Difference between Johnnie Walker Black Label and Blue Label

Johnnie Walker is one of the world’s best and most popular producers of blended scotch whiskies. Johnnie Walker products are sold worldwide and are doing well in the International whisky market. Moreover, Johnnie Walker is performing well in international whisky competitions and award shows.

The brand has created some amazing blended scotch whiskies. It creates a statement blend collections like Johnnie Walker Red Label, Johnny Walker Blue Label, and other iconic whiskies with an age statement such as the great Johnnie Walker black label, a 12-year-old whisky, and the Platinum label, an 18-year-old whisky.

Here is a detailed comparison between Johnnie Walker Black Label, the highest-selling whisky, and one of their premium and luxurious whisky brands, the Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

Difference between Johnnie Walker Black Label and Blue Label

Highlight Table for Johnnie Walker Blue vs Black

Criteria Johnnie Walker Blue Label Johnnie Walker Black Label
Type Blended Whisky Blended Whisky
ABV 43% 43%
Colour Light golden amber Polished amber
Nose Peat, smoke with oak and malt. Christmas cake, spice, and dried fruit. Adding some water unlocked fresh flowers and florals. Faint smoke, red berries, Christmas pudding with heaps of toffee, and hints of winter spice.
Palate Peat and old wood. Water smooths it toward a more floral, sweeter bouquet with notes of oak and toffee. Smooth and creamy with smoke and bold peat, perfectly balanced with fruit, citrus flowers, oak, and malt. A toffee sweetness with hints of spice.
Finish Medium length with notes of pepper and nutmeg, caramels, and oak. Long and rewarding, balanced between fruity sweetness, citrus peel, vanilla, and warming pepper spice.
My Rating Excellent Divine
Price $250 (INR 20746) $40 (INR 3319)

Origins and Heritage

Johnnie Walker Black Label

Johnnie Walker Black Label, often called the “Iconic Blend,” has a rich heritage dating back to 1909. It was crafted by Sir Alexander Walker, the grandson of the brand’s founder, to embody the Walker family’s dedication to exceptional whisky.

Black Label is a blended Scotch whisky that marries single malts and grains from various regions. Known for its smoky and robust flavor profile, it has become a benchmark for deluxe Scotch whiskies.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is the epitome of luxury within the brand’s portfolio. Launched in 1992 to commemorate the 19th-century Old Highland Whisky, it represents the pinnacle of the Johnnie Walker range.

Blue Label is a masterful blend of rare and aged whiskies, including some from no longer operating distilleries. It is renowned for its complexity, smoothness, and the use of exceptionally rare casks.

Flavor Profile

Johnnie Walker Black Label

Black Label has a bold and smoky flavor profile, with peat, malt, and hints of dried fruits. Its well-balanced composition appeals to those who appreciate a more robust and assertive whisky.

Expect a symphony of flavors, including rich vanilla, caramel, dark chocolate, and a subtle spiciness that lingers on the palate.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Blue Label stands out with its exceptionally smooth and mellow taste. It offers a sophisticated blend of sweet honey, dried fruits, and a touch of smoke, creating a harmonious and complex flavor profile.

Delight in the nuances of Blue Label, with notes of sherry, nuts, and a gentle wisp of peat. The whisky’s velvety texture and lingering finish contribute to its reputation as a true connoisseur’s choice.

Aging and Maturation

Johnnie Walker Black Label

While the exact age of the whiskies in Black Label is not disclosed, it is a carefully crafted blend of matured malts and grains. The emphasis is on achieving a consistent and bold flavor profile through meticulous blending.

The individual components of the Black Label undergo varying periods of maturation, allowing the master blender to create a well-rounded and distinctive final product.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Blue Label is renowned for its use of exceptionally rare and aged whiskies, some of which may have matured for more than 50 years. The age statement reflects the cumulative years of aging across the various whiskies used in the blend.

The whiskies selected for Blue Label undergo an extended period of maturation, often in oak casks that contribute to the complexity and depth of the final expression.

Packaging and Presentation

Johnnie Walker Black Label

Black Label features the iconic square bottle with a slanted label, adorned with the brand’s striding man logo. The packaging reflects a classic and timeless aesthetic, emphasizing the whisky’s rich heritage.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Blue Label is presented in a distinctive cobalt blue, individually numbered bottle. The packaging exudes opulence, and the attention to detail reflects the exclusivity of the blend, making it a collector’s item.


The difference between the black label and the blue limit is more than the age statement, pricing, and quality. Here are some of the major differences between the two most popular blended scotch whiskys.

  • Blue label is the most premium brand of Johnnie Walker Scotch whisky.
  • The Blue label has a higher age statement than the black label.
  • Blue label is handcrafted blended scotch whisky.
  • The price of the blue label is higher than the black label is an excellent value for money.

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