Mirna Menon Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Controversies

Meet Mirna Menon, a fascinating individual whose life story is inspiring. Born from humble beginnings, Mirna has overcome challenges and achieved remarkable success. Mirna Menon’s biography includes her background, early experiences, career highlights, and the principles that have shaped her journey.

Mirna Menon, also known as Adhiti Menon, is a talented and well-recognized Indian actress from the picturesque city of Idukki in Kerala. Born on December 15, 1992, Mirna has carved a niche in the Malayalam film industry, captivating audiences with her charm and versatility.

Mirna Menon Biography

The life and journey of Mirna Menon, shedding light on her personal and professional endeavors.

Mirna Menon Career Highlight Table 

Attribute Details
Full Name Mirna Menon
Date of Birth 15 December 1992
Age 31 Years
Birth Place Kerala, India
Profession Actress, Model
Nationality Indian
Hometown Kerala, India
Caste Brahmin
Zodiac Sign Leo
Religion Hindu
School St Joseph Higher Secondary, Idukki
College / University St Francis College, Chennai
Education Qualification Bachelor of Engineering
Net Worth 50 lakh to 1 Crore
Father Name Santhosh Kumar
Mother Name Shobana Santhosh
Marital Status Unmarried [currently dating Tamil actor Abu Saravanan]
Boyfriend Abi Saravanan (Abu)– Not accepted yet
Height (approx) 172 cm (5.6 feet)
Weight (approx) 60 kg
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black
Debut Movie Santana Devan (2018)
Notable Movie Big Brother (2020)
Email ID mirnamenon@gmail.com

Mirna Menon Biography

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Mirna Menon’s Early Life

Mirna Menon, at the age of 25, has already made significant strides in her career. With roots in Kerala, India, Mirna embarked on her journey in the entertainment industry after completing her studies.

She changed her name a few times, initially using Athira Santhosh, then switching to Athithi Menon, and finally settling on Mirnaa Menon.

Passionate about acting and modeling, Mirna made her mark in the South Indian cinema scene, earning admiration for her talent and dedication. In 2020, she graced the silver screen with her portrayal of Arya Shetty in the movie “Big Brother,” showcasing her acting prowess and captivating viewers’ hearts.


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Mirna Menon’s Family Residence and Education Journey

Mirna Menon, the talented actress from Idukki, Kerala, has a close-knit family background that has significantly shaped her career and life.

Currently residing in Kochi with her family, Mirna’s upbringing reflects the values of warmth, support, and unity. She received her early education at St. Joseph’s Higher Secondary School in Idukki, laying the foundation for her academic journey. After completing her schooling, she pursued higher education at St. Francis College in Chennai, where she graduated with a degree in engineering.

This educational background highlights her dedication to her studies and passion for the arts. Throughout her journey, Mirna’s family has been a source of encouragement and strength, nurturing her aspirations and guiding her toward success.

Physical Appearance

Mirna Menon possesses an enchanting aura and striking features that captivate audiences. Standing 5 feet 6 inches, Mirna boasts an hourglass body structure that accentuates her grace and elegance. With her mesmerizing black eyes and lustrous black hair, Mirna exudes charisma and charm, leaving a lasting impression wherever she goes.

Personal Info table:

Eating habits Vegetarian
Smoke NO
Drinks Occasionally
Pet Dog
Hobbie Travel & Dancing
Fav Brands Apple
Fav Actor Mohan Lal & Rajnikanth
Fav Place Goa
Body Measurements 32-23-34
Tatoo No

Boyfriend & Relationship Status

While Mirna Menon prefers to keep her personal life private, she has been romantically linked with Tamil actor Abu Saravanan (Abhi). Despite speculation surrounding their relationship, Mirna and Abu have maintained discretion and refrained from confirming any rumors regarding their marital status.

Their relationship continues to be a subject of curiosity among fans and admirers.


Mirna Menon’s journey in the entertainment industry began at the age of 21, fueled by her passion for acting and modeling. After graduating, Mirna ventured into modeling, initially working as a freelance model in prominent cities such as Bangalore, Chennai, and Kochi.

Her foray into acting commenced with her debut in the Malayalam movie “Santana Devan” in 2018, where she portrayed a supporting role alongside renowned actor Arya.

Building on her success, Mirna garnered attention with her role in the movie “Kalavani Mappillai” in the same year, captivating audiences with her stellar performance. However, it was her appearance in the movie “Big Brother” in 2020 that solidified her position in the industry, earning accolades for her portrayal of Arya Shetty alongside esteemed actors Arbaaz Khan, Anoop Menon, Sarjano Khalid, and Mohanlal.

