Software Developer Salary: A Complete Guide [Beginner & Expert]

Software development has a rich history. Our human civilization has been working to improve technology in nearly unprecedented ways since the invention of the first automated machine centuries ago. Along with system upgrades, software advancements have made it more convenient, from calculators to calendars to retail software that allows people to purchase sweaters with their card transactions. From the first computer to today, the advancement of software is a fascinating insight into how we manage the realm around each other, including the virtual environment we’ve created.

Around the 1940s, the world started to see computer systems in the form that we know them presently. The Atanasoff-Berry computer was one of the first models. It was too big to get through a gate, but it could solve linear equations. This achievement sparked a surge in software development, including the development of FORTRAN, the first programming language. The rise in software development programs led to a branch of a new profession. People started their careers as software developers and transformed how human beings function by making their lives easier.

Who is a Software Developer?

Software developers are the ones who create several innovations we use every day. For example, that application waking you up every morning by ringing, singing, or buzzing; a software developer assisted in the creation of that. When you walk into the workplace and turn on your desktop, you’re clicking and scrolling through social media, songs, and your private calendar – software developers shaped those, too!

You could spend your lunchtime purchasing, and before making that big transaction, you use your phone to check your bank statement. Later, you’re preparing a new recipe from that fantastic app your friend recommended. As you go about your day, you’ll notice that software developers are the brains behind the technological innovations you now simply can not imagine life without.

The best software companies are innovative and have the technical skills to implement their ideas. You would perhaps expect software developers to spend their days designing software programs at their workstations – and they do – but their job entails much more. They could spend much of their time starting from scratch on a client project and writing a programming framework. They could, however, be tasked with sustaining or trying to improve the code for already-running programs.

Software developers also check glitches in the software. They must collaborate with others, including colleagues, supervisors, and clients, despite the fact that the job requires extreme concentration. Developers are logical thinkers with strong analytical skills and the ability to take on new challenges.

Moreover, they work in various fields, including desktop design, production, and financial services. Between 2020 and 2030, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 22.2 percent increase in software developer employment. During this time, an estimated 409,500 job vacancies should become available.

Role of a Software Developer

Let’s take a good look at the responsibilities and duties of a Software Developer:

  1. Design algorithms and flowcharts with the help of developers.
  2. Based on specific requirements, write clean, efficient code.
  3. Combine software components and third-party applications.
  4. Validate and deploy software and systems
  5. Existing software should be troubleshot, debugged, and upgraded.
  6. Collect and analyze user feedback
  7. Improvements should be suggested and implemented.
  8. Make technical documentation for reporting and reference.

Eligibility Criteria

1. In India

The eligibility criteria for becoming a Software Developer are listed below:

  1. To become a software developer, students must pass the 10+2 standard with a minimum of 50 percent from a recognized board.
  2. Students must take science as a subject in high school.
  3. You need to clear the entrance exams for to get admission into the academic institutions. BITSAT, JEE MAIN, and SRMJEE are some top entrance exams that require students to score at least 50% in order to be admitted for the course.
  4. The duration of diploma and bachelor’s degree programs is 3 to 4 years.

2. In the USA

Software Developers usually applies for a bachelor’s degree in the IT sector. You may also obtain a degree in any other course and still pursue a career in software development. Scholastic Aptitude Test result and a student’s high school grade point average (GPA), are crucial qualifiers (SAT). A high school record can also provide insight into a student’s past interests and achievements and their possibility for future achievement. Some eligibility criteria for IT colleges contain the following:

  1. Application and fee must be completed.
  2. Official grade 10 records show a strong GPA in mathematics and science (e.g. physics, chemistry).
  3. Scores on the SAT or the American College Testing (ACT).
  4. Recommendation letters.
  5. An Interview and an essay (500-700 words).
  6. The duration of diploma and bachelor’s degree programs is 3 to 4 years.

Top Colleges

There are hundreds of colleges and universities across the country which offer Software Development. Let us take a look at the top colleges.

1. In India

Sr. No. College Est. Year Location
1. IIT Delhi 1961 Delhi
2. IIT Mumbai 1958 Mumbai
3. VIT Vellore 1984 Vellore
4. BITS Pilani 1964 Pilani
5. COEP Pune 1854 Pune

2. In the USA

Sr. No. College Est. Year Location
1. Stanford University 1885 Stanford, CA
2. California Institute of Technology 1891 Pasadena, CA
3. Georgia Institute of Technology 1885 Atlanta, GA
4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1861 Cambridge, MA
5. University of California 1868 Berkeley, CA

Software Developer Salary

The estimated total pay for a Software Developer is ₹10 lacs per year in India, with an average salary of ₹7.5 lacs per year. However, the compensation varies based on expertise and experience.

We have updated this page with the most recent information on the pay scale in India.

Job Role Software Developer (Per Annum)
Average Salary INR 7.5 Lakh
Minimum Salary INR 3.5 Lakh
Maximum Salary INR 75 Lakh

In the United States, software developers are handsomely compensated. The data below has been modified to reflect the most recent data on rewards to software developers in the USA.

Job Role Software Developer
Average Salary $84,020
Minimum Salary $110,140
Maximum Salary $140,470


A Software Developer’s skill set enables him to construct a long-term profession with a decent income. In today’s world, a Software Developer plays a crucial role. A career as a software developer can take you to areas you’ve never been before.

Software developers of all types have a bright future. You can better determine if you’re prepared to work in software development now that you’ve taken a closer look at this crucial function.

Good luck!

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