10 Best Software Testing Books to Read in 2024

It is your job as a tester to ensure that a program works as expected or to demonstrate that it does not. To stay at the top of your professional game, you must update or refresh your knowledge on a regular basis. Although there are several online courses available to accomplish this, nothing beats a good old-fashioned book.

We’ve compiled a list of the top ten books to help you advance your software testing skills.

Software Testing Books  

1. Software Testing: A Craftsman’s Approach, Fourth Edition

Software Testing A Craftsman’s Approach, Fourth Edition

Originally Published- 2013
Author- Paul C. Jorgensen

Description- This well-written book covers a wide range of topics. It is an easy-to-read book that provides a clear and concise explanation of all the covered topics. The book explains both code-based and specification-based testing.

It has three parts; Unit 1 covers an introduction to testing, including perspective, examples, graph theory, and discrete maths. The second unit is all about unit testing, and it discusses issues like boundary value testing, equivalence class testing, data flow testing, and path testing. In the third and final unit, emphasis is on beyond unit testing.

It covers topics like lifecycle-based testing, model-based testing, integration testing, and system testing, among others. The book concludes with an epilogue on software testing excellence. It is one of the best software testing books for newbies and covers all the topics you should be aware of.

You can buy this book here.

2. The art of Software Testing, 3rd Edition

The Art of Software Testing

Originally Published- 2011
Author- Glenford J. Myers, Corey Sandler, Tom Badgett

Description- This book is a classic in software testing and known as one of the best software testing books. It is not just about the topics it covers but the critical mindset it helps develop in new testers, which is pivotal to their role in companies.

With only 256 pages in print, the book is a short read, but it still manages to cover a wide range of topics in that limited space. It shows how to use testing methods on contemporary devices like the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android.

This book is perfectly suitable for a new tester or a student trying to learn software testing, in which case it works as an excellent testing guide.

You can buy this book here.

3. Software Testing Techniques 2nd Edition

Software Testing Techniques

Originally Published- 1990
Author- Boris Beizer

Description- This is another classic book on software testing, with some people going as far as calling it “the bible of software testing.” Although the book was first printed back in 1990, it is still as relevant as back then. Software Testing Techniques is a summary of all the strategies.

The author clearly distinguishes between testing and debugging before defining testing as either functional or structural testing. There are detailed explanations of structural testing concepts. The author also clearly identifies various types of testing that come face-to-face in development organizations. Boris teaches the readers to have a religious attitude towards bugs, as all software will have them to some extent.

This is a beginner-friendly book with increasing complexity, suitable for even complete beginners—a must-read book for every tester.

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4. Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams 1st Edition

Agile Testing A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams (Addison-Wesley Signature Series (Cohn))

Originally Published- 2009
Author- Lisa Crispin, Janet Gregory

Description- “Agile Testing” is a must-read for any tester transitioning from traditional waterfall testing to agile testing. The authors teach you how to use agile testing quadrants to check what testing is needed and provide valuable tools for the same.

It is quite a comprehensive book that even has chapters that describe the role of a tester throughout the various stages of the project. The authors also discuss common issues that hinder the transition to agile development. The book contains everything on agile that one could deem necessary, from mind maps to examples.

It is a near-ideal book for beginners, testers transitioning to agile, and business analysts looking to expand their knowledge in this area.

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5. Unit Testing Principles, Practices, and Patterns

Unit Testing Principles, Practices, and Patterns Effective testing styles, patterns, and reliable automation for unit testing, mocking, and integration testing with examples in C#

Originally Published- 2020
Author- Vladimir Khorikhov

Description- This book is an excellent insight into proper unit testing. The book will help you identify how much the design of your code impacts the unit tests. The book is the perfect fit for junior programmers and first-year students.

Instead of teaching you how to test, the book teaches you what, when, and why. However, the book does guide the reader through examples that help teach them about testing. The book does not limit itself to just unit testing, as architecture is also given due importance.

