13 Best SSC CGL Books To Prepare In 2024

Although many books are available for SSC CGL, very few SSC CGL books are recommended by the teachers and exam toppers. To make your work easy, we have provided a list of subject-wise best books0. This post consists of the best English, Maths, and General Awareness books for your preparation.

What is SSC?

The SSC CGL exam is conducted almost every year, and millions of candidates apply for this exam every year. Aspirants should know the best books to crack the exam easily.

The SSC CGL official notification was released on 23 December, 2021 and the registrations for the exam have started. The SSC CGL Tier-I examination will be held in April 2022 (tentatively). The Tier-II examination dates are yet to be announced.

Best SSC CGL Books [Subject-Wise]

Best SSC CGL Books For English

To score good marks in English, the candidates need to have good grammar, reading comprehension, and vocabulary. Here is the list of best English Books for the SSC CGL examination.

1. Objective General English

Author: S.P. Bakshi
Last Edition: December 1, 2014 (Second edition)
Publisher: Arihant Publication

Objective General English book by S.P. Bakshi is designed to help students revise and prepare for various English concepts for different competitive exams. The book is divided into four sections: Part A: Foundation Module, Part B: Verbal Ability, Part C and Pact D: Practical grammar.

This book is the best SSC CGL study material for English because it covers all the concepts of English, which will help you clear any competitive exam and communicate with the outside world. As the book thoroughly covers the General English section asked in several competitive examinations, it for sure will work as a preparation booster for various competitive examinations.

2. Competitive General English

Author: Kiran Prakashan
Last Edition: July 17, 2017
Publisher: Kiran Prakashan

Kiran Prakashan’s Competitive General English is a comprehensive English book designed for candidates appearing for competitive entrance exams. This is one of the best books for SSC CGL to help candidates work and improve their English. This book also consists of model exam papers that include the previous year’s question papers.

3. Perfect Competitive English

Author: V.K Sinha
Last Edition: January 1, 2016 (17th edition)
Publisher: Jnanada Publishers

Perfect Competitive English by V.K Sinha is a comprehensive English book available in Hindi. This book is designed for candidates appearing for different competitive examinations like PO, Clerk, Banking, SSC, Railway, Insurance, Management, Technical, Commission, NIFT, CLAT, NDA, UPSC, CAT, MAT, and more.

4. From Plinth to Paramount

Author: Neetu Singh
Last Edition: December 1, 2014
Publisher: Paramount Reader Publications

English has become a vital part of all entrance, and competitive examinations conducted these days. English for General Competitions from Plinth to Paramount is a complete guide for students preparing for various competitive entrance examinations and is the most recommended SSC CGL English book. This book consists of concepts such as parts of speech and subject-verb agreement. In addition, the book consists of practice exercises for thorough revision. It is essential for students preparing for SSC, MBA, IAS, and other entrance examinations.

The book consists of Verb, Tense, Passive Voice, Narration, Question Tag, Subject-Verb Agreement, Conditional Sentence, verb (Advance), Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Conjunction, Article, Preposition, Adverb, Words Often Confused and Misused, vocabularies, and more.

5. Quick Learning Objective General English

Author: R.S. Aggarwal & Vikas Aggarwal
Last Edition: 31 May, 2006
Publisher: S Chand

You need to have good knowledge of English and its various rules of grammar to crack many exams. Entrance exams of various professions often ask questions that test the knowledge of English grammar and the comprehension abilities of applicants. Quick Learning Objective General English provides students with all the English Grammar and Comprehension rules to crack various entrance exams.

This book helps the candidates to prepare for basic questions related to English grammar and comprehension. It contains chapters on Synonyms, Antonyms, Error Detection, Sentence Completion, One Word Substitution, Idioms, and Phrases. The comprehension exercises are based on long passages for the practice of these sorts of questions. It also teaches students the applications of the rules of English grammar and tips on how to detect mistakes. Practice exercises are available for students to improve their grammar and comprehension skills.

