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BITSAT Preparation Tips 2021 – How to crack BITSAT

BITS Admission Test (BITSAT) is conducted by the Birla Institute of Technology and Science. Through this test, the students can get enrolled in any of the BITS campuses – Pilani, Goa, Hyderabad, or Dubai, provided they meet the cutoff. Over the years, the number of candidates attempting this has increased, making the competition even harder. Therefore, we have curated the most efficient BITSAT Preparation Tips 2021 that will help you prepare and score well in the examination.

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BITSAT Preparation Tips 2021

Cracking BITSAT is not an easy task, and we understand your desire to crack this exam.  That is why we have the best preparation tips that will help you in your preparation.

1. Study Plan 

We believe any exam can be cracked by working hard in the smartest way. No matter how hard you work, you will always have some trouble if you don’t work smart.

  • You should make a proper study plan for your preparations.
  • Create your time table for studying efficiently.
  • While studying, make it a habit to take notes.
  • Collect the details about the test and the Exam Pattern.
  • Analysis of the syllabus and previous question papers.
  • Solve last 5-year question papers.
  • Clear basic concepts and make short notes.
  • Revise all the main topics.
  • It is imperative to manage time, and that can be achieved through strategic planning and regular practice.
  • Make sure you have good differentiation idea between the JEE and BITSAT syllabus.

2. Manage your Time

  • Manage your time according to your daily routine.
  • Give some extra time on the time-consuming/ difficult topics.
  • Maintain a proper schedule and stick to the time table.
  • Prepare your time-table according to the syllabus and include short breaks in your time table.

3. Select the best Study Material

  • Refer good books for their exam preparation.
  • Candidates may also prepare from the study materials available on the internet.
  • Make sure you are well updated with the BITSAT Syllabus.
  • Solve previous year’s papers to understand the exam pattern and difficulty level.
  • Stay focused on your aim.
  • Highlight the main topics.
  • Solve a lot of mock papers, as this will help you assess your preparation level.

4. Stay Healthy

Never compromise on your physical as well as mental health during the exam preparation. Health is vital as if there is anything wrong with your health, your focus will shift, and you won’t focus correctly.

  • Take proper sleep for at least seven to eight hours per day.
  • Take a healthy & nutritious diet.
  • Meditation or Yoga may help you to concentrate on your studies.
  • Avoid junk food and unhealthy food.
  • Take fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Never over stress during the study.
  • Take care of yourself well in COVID times.
  • Take fluids regularly.

5. Attempt The Bonus Questions

No other exam has this, but BITSAT has a set of bonus questions that are given to the candidate only after he/she submits the paper. These are a set of 12 questions and carry a higher positive marking. The condition for attempting bonus questions is that you will have to finish your paper early and submit it. No extra time will be given to solve the Bonus Questions, and you can’t revert to the main paper. Thus, those candidates aiming for higher marks must try and increase their speed to attempt this section.

6. Do timely revision

All your efforts will go in vain if you don’t revise what you have studied. So make sure that you revise at least for an hour every day. This will also help you prevent any last-minute stress.

  • After completing a topic, the next stage is the revision.
  • The timely revision will help you stay on top your preparation as the topics you have read will remain fresh in your mind.
  • Prepare a separate revision plan for last-minute preparation.
  • If you have maintained notes, you can also use them to revise what you have read, and it will be a much faster process.
  • Make sure you revise every topic thoroughly and prepare well every topic by revising time and again.

The whole article can be concluded by using this formula:

Good Results= Hard work + Smart work +Discipline – Stress

So go ahead and prepare well! And we hope these BITSAT Preparation Tips will help you score good marks.

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