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PhD Full Form | What is the Full Form of PhD?

PhD - Doctor of Philosophy

The full form of Ph.D. is Doctor of Philosophy.

PhD Full-Form | Doctor of Philosophy

What is Ph.D.?

A Ph.D. is a postgraduate doctoral degree awarded to students for their research work in their subject area, post-completion of their master’s degree. To get a Ph.D, the advanced research work has to be in the form of a thesis, which must contribute to new significant knowledge in their chosen discipline.

The term “Ph.D.” stands for “Doctor of Philosophy,” one of the prestigious and highest-earned academic degrees conferred by any university. Here the word “philosophy” does not refer to the field of philosophy; rather, it refers to its original Greek meaning, which is “love of wisdom.” The achiever of this degree can use the “Dr.” title in front of his/her name and be addressed as a doctor. Many times, this title is confused with the one belonging to a professional doctor. A Ph.D. is awarded in most academic fields. Other doctorates tend to be awarded for more practical or professional projects. Therefore, all PhDs are doctorates, but not all doctorates are PhDs.

The universities of Medieval Europe awarded the intermediate degrees after completion of bachelor courses, and for the final degree, masters and doctoral terms were used.

A Ph.D. can be awarded in many academic fields, like Finance, History, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Accounting, Organizational Behavior, etc.

The Ph.D. Research Process:

A Ph.D. is basically a three-year research course involving the below steps:

    • Reviewing Literature with the assistance of a supervisor and the start of a survey of existing scholarship
    • Conducting original research and compiling findings
    • Developing a thesis to present conclusions
    • Writing up and submitting a thesis as a dissertation
    • In an oral exam, you must defend your thesis.

    The course structure may vary between subjects and universities, but eventually, a span of three years is consumed for a full-time Ph.D.

    During a Ph.D., the students are often given the option to teach undergraduates at their university. This paid job is accompanied by formal training.

    Students also avail themselves of getting their research published in academic journals, books, etc.

    Eligibility for the course may differ from country to country and also between universities. In India, the minimum educational qualification required to apply for the Ph.D. course is a Master’s Degree in the desired field. In the US, a bachelor’s degree holder may also apply for the Ph.D. course.


Ph.D. programs are offered by various universities in India. The government has launched scholarship schemes to encourage students to undertake the program.

There are many employment opportunities post completion of a Ph.D. One may opt to become a lecturer in any institute after completing the course or join as a scientist or research associate. Ph.D. There is no doubt that completing a Ph.D. is no easy feat. But it definitely opens up a lot of career avenues for you. You can also proudly add Dr. in front of your name once you are a Ph.D. holder.

The best part is you can continue your employment and pursue a Ph.D. alongside. It can be part-time Ph.D. and full-time employment or part-time employment whatever works best for you.

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