakh INR 2.5 Lakh
Maximum Salary INR 18 Lakh INR 14 Lakh

Mechanical Engineers in the United States are paid well. The data below has been updated with the most recent information on payments to mechanical engineers in the United States.

Types of Mechanical Engineers Urban area based Mechanical Engineer (Per Annum) Rural area based Mechanical Engineer (Per Annum)
Average Salary $90,160 $82,500
Minimum Salary $71,880 $64,450
Maximum Salary $114,380 $107.780


The skillset developed by a mechanical engineer enables him to establish a profound career with a good pay. A mechanical engineer holds an important role in society. Making a career in mechanical engineering can take you places unexplored.

We hope that the information in this article benefits you in the best way possible.

Let us know in the comment section below what salary are you expecting from your company on becoming a mechanical engineer.

Good luck!

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