What Is The Difference Between Make And Made?

As you know, there are several verbs in the English language. Make and made are some of the verbs as well. Both these terms may leave you in confusion at times. The primary difference between the two is that ‘make’ is used in the present tense while ‘made’ is used in the past tense. However, made is sometimes used as an adjective too.

To gain clarity over the topic, this article will solve your ambiguities and clear the concept.

Difference Between Make and Made

Let’s begin!


If there is a need to bring something into reality, for example:

  • You make food
  • I make art for a living
  • He is going to make the best dish

In all these statements, you notice that something is in the making. Meanwhile, make can also be used to initiate or start something. For instance, you can make a person happy or angry or can cause trouble or make war.

In addition, you can also use make to put something into a particular condition or state. For instance,

  • You make breakfast
  • I make the bed every day

As you can see, there are plenty of usages of make. Observe the following examples to gain a clear understanding:

  • He makes a lot of money every month
  • I can make beautiful paintings
  • He is making sushi
  • Make love not war


Made is the past tense of make. Usually, this verb is used to indicate the fact that the incident has taken place in the past. For instance,

  • He made a delicious cake

In addition, made is also used when you want to reflect the fact that a particular thing is made up of a substance. Observe the below-given statement,

  • This cupboard is made up of teak wood

Moreover, made is also used in a common phrase, “Made for each other”, it implies that the couple complements each other. Here is a list of some examples, showcasing the multiple usage of made.

  • You and I are made for each other
  • This artifact is made in India
  • He made delicious chicken yesterday
  • She is a self-made millionaire
  • Her dress is made of linen

Head-to-Head Comparison Table for Make vs Made:

Feature Make Made
Meaning To create or assemble something. Something already put together or created.
Usage Used as a verb. Used as a verb.
Example Do you know how to make a cake? This product is made in China.
Description Present tense form of the verb. Past tense form of the verb.
Explanation Represents creation in the present tense. Refers to something created or prepared in the past.
Example Sentence I can make the model within a few days. Sheldon made a mistake in the examination.

The key difference between make and made

We have curated a list mentioning the major differences between the two words.

Take a look.

  • Make is used in the present tense, on the other hand, made is used in the past tense
  • The past participle of make is made
  • These verbs are used in expressing emotions, such as, one can make someone angry or sad
  • Both the verbs, make and made, indicate the act of causing or producing a particular thing


At times, the usage of verbs can be a matter of confusion in the conversation. In the future, simply use make in case of the present tense and made in case of the past tense.

As you have observed in the article above, both verbs have several uses. Along with telling about an incident, you can also highlight emotions with them.

We hope this article helps you gain clarity over the topic and form a better understanding.

Happy learning.

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