Deepinder Goyal Biography [Zomato Cofounder], Net Worth, & Career Stats

Deepinder Goyal, born on January 26, 1983, is the co-founder and CEO of Zomato, a prominent restaurant aggregator and food delivery service in India. Zomato’s presence extends to over 24 countries, including the UAE, Sri Lanka, Qatar, the UK, Indonesia, and numerous others, encompassing more than 10,000 cities worldwide. Alongside Pankaj Chaddah, Goyal established Zomato (originally named Foodiebay) in 2008, marking the inception of a global culinary phenomenon.

Step into the world of Deepinder Goyal, the brilliant mind who created Zomato. From his humble beginnings to his groundbreaking achievements, we’ll uncover the story of this remarkable entrepreneur. Learn about his journey from studying math to founding a global food-tech giant. With Zomato, he changed how we find and enjoy food.

Join us as we explore Deepinder Goyal’s life and work. His vision and passion have left an indelible mark on how we dine and connect with restaurants worldwide.

Deepinder Goyal Biography Highlight Table

Attribute Details
Full Name Deepinder Goyal
Gender Male
Born/Date of Birth 26 January 1983
Age 40 Years (as of 2023)
Hometown Muktsar, Punjab, India
Occupation Entrepreneur, Businessman
Job active 2007-Present
Current Position Director & CEO of Zomato
Company Founded Zomato Limited
Current City New Delhi, India
Nationality Indian
Religion Hinduism
Height (Approx) 1.8 m
Weight (Approx) 78 kgs
Eye Color Dark
Hair Color Black
Parents Father: Harbans Lal Goyal
Marital Status Married
Spouse Kanchan Joshi Married in 2007
Children Siara Goyal, Born 2013

Deepinder Goyal’s Educational Journey

Deepinder Goyal, the innovative mind behind Zomato, embarked on his academic path at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, where he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Computing. Graduating in 2005, Goyal laid the foundation for his future endeavors with a solid mathematics and computational sciences background.

This educational background equipped him with the analytical skills and technical knowledge that would later prove instrumental in his entrepreneurial pursuits. Goyal’s academic journey reflects his commitment to excellence and readiness to tackle complex challenges head-on, setting the stage for his remarkable contributions to technology and business.

Career: From Idea to Zomato

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After finishing college at IIT Delhi, Pera became a consultant in New Delhi. He noticed that his coworkers often wanted to see menus from different restaurants.

This gave him the idea to create a platform where people could easily find menus. So, he left his job and started his own food business, Foodiebay, in 2008. Later, in 2010, he changed the name to Zomato. His idea took off, and now Zomato helps people worldwide find great places to eat. Pera’s journey shows how following your ideas and working hard can lead to big success.

Zomato Networth

In 2018, Ant Financial, a company linked with Alibaba, invested $210 million in Zomato, owning 10% of the company. This made Zomato worth about $2 billion.

Zomato became a public company in July 2021, and its IPO took place from July 14th to July 16th. Through this, Zomato plans to raise around $1.1 billion from the public. Before the IPO, a key employee named Akriti Chopra, who played a big role in Zomato’s growth, was made a co-founder.

Deepinder Goyal’s Net Worth

Zomato’s founder is personally worth around Rs. 2200 crores.

On April 21, 2021, Goyal introduced a new feature on the Zomato app called “priority delivery for COVID emergencies.” This allows Zomato customers to mark their orders as COVID-related emergencies for quicker service during the pandemic.

Relationship Status

Deepinder Goyal found his soulmate, Kanchan Joshi, during college at IIT Delhi. Kanchan was studying math while Deepinder was busy with his studies. They often bumped into each other in the college labs and soon became friends. Their friendship blossomed into love, and they eventually tied the knot. Now, they are proud parents to a sweet little girl named Siara. Their love story is a beautiful reminder that sometimes, the best relationships are found in unexpected places, like college labs!

Deepinder Goyal’s investments

Jun 26, 2023 Mainstreet Seed $2M
Jul 27, 2022 Threado Seed $3.1M
Jan 13, 2022 Allo Health Seed $4.4M
Jan 12, 2022 The Signal Seed $281K
Dec 10, 2021 Shiprocket Series E $185M
Dec 07, 2021 Pristyn Care Series E $100M
Nov 27, 2021 ChefKart Seed $2M
Nov 26, 2021 Raise Series A $22.7M
Nov 01, 2021 Multiplier Series A $13.2M
Oct 29, 2021 Park+ Series B $25M
Aug 14, 2021 Ultrahuman Series B $17.5M
Aug 01, 2021 Unacademy Series H $440M
Jul 13, 2021 Animall Series B $13.8M
Jul 10, 2021 Geniemode Seed $2.25M
Jul 08, 2021 Shiprocket Series D $41.3M
May 01, 2021 Airblack Series A $5.2M
Oct 06, 2020 Uni Cards Seed $18.7M
Aug 11, 2020 Seed $1.4M

Deepinder Goyal Shark Tank India


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Deepinder Goyal, who started Zomato, will be on TV for the first time as a Shark Tank India Season 3 judge. He’ll listen to people’s business ideas and offer funds to help.

His journey from starting Zomato to becoming successful is inspiring. His advice can help new entrepreneurs. This is a big deal for the show and people watching because they’ll learn much from him. Everyone’s excited to see what he’ll bring to the table.

Another exciting step in his business story is joining the 2024 season of Shark Tank India, which will feature experienced investors from past seasons and newcomers like Ritesh Agarwal, Ronnie Screwvala, Radhika Gupta, and Azhar Iqubal.

Social media Handles

Career Key points

  • Deepinder Goyal was born on January 26, 1983, in Muktsar, Punjab, India.
  • He graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, in 2005, with a degree in Mathematics and Computing.
  • Initially, he worked for a private company, where he observed people queuing up to check menus during lunch breaks. This observation sparked the idea for an online platform for menu browsing.
  • In 2008, he co-founded, which later transformed into Zomato, with Pankaj Chaddah.
  • Zomato quickly gained popularity for its innovative approach to restaurant discovery and food delivery services.
  • Deepinder Goyal is known for his middle-class upbringing and departure from a secure corporate job to pursue entrepreneurship.
  • He is married to Kanchan Joshi in 2007, and they have a daughter named Siara.
  • Under his leadership, Zomato became India’s largest food delivery service chain.
  • In 2011, Foodiebay was rebranded as Zomato, marking a significant milestone.
  • The company’s expansion included acquisitions of various startups globally, totaling around 12 by 2024.
  • Deepinder Goyal’s net worth in 2024 was estimated to be around $650 million (RS 2030CR),[Source] and his monthly income was approximately 1.96 crores.
  • He remains the CEO and co-founder of Zomato, headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana, India, and operates globally.
  • Being part of the 2024 season of Shark Tank India.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Deepinder Goyal?

Deepinder Goyal is an Indian entrepreneur and businessman best known as the co-founder and CEO of Zomato, a leading restaurant aggregator and food delivery platform.

2. What is Deepinder Goyal’s background?

Deepinder Goyal studied at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Delhi, where he pursued a degree in mathematics and computing.

3. When was Zomato founded, and by whom?

Zomato, originally known as Foodiebay, was founded by Deepinder Goyal and his colleague Pankaj Chaddah in 2008.

4. What inspired Deepinder Goyal to start Zomato?

While working as a management consultant, Deepinder Goyal noticed a high demand for restaurant menus among his colleagues. This observation led to the inception of the idea for Zomato.

5. What is Deepinder Goyal’s role at Zomato?

Deepinder Goyal serves as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Zomato, overseeing the company’s strategic direction, growth initiatives, and overall operations.

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