Divya Tanwar IPS: Biography, Age, Career, UPSC Journey, Family & More

Divya Tanwar’s journey from a small village in Haryana to becoming a successful IAS officer is a testament to her determination, resilience, and hard work. Despite facing numerous challenges, Divya overcame all odds to achieve her dream of serving the nation. In this article, we will delve into the inspiring life story of Divya Tanwar, highlighting her background, education, UPSC journey, and accomplishments.

Divya Tanwar IPS Biography


Category Details
Father’s Name Late Bhanwar Singh Tanwar
Mother’s Name Babita Tanwar
Birth Year 1997
Age 25
Birth Place Mahendragarh, Haryana
Clear Exam UPSC CSE 2021 & UPSC CSE 2022
Rank in UPSC CSE
  • UPSC CSE 2021 – 438th Rank
  • UPSC CSE 2022 – 105th Rank
Rank in Hindi Medium First Rank
First Preference in Service Indian Administrative Service
Cadre Preference
  • UPSC CSE 2021 – Manipur
  • UPSC CSE 2022 – nil
Total Number of Attempts Two Attempts

  • First Attempt – IPS
  • Second Attempt – IAS
Optional Subject Hindi Literature
Medium of Exam Hindi
Educational Qualification Bachelor of Science
School Education Jawahar Navodaya School
College Government Post Graduate College, Mahendragarh
Marital Status Unmarried
Caste Rajput
Category Economic Weaker Section (EWS)

Early Life

Divya Tanwar, born in 1997 in Mahendragarh, Haryana, faced hardships early on. After her father’s passing in 2011, her mother, Babita Tanwar, supported the family through various odd jobs. Divya excelled in school despite financial struggles and pursued a Bachelor of Science degree. Her determination and hard work led her to crack the UPSC exam in 2021 and secure an IPS position. In 2022, she achieved her dream of becoming an IAS officer, showcasing the power of resilience and determination in overcoming adversity.


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Divya Tanwar Education

Divya Tanwar’s education journey began in a government school in Mahendragarh, Haryana. She then attended Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, excelling academically despite financial constraints. After schooling, Divya pursued a Bachelor of Science in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics from Government Post Graduate College, Mahendragarh. Her dedication to learning and commitment to her studies paved the way for her success in the UPSC exams, demonstrating that one can overcome any obstacle with determination and hard work.

Divya Tanwar Family

Divya Tanwar comes from a small family in Mahendragarh, Haryana. Her father, Late Bhanwar Singh Tanwar, worked hard as a farmer until his passing in 2011. After her father’s death, Divya’s mother, Babita Tanwar, took on various jobs to support the family, including cleaning and farming. Divya has a younger brother and sister. Her family faced financial struggles, but they prioritized education. Despite the challenges, they remained close-knit and supported each other. Divya’s family has been her pillar of strength, encouraging her to pursue her dreams and inspiring her to overcome obstacles on her journey to becoming an IAS officer.

Divya Tanwar Physical 

Divya Tanwar stands tall at 5 feet 6 inches and weighs around 64 kilograms. She’s described as pretty with a cool personality, boasting black hair and eyes, and a healthy physique.

UPSC Career Journey

Driven by her passion for serving the nation, Divya embarked on her UPSC journey after graduation. Unlike many aspirants who opt for coaching classes, Divya chose to prepare for the UPSC exam on her own. With limited resources and no access to coaching, she relied on online study materials, NCERT books, and guidance from successful candidates. Despite the challenges, Divya maintained unwavering dedication and discipline, studying for hours every day to grasp the vast syllabus of the UPSC exam.

In 2021, Divya appeared for her first attempt at the UPSC Civil Services Examination and secured an impressive All-India Rank of 438. Her success earned her a position in the Indian Police Service (IPS), fulfilling her childhood dream of serving her country. However, Divya’s ambition didn’t end there. Determined to become an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer, she continued her UPSC preparation for the next attempt.

In 2022, Divya’s perseverance paid off when she cracked the UPSC CSE exam once again, securing the 105th rank. This time, her hard work and dedication earned her the prestigious position of an IAS officer, realizing her long-cherished aspiration. Divya’s journey from an IPS officer to an IAS officer exemplifies her relentless pursuit of excellence and refusal to be deterred by challenges.


Divya Tanwar’s accomplishments are remarkable and inspiring. Despite being humble, her dedication and perseverance led her to achieve outstanding success. She cracked the highly competitive UPSC exams not once but twice, securing impressive ranks. In 2021, she became an IPS officer; in 2022, she fulfilled her dream of becoming an IAS officer. Divya’s journey is a shining example of how hard work, resilience, and determination can turn dreams into reality. Her accomplishments inspire countless others to pursue their goals with unwavering determination and belief in themselves.

