What Is The Difference Between Hotel And Restaurant?

If you ask people the difference between hotels and restaurants, they will ridicule you for not knowing the difference between the two. However, it is surprising that the signboards of an eating joint on the road claim to be hotels in some places like India. Although hotels and restaurants are nothing but business places that fulfill the different needs of the customers, their purpose is different. The main aim of a hotel is to offer accommodation to the customers. Restaurants provide only food and beverages.

Here in this post, we have given a detailed difference between hotels and restaurants.

Difference between Hotel and Restaurant

What Are Hotels?

A hotel is a place that offers accommodation and lodging services to travelers and tourists. It offers to stay with people for a very short period of time.

Small hotels provide basic services like bed, wardrobe, a decent washroom, a TV, air conditioner (optional), and more.

Luxury hotels offer all the basic amenities with some luxury features like childcare rooms, swimming pools, professional room services, luxurious bathrooms, cafeteria, casino, play area for kids, spa, and more.

The architecture of hotels is unique and has over 150-200 rooms on different floors. Moreover, these hotels have staircases, lifts, lobbies, and corridors on the way to the room.

Some hotels are also built with specific designs and styles in mind. The professionals working at a hotel are chefs, receptionists, hotel boys, and management staff.

Hotels are rated based on the stars ranging from one star to seven stars depending on the facilities they offer. Every hotel is different in size, offers different facilities, and has various pricing.

Types Of Hotels

  • Full-service hotels: These types of hotels have high-end luxurious amenities, complete accommodation services, and more.
  • Upscale luxury hotels: These hotels offer luxurious facilities, on-site, full-service restaurants, full-service accommodation, and professional and personalized services. These hotels are rated either four-star or five-star.
  • Banquet Hall: A banquet hall has over 10 to 100 rooms and is small in size.
  • Motels: Motels are small roadside hotels designed for motorists. These hotels are small and have direct outside parking.

What Is A Restaurant?

Unlike hotels, a restaurant is a place that serves food and drinks to the customers. Most of the restaurants are present inside the restaurant, but some restaurants offer takeaway services too.

Restaurants vary in size and the services they offer. Compared to hotels, restaurants offer less expensive fast food joints to luxurious restaurants.

Some luxurious restaurants serve all three meals with some entertainment. Talking about the architecture, it is quite different from the hotels. Restaurants are one or two-storied indoor complexes.

The restaurants have a kitchen, reception, and staff members who serve food. The other part of a restaurant has tables, chairs, and lounges for the guests. The restaurants are divided based on the cuisine, preparation methods, and price.

Difference Between Hotel And Restaurant [Tabular Comparison]

Basis Hotel Restaurant
Meaning A hotel refers to a place that offers accommodation and lodging services. Many hotels also offer food services. The restaurants only offer food and beverages to the customers.
Main aim The main aim of a hotel is to offer stay services to the customers. The main aim of restaurants is to provide food and beverage services.
Difference The hotels vary in size, services, and cost. The restaurants vary in cuisines, style, serving methods, price, and more.
Location Hotels are built in large areas with large buildings. Restaurants are smaller than hotels and are also available in hotels.
Prices The hotels range from budget-friendly to expensive hotels. These hotels are priced based on the star rating. Similar to the hotels, the restaurants also range from basic to costly food and beverages.
Facilities Hotels offer a swimming pool, childcare, room service, luxurious bathrooms, bar, restaurants, cafes, and more. Restaurants offer facilities like a washroom, vehicle parking area, play area, lounge, and more.
Offers food All the hotels offer meals at the restaurant, and some hotels also offer food in the room as a part of room service. Restaurants serve food inside the restaurant. Many restaurants also offer takeaway and delivery services.
Architecture Hotels comprise over 50-200 rooms, lobby, staircases, parking area, lift, and more. Restaurants are built in single or two-storied complexes.
Services Hotels offer both lodging, dining, and entertainment services. Restaurants only offer dining services.


A hotel refers to a place that offers accommodation and lodging services with an aim to offer stay services to all the customers. On the other hand, a restaurant only offers food and beverages to all customers. In this article, we discussed the difference between hotels and restaurants in detail.

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