Not to mention, the author’s writing style is simple and easy to follow. Grab this book to get an excellent grasp of the concepts of testing.

You can buy this book here.

6. Software Testing Techniques, 2nd Edition

Software Testing Techniques

Originally Published- 1990
Author- Boris Beizer

Description- Unlike other books on the list, this one has been in print for years now. Why is it still relevant? because it gives a fantastic summary of all the testing strategies.

This is a comprehensive book on software testing. The author distinguishes between testing and debugging. It then moves on to explain various types of testing, including unit testing, stress testing, integration testing, and regression testing. The book’s most significant advantage is that the techniques taught are independent of the platform and technology.

It even caters to students reading for academic purposes. If you already have an introduction to testing, this is one of the best books to buy.

You can buy this book here.

7. Lessons Learned in Software Testing: A Context-Driven Approach

Lessons Learned in Software Testing A Context-Driven Approach

Originally Published- 2001
Author- Cem Kaner, James Bach, Bret Pettichord

Description- Many would suggest this book should be the first for any tester on the subject, which is proof of the kind of content it packs. The three authors are some of the leading experts in the field, and they have written a book on context-driven approaches.

The book contains 200 lessons that can be read from cover to cover, but even if you decide to cherry-pick topics, it would only take you a mere 15 minutes to complete each lesson. This easy-to-digest format is excellent for a beginner. The lessons are not only shortcuts but also really worldly. The book is not just about testing techniques, as it also discusses topics like the role of a tester, thinking like a tester, and other aspects of a tester’s career.

You can buy this book here.

8. Fifty Quick Ideas To Improve Your Tests

Fifty Quick Ideas To Improve Your Tests

Originally Published- 2015
Author- Gojko Adzic, David Evans, Tom Roden

Description- As the name suggests, the book gives the readers 50 ideas to improve their testing. The book assumes that you are already aware of the basics, so it is not exceptionally beginner-friendly. Fifty quick ideas to improve your test is also not a deep dive into the world of testing.

The book’s authors have years of experience as testers, and in the book, they share some of those experiences. The book is mainly divided into four parts.

  • Create test ideas
  • Create effective checks.
  • Improve testability.
  • Manage large test suites.

For better utilization of the book, do not read it from cover to cover in one go; instead, try things out as you read the book. Keep it handy for your projects.

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9. Dear Evil Tester

Dear Evil Tester

Originally Published- 2016
Author- Alan Richardson

Description- This is a quick read to take your testing skills to the next level. Testers with any level of experience can learn something from this book. It uses hilarious sketches to drive home the points.

The author also shares personal experiences and demonstrates how to avoid common pitfalls.The book doesn’t seem to deep dive into the concepts. With just 166 pages in print, it is a quick read you can read cover to cover on a lazy weekend afternoon.

You can buy this book here.

10. A Practitioner’s Guide to Software Test Design

A Practitioner's Guide to Software Test Design (Artech House Computing Library)

Originally Published- 2004
Author- Lee Copeland

Description- This is a comprehensive, up-to-date, and practical introduction to testing. The book came out way back in 2004, but the book’s concepts still stand the test of time. It provides a fantastic overview of the various testing techniques and an introduction to the “toolbox of a software tester.”

The book has clear definitions, elaborate techniques, and practical examples that help expand a new tester’s knowledge. Pairwise testing and state transition testing are some of the best parts of the book. No other book has a better description of these two.

If you have already read some of Belize’s work, it could prove to be beneficial as Copeland often refers to it from time to time throughout the book.

You can buy this book here.


Testing is an essential component of software development. Testing consumes a significant amount of time and money in organizations. According to many studies, testing may take longer than the actual coding of the software. It is therefore critical to stay up to date on the latest testing news. However, your book selection may differ from person to person, as no one book is suitable for everyone.

This was our list of the best books on software testing.

Please let us know if we missed any of your favorite software testing books in the comments section.

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