Author Job Description: Skills, Duties & Education

Are you creative with words? Is expressiveness your personality trait? Do you have command over a language? If yes, you have what it takes to be a writer. In this digital age where content rules, writing is an in-demand profession. It can give you recognition and money while also helping you express yourself.

Author Job Description

Who are the authors?

Writers write content for television, scripts, websites, blogs, media, etc. They are also responsible for adding creative elements to a story or a narrative. These elements could be anything, from characters and themes to the plot. While many writers work as freelancers to support their income, some make this into a career. Like every other job, there are some skills you should have to be a successful author/writer.

Authors vs. Writers

Often, people confuse between a writer and an author. That’s because both use written words to convey their thoughts to readers. Despite the similarities, they are different.

All authors can be writers but all writers cannot be authors.

A writer becomes an author only when his/her work is published and he/she receives credit for the same.

Duties of an Author

As an author/writer, you have many responsibilities to attend to, depending on your job profile, experience, and specialization. These include:

  • Developing interesting and informative, content elements and themes.
  • Come up with interesting and trending topics for readers.
  • Think of new ideas for content and content presentation.
  • Write fiction and nonfiction pieces as per the requirements.
  • Conduct research to add statistics and facts to add value to the write-up.
  • Write for advertisements, posters, social media posts, and create captions.
  • Present drafts to the concerned authority within the given deadline.
  • Communicate with the editors, clients, social media marketing team, and artists.
  • Receive feedback from editors and clients and make changes to the content accordingly
  • Work with legal documents like contracts.

Requirements to Become a Writer/Author

There are some basic requirements to become an author/writer. These include:

A Bachelor’s Degree

Any bachelor’s degree would do. This is the minimum educational requirement to become an author/writer. Employers often ask for this, especially when employing a full-timer. However, if you have strong writing skills and a grip over the language, the degree doesn’t matter much. Even though any degree works, an English, journalism or communications degree is preferred.

Previous Experience

Writers get their work experience by working with school/college newspapers, magazines, websites, etc. Another way to gain experience is to get internships as content writers/ creative writers. You can also apply as content managers for YouTubers and social media influencers. Contributing to the theatre play script as a writer also helps you achieve work experience. You can even start your own blog and write regularly as a self-employed author.

Given the amount of competition out there, work experience matters. It helps you get higher-paying jobs and freelance assignments. Work experience tells the client/employer what you are capable of and what kind of work you are comfortable at.

Writing skills

It’s easily the biggest of all requirements. You cannot be a writer without knowing how to write. Your writing skills will define the quality of your work and your success as a writer. You require conveying your thoughts to the reader skillfully. Otherwise, engaging readers would be tough for you. You need to be impeccable with your grammar, sentence formation, and tonality to gain and retain audiences. Make sure to focus on enhancing your writing skills.

Editing skills

To be a successful writer, you require some editing skills. Every writer requires editing his/her own work to make it error-free and more palatable to the reader. As you progress in your career, you might edit someone else’s work to elevate the quality.


Often, employers provide on-job training to writers to hone their skills and get them used to the work they are going to do. You might be placed under a senior writer or editor during the training period.

Time Management

It’s a key skill you require to succeed in any field. Writing is no exception either. Writers need to factor in the content requirement and deadline and then plan their schedules and working speed accordingly. Mind you, efficiency is the key in a corporate setup.

Creativity and patience

Creativity is required to present your work and to make sure it stands out. Creativity is the key to how you can present boring information to the readers in a simple yet engaging way. Patience is another key virtue, as you will be researching a lot to gather information and understand the structure and process before you start writing. You will also need patience if the client is too picky and specific and is asking for several edits.

Key features

  • Able to recognize the type of audience.
  • Grasp of words and narrative.
  • Perseverance.
  • Communication skills.
  • Certificates (if any).

Type of Employers and Clients for Authors

  • Film studios
  • Publishers
  • Radio and drama
  • Game developers
  • Newspapers and magazines


This article gives detailed information on the account of the author’s job description.

We hope you know what it takes to be a writer/author by now. If writing is your true calling, it’s time to pursue it. Good luck!

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