6. How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension

Author: Arun Sharma and Meenakshi Upadhyay
Last Edition: 5 June, 2018 (Eighth edition)
Publisher: McGraw Hill Education

How to prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension book provides complete practice on reading comprehension questions with special emphasis on short passages. It also provides effective tips and tricks for sentence correction.

Moreover, the book includes a new TITA question type without options for extensive practice. This book also consists of previous year questions and new questions as per the latest pattern.

7. Wren And Martin – High School English Grammar and Composition

Author: Rao N.D.V. Prasada (Author), N.D.V. Prasada Rao (Editor)
Last Edition: 1 January, 2017 (Regular edition)
Publisher: S Chand Publishing

High School English Grammar & Composition is a book that provides the readers with insights into several key aspects of English grammar. This book is one of the most renowned guides to learning English Grammar in India. This is a part of the series of books by Wren and Martin, and it provides a comprehensive study of grammar.

This book is divided into two sections. The first part consists of grammar and the second part consists of composition. Some chapters in this book include Synthesis of Sentences, Conjunctions, Direct and Indirect Speech, Comparison of Adverbs, and The Noun: Kinds of Nouns. The content of this book has been influenced by The Manual of English Grammar and Composition by J. C. Nestfield.

This book deals with grammar basics such as forming sentences, identifying subject and predicate, verbs, using adjectives as nouns, relative pronouns, and much more. The readers also get insights into writing an essay, autobiographies, letters, and stories.

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Best SSC CGL Books For Mathematics

Here are the best Maths books which will help you prepare for the examination

8.  Quantitative Aptitude

Author: R S Aggarwal
Last Edition: 21 February, 2017 (Revised edition)
Publisher: S Chand Publishing

From 1989, Quantitative Aptitude has a special place of respect and acceptance among students and aspirants appearing for various competitive exams.

The Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations book has more than 5500 questions supported with answers and solutions—a hallmark of Quantitative Aptitude. The chapters are easy to follow. In a sense, these chapters begin with easy-to-grasp theory complemented by formulas and solved examples. The book also consists of a wide-ranging number of questions for practice. The book covers the latest examination patterns as well as practice questions.

The book consists of concepts including Arithmetical Ability, Number System, H.C.F, and L.C.M. of Numbers, Decimal Fractions, Simplification, Square Roots and Cube Roots, Average, Problems on Numbers, Problems on Age, Surds and Indices, Logarithms, Percentage, Profit and Loss, Ratio and Proportion, Partnership, Chain Rule, Pipes and Cisterns, Time and Work, Time and Distance, Boats and Streams, Problems on Trains, Alligation or Mixture, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Area, Volume and Surface Area, Races and Games of Skill, Calendar, Clocks, Stocks and Shares, Permutations and Combinations, Probability, True Discount, Banker’s Discount, Heights and Distances, Odd Man Out and Series, Tabulation, Bar Graphs, Pie Chart, and Line Graphs.

9. Magical Book on Quicker Maths

Author: Manoj Tyra
Last Edition: 1 January, 2018 (Fifth Edition)
Publisher: BSC Publishing Co Pvt Ltd

Magical Book On Quicker Maths is a mathematics study material for various competitive examinations, like, SSC, UPSC, CPO, LIC, GIC, UTI, and more. This book aims not only to acquaint the students with various types of problems given in these examinations and how to solve them but also to teach them effective ways to solve each problem faster and more effectively.

Cracking the competitive examinations is as much about knowing the correct answer, and at the same time, it is about time management. The author explains each concept in clear and easily understandable words to easily understand students from non-mathematical backgrounds.

Certain problems also contain detailed illustrations that offer clear explanations. The book has been neatly divided into various chapters. It contains a clear introduction on different mathematical topics, the important derivations, and formulae that aid in understanding the core concept of the subject and solving the questions faster yet correctly. The book also contains solved questions of sums that have appeared in the past years in various competitive examinations.

