Difference Between Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph

Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph are three different body types. The major differences between these categories are body size and structure.

In general, genetics, lifestyle, and history are the most vital factors in determining our body type. Disciplined exercise and dieting can help individuals change their body types. It is a continuous process that requires determination and willpower.

Difference Between Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph

In this article, we are presenting a detailed explanation of these three categories.

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Ectomorphs possess thin bodies. They have small muscle bellies and long limbs. Their shoulders are less wide and thin. Additionally, they have lean muscles and small joints. Ectomorphs have a fast metabolism and burn calories quickly, making it difficult for them to gain weight.

In addition, ectomorphs are also termed, hard gainers.


The second body type, between ectomorph and endomorph, is mesomorph. Mesomorphs have a narrow waist, wide shoulder, round muscle bellies, comparatively thin joints. This body type is naturally muscular and strong.

Mesomorphs are considered the best body type in the field of bodybuilding. The core reason is that it is easier for them to gain and lose weight.

Hence, this body type must remain careful about its calorie intake.


The third body type is known as an endomorph. This structure looks a bit stockier. It is easier for them to gain weight. Generally, this body type is considered soft and solid. They tend to have a shorter build, consisting of thick arms and short limbs. They also have wide hips and a thick ribcage.

Likewise, mesomorphs, this body type is fit and strong naturally.

In addition, the metabolism is slow.

Similarities between Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph

We have jotted down major similarities between the three different categories of body types:

  • Before starting the bodybuilding training, it is important to understand all these three types.
  • The knowledge helps you to balance the calories intake while you are training.
  • All three categories define specific body types and structures.

Difference between Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph

There are several differences between the three categories of body types. All of them are tabulated below.


Parameters Ectomorph Mesomorph Endomorph
Body Type Thin, skinny Athletic, muscular Stocky, round
Limbs Long Relatively long Short
Muscle Bellies Small Round Solid
Shoulder Width Thin Wide Wide
Chest Flat N/A N/A
Bone Structure Delicate Relatively thin Thick
Metabolism Fast Medium Slow
Weight Gain Difficult Fairly easy Easy
Muscle Gain Difficult Easy Easy
Ribcage N/A N/A Thick
Hip Width N/A N/A Wide
Summary Skinny, long limbs, fast metabolism Athletic, wide shoulders, muscular Stocky, round, slow metabolism


Every individual has a different body structure and size.

Some are short; some are tall. Some are thin, some are fat.

Based on these features, the three categories, ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph, are named. Ectomorphs are thin with longer limbs. Mesomorphs are more muscular and considered an ideal body type. The third category, endomorphs, are shorter and considerably rounder.

Mesomorphs are considered the most ideal body type out of the three categories.

We hope the information in this article helps you expand your knowledge base and clarify the topic.

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