Divya tanwar’s UPSC Mark Sheet 2023

  • Total Marks: 994
  • Written Test Marks: 834
  • Interview Marks: 160

Marks in Main Examination

  • Essay Paper: 141
  • General Studies Paper 1: 101
  • General Studies Paper 2: 110
  • General Studies Paper 3: 77
  • General Studies Paper 4: 123
  • Optional Subject (Hindi Literature) Paper 1: 138
  • Optional Subject (Hindi Literature) Paper 2: 144

Divya Tanwar’s marks obtained in UPSC CSE 2023

Subject Marks
Essay (Paper 1) 141
General Studies-I (Paper 2) 101
General Studies-II (Paper 3) 110
General Studies-III (Paper 4) 77
General Studies-IV (Paper 5) 123
Optional-I (Hindi Literature) (Paper 6) 138
Optional-II (Hindi Literature) (Paper 7) 144
Written Total 834
Personality Test 160
Final Score 994

These marks reflect Divya Tanwar’s exceptional performance in the UPSC Civil Services Examination 2023, leading to her securing an overall rank of 105th.

Divya Tanwar Net Worth

Despite her modest income as an IAS officer and living in a small home, she aims to make her mother proud and support her financially. Presently, her salary ranges between Rs. 70K to Rs. According to sources, 90K and her estimated net worth is around INR 30-50 Lakhs (approx.) as of January 2024.

Divya Tanwar’s UPSC Strategy Simplified

  • Self-Study Approach: Divya opted for self-study instead of enrolling in coaching classes, utilizing online study materials, NCERT books, and guidance from successful candidates.
  • Consistent Study Routine: Divya dedicated several hours daily to study, gradually increasing her study time to grasp the vast UPSC exam syllabus.
  • Focused Preparation: She prioritized understanding the exam pattern, syllabus, and previous year’s question papers to streamline her preparation.
  • Effective Time Management: Divya managed her time efficiently, allocating specific time slots for each subject and ensuring thorough syllabus coverage.
  • Revision and Practice: Regular revision of topics and practicing mock tests helped her reinforce her learning and improve her exam-taking skills.
  • Stress Management: Divya maintained a positive attitude and stayed motivated throughout her preparation, managing stress through relaxation techniques and regular breaks.
  • Adaptive Learning: She adapted her study approach based on her strengths and weaknesses, focusing more on challenging areas while reinforcing her strengths.
  • Seeking Guidance: Divya sought guidance from successful candidates while preparing independently and utilized online platforms for doubt clarification and additional resources.
  • Persistent Effort: Despite facing challenges and setbacks, Divya remained persistent and resilient, never losing sight of her goal of becoming an IAS officer.
  • Continuous Improvement: Divya reflected on her performance regularly, identifying areas for improvement and adjusting her study plan accordingly to enhance her chances of success.

Facts About Divya Tanwar

  • Divya Tanwar was born in a small village in Haryana, India, in 1997.
  • Her father passed away when she was young, leaving her mother to support the family.
  • Despite financial difficulties, Divya excelled in her studies from a young age.
  • She pursued a Bachelor of Science in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
  • Divya dreamed of becoming a civil servant and serving her country.
  • She prepared for the UPSC exam without attending any coaching classes.
  • Divya secured AIR 438 in her first attempt at the UPSC exam and became an IPS officer.
  • She continued her hard work and dedication, aiming to become an IAS officer.
  • In her second attempt, Divya achieved her goal, securing AIR 105 and becoming an IAS officer.
  • Divya’s journey is a testament to the power of determination and perseverance in achieving one’s dreams.

Divya Tanwar’s Social Media Handles

Social Media Platform Username
Instagram Divyatanwar__ips
Facebook Divyatanwar
Twitter DivyaTanwar
Youtube @Upscwithdivyatanwar


Divya Tanwar’s journey from a small village to becoming an IAS officer is a testament to the power of grit, determination, and hard work. Her inspiring story serves as a reminder that with dedication and perseverance, any obstacle can be overcome, and any dream can be achieved. Divya’s success not only reflects her triumph but also embodies the aspirations and dreams of millions of youths nationwide. As Divya continues her journey of public service, her story will continue to inspire and motivate generations to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Divya Tanwar?

Divya Tanwar is a renowned Indian IAS officer who achieved her position by passing the UPSC exam in 2023.

2. What rank did Divya Tanwar secure in the UPSC exam?

Divya Tanwar secured an All India Rank (AIR) of 105 in the UPSC exam.

3. What is Divya Tanwar’s educational background?

Divya Tanwar completed her schooling at a government school and later pursued a Bachelor of Science degree.

4. How did Divya Tanwar prepare for the UPSC exam?

Divya Tanwar prepared for the UPSC exam without attending any coaching classes, relying on online study materials and guidance from successful candidates.

5. What message does Divya Tanwar’s story convey?

Divya Tanwar’s story conveys the importance of determination, hard work, and perseverance in overcoming obstacles and achieving one’s goals.

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