CAT DILR Preparation Tips 2024: How To Crack DILR Section?

After a recent change in the CAT Exam Pattern, the Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning Section have been combined and named DILR Section. This is a very important section for scoring good marks in CAT Exam because this is the only section where we the students need conceptual and logical reasoning. So here we are describing CAT DILR Preparation Tips.

CAT DILR Preparation Tips 2022

Before starting the preparations, the candidates must be aware of the CAT Syllabus, which is as given below:

  1. The total share of Data Interpretation in the DILR section is 50%
  2. Total question asked on data interpretation: 20
  3. Total number of TITA questions: 5
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Main topics of DI(Data Interpretation)

  1. Data Charts
  2. Data Analysis
  3. Venn Diagram
  4. Pie Chart
  5. Line Graphs
  6. Bar Graphs
  7. Miscellaneous data types – spider, triangle, scatter diagram

Main topics of LR(Logical Reasoning)

  1. Calendars
  2. Clocks
  3. Seating arrangement
  4. Binary logic
  5. Matrix arrangement
  6. Linear arrangement
  7. Conclusion
  8. Premise
  9. Logical sequence
  10. Blood relations
  11. Assumption
  12. Blood relation
  13. Statements
  14. Matching puzzles

CAT Preparation Tips 2022

  1. Focus more on increasing calculation speed: Increase your calculation speed for CAT Exam. Its question is based on data in tables, charts, graphs, diagrams, case studies, logical games, calendars, clocks, cubes, seating arrangements, blood relations etc. Do not depend on calculators, so focus on mental calculations and memorize all the root formulas, squares, cubes roots, percentage formulas etc. While in the last week of preparation, along with time management, it is extremely important to focus on accuracy.
  2. Focus on arrangements and puzzles: Focus more on solving questions related to arrangements, puzzles, games, averages, sets, cubes, games, variations. Candidates have a good knowledge of finding logics and key attributes.
  3. Manage your time: Before starting preparations, create your own timetable for DILR Preparations and manage the time according to your study. Divide the time for each section. Take short breaks between studying.  Dedicate a particular time slot to every section and take up a mock test. Make sure you finish the exam within the time frame you decided. In the last week of preparation, keep the main focus on time management. Make the best use of this situation by managing your time efficiently.
  4. Focus on question selection: Question selection will act as a major deciding factor in the exam. Read the questions carefully and solve each question properly; it will help you acquire maximum marks in CAT Exam. In the last week, do not start any new topic. Make short notes for preparation. Collect the previous question papers and mock test and solve it, and focus on each section.
  5. Try solving the difficult questions first: Many students finish the easy question first and then move on to the difficult questions. So, try solving the difficult questions first and then solve the easy question in last. Maintain the time for difficult questions, so practice more for difficult questions and mental calculations. More focus on mathematics formulas. Do not spend more time on difficult questions.
  6. Maintain your health: Health is an integral part of CAT Preparations. During preparation, never ignore your health, so maintain your health. Take fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid junk food heavy diet. At the time of preparation do yoga and meditation, it will help you to calm your mind, increasing inner peace, confidence and power of concentration. Never over-stress yourself and try to get sleep for at least six to eight hours.
  7. Manage the time for revision: It is the most important part of CAT preparation. Make sure you revise every topic thoroughly and prepare well every topic by revising time and again. In the last week, candidates should revise all the main topics. Focused on formulas and revised the short notes.


The CAT DILR section is the most important and challenging section in the CAT exam paper. Moreover, this section also carries extra weightage. To clear the exam, you need to focus more on this section.

Here in this post, we have explained the CAT DILR preparation tips for CAT 2022 exam.

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