Minra Menon Controversies

Suicide Attempt: In 2016, Athira Santhosh, also known as Adithi Menon, tried to end her life by consuming poison. This drastic step came after she faced sexual harassment and mistreatment from a film director. Fortunately, she was rescued promptly when her contacts learned about her attempt. Later, she bravely spoke to the media, revealing that she had been sexually harassed by the film director Selva Kannan, which led her to take such extreme measures.

Allegations of Infidelity: Following her suicide attempt, Athira Santhosh changed her name to Adithi Menon. However, she faced accusations from Abi Saravanan, who claimed they were married but didn’t acknowledge it publicly. Abi even presented a legal marriage certificate as evidence. Additionally, she was accused of having an extramarital relationship with a boy named Sujeeth.

Mirna Menon Films Till 2024

Filmography Movies Director Release Date
Telugu Naa Saami Ranga Vijay Binni 14 Jan 2024
Tamil Jailer Nelson Dilipkumar 10 Aug 2023
Telugu Ugram Vijay Kanakamedala 05 May 2023
Telugu Crazy Fellow Phani Krishna Siriki 14 Oct 2022
Malayalam Big Brother Siddique 16 Jan 2020


 In 2020, she received a nomination for the Best Malayalam Female Debut Award at the SIIMA Awards.


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Social Media Handles

Mirna Menon maintains an active presence on social media platforms, allowing fans to connect with her and stay updated on her latest endeavors:

Instagram @mirnaaofficial
Facebook @OfficialMirnaa
Twitter @mirnaaofficial

Career keypoint

  • Mirna Menon, born on December 15, 1992, in Idukki, Kerala, grew up in a loving family environment.
  • Mirna began her professional journey as a freelance model, working in Bangalore, Chennai, and Kochi.
  • Mirna ventured into the Malayalam film industry with her role in “Big Brother” in Jan 2020, marking a significant milestone in her career.
  • While Mirna keeps her personal life private, she is known to be in a relationship with Tamil actor Abu Saravanan.
  • Before entering the film industry, Mirna Menon, originally named Sayna Santhosh, adopted the stage names Athira Santhosh and Adhiti Menon. However, due to controversies, she eventually settled on the name Mirna Menon.
  • Before pursuing acting, Mirna worked as a software developer and also served as a TV anchor.
  • She follows a non-vegetarian diet and enjoys traveling and listening to music during her free time.
  • Mirna is passionate about fitness and often shares post-workout pictures on social media to inspire her fans.
  • With over 1.2 million followers on Instagram, she regularly updates her fans about her lifestyle and activities.

In conclusion

Mirna Menon’s journey from Idukki to the silver screen is a testament to her talent, determination, and passion for acting. With each role, Mirna continues to captivate audiences and establish herself as a rising star in South Indian cinema. As she continues to grace the screen with her presence, Mirna Menon’s future in the entertainment industry shines bright, promising many memorable performances for audiences to cherish.

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Frequently Asked Question

1. Who is Mirna Menon, and what makes her notable?

Mirna Menon, originally known as Sayna Santhosh, is an accomplished actress in Malayalam and Tamil cinema. She gained prominence through her roles in various films, showcasing her talent and versatility.

2. Can you tell us about Mirna Menon’s background and upbringing?

Mirna Menon was born and raised in the picturesque hill station of Idukki, Kerala, to Santhosh Kumar and Shobana Santhosh. Growing up surrounded by Kerala’s rich cultural heritage, she developed a strong connection to her roots, which continues to influence her both on and off-screen.

3. What educational background does Mirna Menon have?

Mirna completed her schooling at Sacred Heart High School in Ramakkalmedu, Idukki. Although her formal education ended at the high school level, her passion for the creative arts, particularly acting, was evident from a young age.

4. How did Mirna Menon begin her career in films?

Mirna’s professional journey in the film industry began in 2018 with a minor role in the Tamil movie “Kalavani Mappillai.” This marked the beginning of her acting career, leading to more significant opportunities in both Malayalam and Tamil cinema.

5. What are some notable highlights of Mirna Menon’s career?

Mirna’s breakout role came in the 2019 Malayalam action film “Big Brother,” where her portrayal of Arya Shetty garnered widespread acclaim. She went on to deliver impressive performances in movies like “Oru Adaar Love,” “Maanadu,” and “Kurup,” showcasing her versatility as an actress.

6. Can you describe Mirna Menon’s off-screen interests and personality?

Off-screen, Mirna remains connected to her Kerala roots, enjoying activities like dancing, traveling across the state, and reading. Known for her friendly and down-to-earth demeanor, she embodies the warmth and vibrancy associated with Malayali culture.

7. What are Mirna Menon’s aspirations and future prospects in the film industry?

As Mirna continues to captivate audiences with her talent and charm, her acting career appears poised for even greater success in the years to come. With a growing filmography and a strong fan base, she emerges as a promising actress to watch out for in Malayalam and Tamil cinema.

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