CBSE Board: Syllabus, Sample Papers, and Results

The Central Board of Secondary Education or as we know it, the CBSE is a famous education framework which gets ready candidates from Classes 1 to 12 for serious assessments while encouraging passage into the world’s driving colleges. This instructive way to deal with all-encompassing education empowers candidates to concentrate adequately on scholastics, just as seek after their inclinations in sports and extracurricular exercises.  A Board of Education for open and tuition-based schools under the Union Government of India, the CBSE centres around the below-given basis:

  • Advancements in instructing learning systems through understudy neighbourly and understudy focused ideal models.
  • Changes in assessments and assessments.
  • Aptitude based learning through employment arranged and work-related data sources.
  • Consistently refreshing the educational aptitudes of the educators and managers by directing in-administration preparing programs, workshops, and so on.

The interdisciplinary instructing at GIIS gives candidates an amazing chance to apply information, standards, and qualities to more than one scholarly subject at the same time. CBSE’s worldwide educational program involves worked in exercises and activities which advance cross-curricular learning. This methodology underpins two significant GIIS objectives: the capacity to apply information adequately in an assortment of settings and to take part in more elevated level thinking abilities. Instructors, in the meantime, influence this technique into an advanced learning experience by helping candidates all the more effectively interface with the material. Notwithstanding figuring out how to conquer requesting scholastic rigours, candidates likewise figure out how to apply aptitudes learned in the homeroom to genuine difficulties.  Likewise, with the entirety of our other educational plan offerings, scholastics are at the bleeding edge of the CBSE program. This dedication is exemplified by reliably extraordinary grades of our candidates in both Class 10 and Class 12 in CBSE Board Examinations.


The CBSE was framed officially in 1962 with the sole reason to make a typical norm and stage for each understudy in the nation. From just 302 partnered schools in 1962, CBSE is today associated with affiliating 18000+ schools in the nation. CBSE in every one of these years has set a decent standard of education in India. With its powerful educational arrangements, CBSE has transformed the education arrangement of the nation.

Importance of CBSE in Indian Education

CBSE or the Central Board of Secondary Education is one of the most prominent boards in the nation, and the reasons are many. CBSE is behind keeping up consistency among all the candidates across India. Its viability is thought about the number of schools affiliating with it every year. It covers essential and general information required for a kid to push ahead as far as education.

Exams conducted by the CBSE

  1. All India /Delhi Secondary Last week of July
  2. All India Engineering / Pharmacy/ 2nd Sunday of May Architecture Entrance Examination
  3. All India Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Last Sunday of April Entrance Examination
  4. All India/Delhi Secondary School First week of March Examination (Class X)
  5. All India/Delhi Senior First week of March
  6. All India/Delhi Senior School Last week of July/
    • Certificate Examination (Compartment) Ist Week of August for Class XII
    • School Certificate Examination for Class XII
  7. School Examination (Compartment) Ist Week of August for Class X

CBSE’s fundamental point is to serve the educational establishments all the more adequately and needs to be receptive to the educational needs of those students whose guardians work in the Central Government and had to get transferred every now and then.  Through the territorial offices that are set up by the CBSE, the body keeps up educational measures the nation over by checking the exercises of these provincial offices all the time. These provincial offices in different pieces of the nation deal with the everyday organization of the partnered schools. The Board conducts centralized assessments for classes tenth and twelfth consistently.

Grading system by CBSE

  • A1: Top 1/8 of passed candidates in that subject
  • A2: Next 1/8 of passed candidates in that subject
  • B1: Next 1/8 of passed candidates in that subject
  • B2: Next 1/8 of passed candidates in that subject
  • C1: Next 1/8 of passed candidates in that subject
  • C2: Next 1/8 of passed candidates in that subject
  • D1: Next 1/8 of passed candidates in that subject
  • D2: Last 1/8 of passed candidates in that subject
  • E:   Failed candidates (in either theory, practical or overall)

Grading for Class XII

Grade English Core Mathematics Chemistry Physics Biology Biotechnology Engineering Drawing Computer Science Economics Accountancy Business Studies Informatics Practices Multimedia/Web Tech Psychology Sociology
A1 89 95 91 90 90 95 98 93 92 84 93 94 95 87
A2 84 84 81 82 84 91 95 88 85 73 83 91 78
B1 78 73 73 75 79 86 92 83 78 65 75 87 82 84 73
B2 72 63 67 69 74 83 89 78 70 59 67 78 79 66
C1 65 55 63 64 68 76 85 72 63 55 60 79 74 73
C2 57 46 60 61 62 80 55 49 67 67
D1 45 42 52 54 55 47 45 57
D2 33 33 Variable (33% theory and practical pass required)

Grading in Class X

Grade English Communicative Mathematics Science Social Science Malayalam Hindi French
A1 92 92 87 90 96 93 97
A2 87 81 76 82 93 88 95
B1 83 70 67 74 90 83 92
B2 78 60 58 66 87 78 87
C1 73 50 49 58 84 72 82
C2 66 42 41 49 80 65 74
D1 56 34 34 41 73 54 62
D2 33 (minimum for all subjects)

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