Azhar Iqubal Biography [Inshorts Co Founder & CEO], 500M Net Worth

Azhar Iqubal is a pioneering entrepreneur known for co-founding Inshorts, a revolutionary news app. Born in India, his passion for technology and innovation led him to redefine global news consumption. Through Inshorts, Azhar has reshaped the media landscape, delivering concise, relevant content to millions.

His journey from humble beginnings to entrepreneurial success is an inspiring tale of determination and vision. Join us as we explore Azhar Iqubal’s remarkable career as a visionary leader at the forefront of digital disruption.

Biography Highlights

Category Information
Name Azhar Iqubal
Profession Entrepreneur
Known For CEO of Inshorts
Birth Year 1993
Birthplace Kishanganj, Bihar, India
Nationality Indian
Education Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, BTech dropout (2012)
Recent Achievement Inshorts secured $119 million through six funding rounds as of October 2023,

Shark Tank India Judge in 2023

Net Worth 50 crores. Rupees
Car Collection MINI Cooper, Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, Porsche 718 Boxster

Azhar Iqubal Early Life


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Azhar Iqbal, born in 1993 in Kishanganj, Bihar, India, is widely recognized as an innovative entrepreneur and the CEO of Inshorts. His journey towards success began with humble origins. Growing up, Azhar showed a keen interest in technology and entrepreneurship. Despite facing numerous challenges, he remained focused on his aspirations.

After completing his early education, Azhar pursued a degree in engineering from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. However, he decided to drop out in 2012 to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. This bold decision began his remarkable journey in the world of startups and technology.

Azhar Iqbal Education Qualification

Azhar Iqubal pursued his education at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, where he began his journey towards a Bachelor of Technology degree. However, demonstrating his entrepreneurial spirit and drive for innovation, Azhar dropped out in 2012 to embark on a less-traveled path.

Despite leaving his formal education behind, Azhar’s visionary approach and commitment to his goals have propelled him to remarkable success in business.

Azhar Iqbal Physical Measurement

Azhar Iqubal’s physical measurements reflect his vitality and presence in the entrepreneurial world. He stands tall at 178 cm (5′ 10″) with a commanding presence. His eyes, adorned with dark brown hues, exude depth and intensity, complementing his overall persona. Adding to his striking appearance, Azhar’s naturally black hair completes his distinguished look, reflecting his confident demeanor and unwavering determination.

As the CEO of Inshorts, Azhar focuses on innovation and leadership, traits that transcend physical appearance. His dedication to his work and the success of his ventures speak volumes about his capabilities, making him a prominent figure in the business realm.

Azhar Iqubal Family Background

He hails from a family rooted in Bihar, India. When Azhar decided to stop studying engineering, his family wasn’t happy. But he didn’t give up on his dream. He worked hard to make it come true.

Growing up in the cultural milieu of Kishanganj, Bihar, Azhar was likely influenced by the values and ethos instilled by his family. Despite the limited information on his family background, it’s apparent that their support and encouragement have contributed to Azhar’s success as an entrepreneur.

Azhar Iqubal Personal Life

Azhar Iqubal is known to be a hard worker who loves reading books. Reading is his favorite hobby, and it brings him much joy. Despite being busy with his work as an entrepreneur, he always finds time to indulge in his passion for books. Azhar’s story teaches us the importance of following our passions while working hard, showing how it can lead to success in our professional lives.

Azhar Iqubal Relationship Status

The CEO of Inshorts is currently not married. His dedication to work keeps him occupied, and he hasn’t found time to settle down yet. Azhar is deeply passionate about his work, which has earned him numerous awards and recognition. As he continues to focus on his career, marriage may not be his priority.

Azhar Iqubal Career Beginning

Azhar started his own business in 2013 with friends from IIT Delhi, launching Inshorts, an app for quick news updates. They gained popularity through a Facebook page, News In Shorts. Azhar has won various awards, including the Business World Young Entrepreneur Award and Forbes India 30 under 30.

He also spearheads projects like Public App and Locvid Services Private Limited, showcasing his innovation and commitment to societal impact. Azhar served as a judge on Shark Tank India in 2023.

Azhar Awards Honors

  • Business World Young Entrepreneur Award
  • Most Enterprising Brands Award
  • Leaders of Asia Award
  • Fortune India 40 under 40 (2016)
  • Business World 40 under 40 (2018)
  • Forbes India 30 under 30 (2018)
  • Forbes Asia 30 under 30 (2018)
  • Entrepreneur of the Year (Media) by Entrepreneur India Magazine (2022).

Azhar Iqubal Social Media Handles

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Azhar Iqubal Net Worth

Azhar Iqubal’s net worth is estimated at around 50 crore in Indian rupees. His success as the CEO of Inshorts, coupled with his involvement in other ventures, has contributed to his substantial wealth. Despite his young age, Azhar has proven himself a successful entrepreneur, earning accolades and recognition for his contributions to the business world.

In conclusion

Azhar Iqubal’s journey is a testament to the power of passion, innovation, and hard work. Starting from humble beginnings, he co-founded Inshorts and transformed it into a successful platform for concise news updates. His dedication to entrepreneurship has earned him numerous awards and accolades, showcasing his impact on the business world. As he continues to pursue new ideas and ventures, Azhar’s story serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Azhar Iqubal?

Azhar Iqubal is an entrepreneur known for co-founding Inshorts, a popular news aggregation app.

2. What is Azhar Iqubal famous for?

Azhar Iqubal is famous for his role as the CEO of Inshorts, which provides short news updates.

3. What is Azhar Iqubal’s net worth?

Azhar Iqubal’s net worth is estimated to be around 50 crores (500 Million) in Indian rupees.

4. What awards has Azhar Iqubal won?

Azhar Iqubal has won several awards, including the Business World Young Entrepreneur Award, Forbes India 30 under 30, and Entrepreneur of the Year by Entrepreneur India Magazine.

5. What other projects has Azhar Iqubal worked on?

Apart from Inshorts, Azhar Iqubal has been involved in projects like the Public App and Locvid Services Private Limited.

6. What role did Azhar Iqubal play on Shark Tank India?

Azhar Iqubal was a judge on Shark Tank India in 2023, where he evaluated and mentored aspiring entrepreneurs.

7. Is Azhar Iqubal married?

No, Azhar Iqubal is not married. He is focused on his work and has not disclosed any information about the status of his relationship.

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