Best Jobs After BBA For All BBA Graduates

Many school children enroll in BBA when they want to explore different career options and opportunities. Sales and marketing, financial services, operations, human resources, and even IT services can all benefit from a BBA.

Furthermore, all of these areas, as well as communication and leadership, enable one to pursue modern jobs. Students who complete a BBA program can pursue any profession or field and often exceed expectations.

BBA courses also help students to develop entrepreneurial spirit and business knowledge, and they have become a very popular choice since the IIMs launched ‘Integrated programs in management courses.

Best Jobs After BBA 

The principles taught across BBA have helped many graduates land good jobs. These are determined by the student’s specialties. A student’s starting salary package after graduation is determined by the position obtained. Salary improves as a result of promotions and career advancement. A BBA graduate can choose to work in core jobs that are directly relevant to their studies or choose a field he or she wishes to work in.

Let us look into the various BBA Jobs graduate can take up after graduation.

  • Specialize in Management
  • Data Scientist
  • Join Government Services
  • Charted Accounted
  • Entrepreneurship ​
  • Event Management
  • Digital Marketer
  • Law

1. Specialize in Management

MBA is perhaps the most common and one of the best career routes available to students after BBA. There are numerous career paths available after a BBA, and for those interested in furthering their education, an MBA appears to be the best option.

With an MBA degree, you can continue pursuing leadership positions in a variety of industries, including financial services. After completing an MBA, you can hold management positions in companies such as sales, management consulting, human resources, finance, and other departments.

Average Salary- INR 7- 35 lacs ( per annum)

2. Data Scientist

If one has an inclination toward the IT industry look no further. Data science is a fantastic job to take up for BBA graduates. Many people believe a myth that data science is only for IT graduates. One can easily become a data scientist with a BBA after taking up a specialized course available for graduates.

Secondary and primary data are used by data scientists to gain insights. They apply those insights to make more informed decisions, create strategies, and assist their clients in achieving the best results. It is one of the best programs online after completing a BBA.

Average Salary- INR 6.5- 30 lacs ( per annum)

3. Join Government Services

Joining Government Services is also one of the BBA graduate’s standard career options. Job security, peaceful life, and in many jobs, proper house and allowances, often lure the new graduates to prepare for government jobs.

A BBA graduate can apply for government jobs after BBA, and graduate can apply for administrative roles and management positions, and banking and finance roles in the government jobs by applying for UPSC, Railways, State PCS, and Bank PO exams.

Average Salary- INR 3.9- 24 lacs ( per annum) 

4. Charted Accounted( CA)

CA is the best option for BBA graduates who are interested in accounting, economics, and the legal system. CA is widely regarded as one of the best accountancy jobs in India. It will, however, take 5 years of effort and patience.

A qualified CA could go on to work in the highest ranks of accounting, banking, and business, for a charitable organization, government organization, or cutting-edge technology company. It also provides the necessary skills for those with an entrepreneurial spirit to start and manage a successful company.

Average Salary- INR 9- 26 lacs ( per annum)

5. Entrepreneurship ​

Entrepreneurship is the best alternative for BBA graduates who do not want to start their own company or business. One only needs leadership and communication skills, an innovative concept, and an intelligent team. Funding may be an option for people who can not afford financial assistance. Before exploring the idea for your start-up, it is always necessary to cooperate in a fruitful start-up or corporate environment.

Having an MBA degree is advantageous for those who want to do things their way. It familiarizes you with the terms and conditions you will need to work upon while setting up your own firm.

Average Salary- INR 7- 42 lacs ( per annum)

6. Event Management

If an event is to achieve its objectives, it must be well-managed. From the ordinary and simple to the stressful and complicated, event managers entail a wide range of tasks and responsibilities. In this job, you must be able to prioritize tasks in order to get the most out of your time.

Finding and booking venues, communicating with clients and suppliers, handling logistics, managing budgets and invoicing, organizing accreditation, managing risk, and presenting post-event reports are all tasks that event managers perform. A successful event manager can inspire their team, re-energize them after a long day, and maintain a positive attitude. BBA graduates can try to get into this profession if they like managing things and organizing events.

An event manager should have:

  • Communication skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Budgeting skills
  • Creativity/eye for detail
  • Motivational skills
  • Project management skills

Average Salary- INR 5.5- 27 lacs ( per annum)

7. Digital Marketer

BBA graduates can also enter the digital marketing industry. Digital marketers are frequently involved in their company’s efforts to gain public attention. They direct the way to develop relationships with the company’s existing clients. They keep them up to date on notifications and increase their level of commitment to the corporate brand. They also reach potential clients with a highly targeted and low-cost campaign.

Digital Marketers rely on a wide range of skills and tools to achieve all of this. Depending on their company and its goals, they may need to work with tools like Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Facebook Ads Manager, Zapier, Mailchimp, and Salesforce. All of which is just a small part of a massive array of tools designed to help marketing professionals do their activities more effectively.

Average Salary- INR 5- 16 lacs ( per annum)

8. Law

If you are interested in having a career in law, you can take up law after your BBA and start a career in it. In legal matters and conflicts, a lawyer gives advice and resembles companies, individual citizens, and governmental organizations. The primary responsibilities of a lawyer are to uphold the rule of law while protecting the rights of their customers. Lawyers provide legal advice, conduct research, gather evidence, draft legal documents such as contracts, divorce decrees, and real estate transactions, and defend or prosecute cases in court. They can focus on various areas, including major corporations, communities, bankruptcy, and environmental policy.

Being a lawyer involves much more than just arguing cases in court. As a solicitor, you’ll spend a lot of time researching case studies, writing legal strategies, and staying current on the law.

The legal profession is a well-respected profession with high earning possibilities.

Average Salary- INR 4.5- 28 lacs ( per annum)


Choosing a profession after graduation depends on whether you are ready to make a career in your graduation subject or not. Often people tend to change their career course and explore a new profession where they feel comfortable.

The list offers you the best BBA job opportunities you can take up after BBA and start your career in it. Let us know in the comment section below, which profession you would likely choose after your graduation in BBA.

We hope that the information in this article will add value to your knowledge.

Good luck!

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