Akriti Chopra Biography, Co-Founder of Zomato: The Remarkable Journey

Akriti Chopra is more than just a name; she symbolizes determination, unwavering commitment, and outstanding excellence. In a world where success stories are built on resilience and vision, Akriti’s journey is truly inspiring. This article explores Akriti Chopra’s life, uncovering the layers of her incredible journey that have shaped her into the dynamic and accomplished person she is today.

Akriti Chopra Biography

Wiki /Bio Information
Name Akriti Chopra
Born / DOB 1988
Gender Female
Husband Name Albinder Dhindsa
Age 36 (2024)
Religion Hinduism
School Delhi Public School, RK Puram, New Delhi.
College / University Lady Shri Ram College for Women in Delhi

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

Education Qualification Graduate

Chartered Accountant

Hometown Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Occupation Co-founder of Zomato
Net Worth 113 CR
Hobbies Cooking
Food Habit Vegetarian
Height 172 cm
Eye Color Dark
Hair Color Dark  

Early Life and Education

Background and Family Influences:

Akriti was born into a family that believed in the importance of education and hard work. These values shaped her early life and influenced how she approached her work. This section discusses how her family and culture played a big role in shaping who she is.

Educational Milestones and Early Achievements:

As she went through school, Akriti achieved important goals and succeeded early on. Whether it was doing well in her studies or showing leadership skills, her time in school laid the groundwork for her future accomplishments. This section gives a peek into her early years and the dreams that started to take root.

Professional Career

Akriti Chopra started her career in the corporate world by working in the finance sector. Her commitment and hard work quickly caught the eye of her superiors, propelling her up the corporate ladder.

The Zomato Journey

During her ten-year tenure at Zomato, Akriti cherished exploring various roles, uncovering what truly brought her joy. Initially starting in Operations, she transitioned to finance and serves as the Chief People Officer, leading the people charter. Reflecting on her journey, she emphasizes the transformative process of gaining confidence and self-acceptance. Akriti attributes her success to perseverance and resilience during the company’s fluctuations. Despite doubts about the organization’s survival, she learned to take one day at a time, emphasizing the power of showing up.

Akriti’s discovery over the past decade involved recognizing the importance of anchoring tools. Journaling proved instrumental in gaining clarity and alleviating anxiety. She also prioritized physical fitness and emotional and mental well-being, recommending therapy as a valuable resource for self-reflection and understanding behavioral patterns.

Acknowledging the significance of a close inner circle, Akriti highlights the support of her husband and close friends as pillars of strength during moments of self-doubt. Her journey has been marked by growth, resilience, and the pursuit of self-awareness.

Transition to Entrepreneurship

A pivotal moment in Akriti’s career occurred when she bravely switched from employee to entrepreneur. This decision stemmed from her eagerness to face new challenges and contribute to the vibrant startup scene. Akriti’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to co-found Zomato, a major player in the food delivery and restaurant discovery industry.

ESOP Windfall

One standout part of Akriti Chopra’s journey is her notable financial success through Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs). A News18 article highlights that Akriti earned a remarkable 149 crores through Zomato’s ESOPs. This financial windfall showcases her dedication to the company and highlights the potential rewards for those actively contributing to a startup’s success.

Leadership at Zomato

As a co-founder of Zomato, Akriti holds a key position in shaping the company’s financial strategies and overall direction. Her leadership skills and financial know-how drive Zomato’s ongoing success and growth within the fiercely competitive food delivery industry.

Akriti firmly believes that a successful leader must comprehend and be familiar with their customers, grasping the essence of their issues. In her current position as Chief People Officer, her customers are the employees, and effectively performing her role involves discovering their strengths. As a leader focused on people, she sees leadership as collaborating with and empowering individuals to achieve their objectives. Drawing from her own experiences, Akriti advocates for encouraging her team to explore and challenge conventional norms. Zomato’s internal mobility platform allows employees to try various roles and discover what truly resonates with them. 

At Zomato, a culture of pushing individuals into different problem-solving scenarios fosters a multi-dimensional perspective. Akriti emphasizes that people are most productive when they identify their strengths and derive satisfaction from their work. Her mantra, “Done is better than perfect,” underscores her preference for taking action rather than waiting for the perfect solution.

Personal Traits and Achievements

Akriti Chopra’s journey is not solely about professional milestones; it also highlights the personal qualities that contributed to her success. Her ability to take risks, make strategic decisions, and adapt to changing dynamics distinguishes her as a leader in the business world.

Social Media Accounts

Instagram Akriti Chopra
Twitter Akriti Chopra
Linkedin ID Akriti Chopra

Interesting Facts about Akriti Chopra

  • She completed her post-graduation as a Chartered Accountant from “The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India” in 2011.
  • Akriti was promoted to Zomato’s co-founder in June 2021 before the company went public.
  • She has been promoted to various positions within the company and now holds the position of Chief Financial Officer.
  • It is a great achievement for a female to be in a position as high as CFO at this young age. She has accomplished something huge.
Favorite Actor Ranvir Singh
Favorite Actress Deepika Padukone
Favorite Color Black
Favorite Food Vegetarian Food
Favorite Place Paris
Favorite Singer Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghosal


Akriti Chopra’s inspiring journey from employee to Zomato co-founder is a motivational guide for aspiring entrepreneurs. Her story underscores the significance of passion, dedication, and a willingness to take risks in pursuing success. Akriti Chopra’s impact on the business world, especially in the startup realm, solidifies her as a notable figure in entrepreneurship.

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