Airline Pilot Salary: How Much Does A Pilot Earn?

Professional pilots fly planes, helicopters, and other types of planes. Commercial pilots work for corporations that provide charter flights, rescue missions, or aerial photography, whereas airline pilots work for companies that carry passengers and goods on set schedules.

Did you know? Leon Delagrange was the first person to fly, taking off from a meadow outside of Paris with French pilot Henri Farman in 1908.

Pilot Salary

Modern aircraft are piloted by a cockpit crew comprising the captain and a co-pilot or first officer. They share flight responsibilities, including directing the plane, coordinating with air traffic controllers, and monitoring instruments. Older planes may also include a flight engineer, although modern aircraft have eliminated this duty by automized aircraft.

Who is a Pilot?

A pilot works in the aircraft industry and may fly planes to carry passengers or cargo from one location to another. They work for commercial airlines, companies, and organizations. Pilots may work for themselves rather than for someone else to provide private transportation in smaller aircraft or private jets.

Aviation is a massive career industry with several prospects in both the public and private sectors and academic contexts.

Depending on the industry, the pilot may be in charge of transporting civilians, army personnel, personal items, commercial goods, or other types of cargo. The kind of plane employed is determined by the pilot’s expertise. Some pilots fly helicopters, while others fly bigger commercial planes carrying tens or even hundreds of travelers. Others use cargo planes to deliver massive amounts of mail, vehicles, industrial machinery, and other goods from one point to another. check: How to become a Pilot?

The most well-known pilots work for the airline industry and fly passengers traveling or vacationing. Their primary responsibility is to fly the plane, but they also spend considerable time conducting other things. Pilots check the weather and verify flight plans before taking off. They also perform pre-flight inspections and examine flight logs before departure.

During the flight, pilots are responsible for the safety of all crew and passengers. They must routinely make split-second decisions and constantly communicate with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to be aware of changes to the flight plan or safety issues. Commercial cargo pilots perform comparable duties, with the key difference being that they transport cargo rather than passengers.

Pilots with appropriate industry experience may choose to work for or establish an aviation school. As flight instructors, pilots educate prospective aviators on the fundamentals of flight. Moreover, private classes cover aviation safety, history, and flying procedures. They assist students in obtaining their private pilot’s license.

Role of a Pilot

Let’s take a look at the responsibilities and roles of a Pilot:

  1. Inspection of fuel, aircraft, and navigational systems before and after flights.
  2. Maintaining a high level of competence while operating the airplane.
  3. During flights, keep an eye on the weather and communicate with it.
  4. Throughout the flight, communicate with the co-pilots and aircrew.
  5. Keeping crew and passengers informed and reassuring during emergencies.
  6. Before takeoff, determine the safest routes and review flight plans.
  7. Between planes, getting adequate rest.
  8. Anticipating problems and remaining professional in an emergency.
  9. Coping up with airplane and equipment advances.

Eligibility Criteria

1. In India

In India, you are eligible to join the flying schools to become a pilot after the 12th or after you complete your graduation.

  1. An applicant must have completed 12th grade in Science with Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and English.
  2. To be qualified for CPL, an applicant must have received a minimum of 50% in all subjects (Commercial Pilot Licence).
  3. CPL requires a minimum age of 17 years and a maximum age of 60 to 65 years.
  4. To be eligible for a CPL, a candidate must pass the class 2 medical exam.
  5. If you match the qualifications mentioned above, you can fill out the application form and prepare for the DGCA entrance exam.

2. In the USA

To become a pilot in the USA, you have to fulfill several different requirements, including education, training, and licensing:

  1. Pilots undergo their training either in the military or at FAA-certified flight schools in the United States.
  2. Most employers prefer to hire people with a bachelor’s degree, while two years of college is the minimal requirement. English, math, physics, and aeronautical engineering should be included in your coursework.
  3. A commercial pilot’s license is required to work as a pilot.
  4. A transport pilot certificate is required for airline captains and first officers. A pilot must be 23 years old, have 1,500 hours of flight time, and pass written and flight exams to be eligible for one.

Top Colleges

There are hundreds of colleges and universities across the country which offer Piloting. Let us take a look at the top colleges:

1. In India

Sr. No. College Est. Year Location
1. IGRUA (Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Academy) 1985 Amethi
2. Bombay Flying Club 1928 Mumbai
3. Gujarat Flying Club 1958 Vadodara
4. Patiyala Flying Club 1962 Patiala
5. Rajputana Aviation Academy 1994 Jaipur

2. In the USA

Sr. No. College Est. Year Location
1. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University 1926 Cincinnati
2. University of North Dakota 1883 North Dakota
3. Purdue University 1869 Indiana
4. Western Michigan University 1903 Michigan
5. California Institute of Technology 1891 California

Pilot Salary

Pilots are paid well whether in India or in the USA. Let us take a brief look at the pilot salaries offered to pilots.

Pilot Salary in India

Pilots in India are paid as follows:

Types of Pilots Domestic flight pilots ( per annum) International flight pilots (per annum)
Average Salary INR 32 Lakh INR 48 Lakh
Minimum Salary INR 14 Lakh INR 24 Lakh
Maximum Salary INR 54 Lakh INR 88 Lakh

Pilot Salary in the USA

Pilots in the United States are paid as follows:

Types of Pilots Domestic flight pilots ( per annum) International flight pilots ( per annum)
Average Salary $130,440 $141,425
Minimum Salary $93,300 $95,396
Maximum Salary $208,500 $242,000


Pilots are highly experienced, talented, and certified professionals who must complete a variety of training courses before flying an airplane or helicopter. They bear a significant deal of responsibility, and they must always adhere to the international aviation authorities’ guidelines.

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