10. SSC Elementary and Advanced Maths

Author: Kiran Prakashan, Pratiyogita Kiran, KICX
Last Edition: 14 June, 2018
Publisher: Kiran Prakashan

Kiran’s SSC Elementary and Advanced Mathematics English are recommended for graduate Level Tier-I, Tier-II, 10+2 LDC & Data Entry Operator, FCI, Metric Level, and Other Competitive Exams. The books consist of important mathematics topics like Algebra, Polynomials, Factorisation of Quadratic Polynomials, Simplification of Fractions, Algebraic Identities, Solutions of Linear Equations, Graphic Representation of Straight Lines, Co-ordinate Geometry, Sequence and Series, Circular Measure of Angles, Trigonometric Ratios, Trigonometric Identities, Heights and Distances, Lines and Angles, Triangles: Similarity and Congruence, Quadrilaterals, Circle, Mensuration, Area and Perimeter, Volume and Surface Area, and more.

11. Advance Maths

Author: Rakesh Yadav
Last Edition: 1 January, 2017 (2017th edition)
Publisher: Rakesh Yadav Readers Publication Private Limited

This comprehensive book, Advance Maths, is for candidates who want to start their career as Lower Division Clerk or Data Entry Operator through the Staff Selection Commission High Secondary Level Examination. The book comprises the solution for advanced maths with theory. Additionally, there are separate sections for each part of the SSC CGL syllabus which helps to improve the students’ understanding of the subject. The book is recommended for candidates appearing for SSC(CGL/LDC/DEO), CDS, and other competitive exams.
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SSC CGL Books For General Awareness

General Awareness subject is very vast, and you need to get good marks in this section to clear the examination. Here is a list of books for General Awareness.

12. General Knowledge

Author: Manwendra Mukul, Dr. Binay Karna, Sanjiv Kumar
Last Edition: 1 January 2019 (8th Edition)
Publisher: Lucents

Lucent’s General Knowledge is a comprehensive, thoroughly informative, and useful book for candidates appearing for various competitive examinations. The content of the book is scientifically devised to cater to the need of the candidates preparing for the competitive exams. The book contains ten chapters and an appendix.


13. Manorama Yearbook

Author: Mammen Mathew
Last Edition: 25 December, 2020 (2021st edition)
Publisher: Malayala Manorama Press

The 56th edition of Manorama English Yearbook 2021 offers information on 25 topics such as Current Affairs, General Knowledge, major government initiatives (GOI), Science and medicine, skill development, information technology, environment, space, gender and social justice, education, and career, art and culture, sports, Polity, Indian History, Geography, Economy and International Relations, and more.

The Yearbook also contains articles on foreign education and Foreign relations, environmental issues, social justice & gender equality, and regular updates like ethics, people, and places in news, Awards, and Honours. The website and the app contain short takes of important news stories of the day. The special articles explain the pros and cons of issues that shape India and the world. It also offers a short brief of news stories, policy decisions, and news, a quiz with explanations based on current Affairs and core subjects, mock tests based on the Civil Services Prelims exam.

Moreover, the Manorama Yearbook consists of detailed questions and answers, subject-wise tests based on the UPSC syllabus, video lectures, and news analysis on current Affairs prepared by India’s leading coaching Institute Shankar IAS Academy help students prepare for competitive exams.

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2 General Knowledge Lucent Publication Buy Now
3 Manorama Yearbook Mammen Mathew Buy Now


SSC CGL is one of the most important government recruitment examinations in India. To score well in the examination, you need to prepare effectively and have the right study material. Here in this post, we mentioned some of the best subject-wise best books for SSC CGL!

We hope you find the list helpful.

All the best for SSC Exam!


Q.1. How many attempts are there for SSC CGL?

Ans. There are a total of 3 attempts.

Q.2 How much time is required for SSC preparation?

Ans. A minimum of 1-month of preparation is needed before the exam.

Q.3 Is there any interview in SSC CGL?

Ans. No. There is no interview conducted for this exam now.

Q.4 Is Tier-4 compulsory in SSC CGL?

Ans. Yes, all the qualified candidates must appear in Tier-4. Unless their candidature will be canceled for the exam.

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