GATE Paper Analysis 2021 [Available] – Paper-wise Analysis


Paper Analysis is defined as the aftermath of an examination. It is like a study on the paper that tells about the change in the trend and pattern of the examination from the previous year. It contains information such as the change in the number of questions, difficulty level, and weightage of questions from the previous year.

Our team of experts has carried out an extensive analysis on the GATE Papers which is now available for the students. In this article, we will discuss the GATE Paper Analysis 2021.


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GATE Paper Analysis 2021

The subject-wise paper analysis is as given below:

GATE EE Paper Analysis 2021

  • The exam was conducted from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
  • The difficulty level of the exam was moderate
  • Power System carried 13 marks
  • 24 questions were numerically based
  • Questions from Analog Electronics were the toughest
  • Electrical Machines and Signals & Systems had a weightage of 13% and 11% respectively

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GATE ECE Paper Analysis 2021

  • The exam was conducted from 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM
  • The difficulty level of the exam was from moderate to difficult
  • The Maths, General Aptitude, Analog Circuits, and EDC sections were fairly easy
  • 10 mark questions were formed from the Engineering Mathematics and Analog Circuits
  • 11 mark questions were formed from the communications
  • 20+ questions were NA
  • 12 mark questions from both the Control system and electronic devices. Test takers found these questions as difficult
  • 6 mark questions from networks and signals & systems each

GATE CE Paper Analysis 2021

The CE exam was held in two sessions and more than 1.5 lac students appeared in it. The number of questions from the environment section ware increased this year. Most of the questions were asked from Geotech Engineering and Environment. Other topics in the paper were Building Material, Fluid Mechanics, RCC, Steel Structure, Hydrology, Surveying, Transportation, Structural Analysis, SOM.

  • The paper was conducted in two sessions i.e., 9:30 am to 12:30 pm and 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
  • The difficulty level of the paper was between easy to moderately difficult
  • The General Aptitude section was fairly easy
  • Geotech Engineering carried 15 marks
  • Environmental Engineering was of 14 marks
  • 25 questions out of the total were numerically based
  • The highest weightage was from Geotech Engineering, Environment Engineering, and Transportation Engineering
  • Paper was easier than the previous year
  • Most of the questions were asked from Strength of Material, Transportation, H&I, Geotechnical, Structural Analysis,  FM & OCH, RCC, EnvironmentalGATE CE Paper Analysis Chart

GATE Civil Engineering Question Paper Overview

Paper Code CE – Civil Engineering
Date of the exam 6 February 2021
Shift Shift-1: 9:30 am-12:30 pm

Shift-2: 3:00 pm 6:00 pm

Total Questions 65
Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions 25
Maximum Marks 100
Sections Engineering Mathematics, General Aptitude Questions, and Subject-specific

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GATE CS Paper Analysis 2021

The CS exam of GATE this year was comparatively easy and the question paper was not that lengthy. Difficult questions were asked from algorithms, complexity, data structure, and computer organizations. As compared to the previous year, the test paper was not that difficult this year. The NAT questions were lesser as compared to theoretical questions.

  • The difficulty level of the exam was easy to moderate
  • The General Aptitude section was fairly easy
  • Questions from the technical section were a little tough
  • NAT questions were of medium difficulty level
  • Most of the questions were from the theory of Computation, Operating Systems & Data Structure.
  • Double Hashing, Recurrence, Relation, Worst case, Groups, Graph coloring, Time complexity, Post-order traversal, Predicate Logic, Minimum spanning tree were some other topics in the question paper

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This article gives you in-depth detail about the answer key of the GATE 2021 exam paper along with its analysis. Students must go through the previous years’ papers as it provides a fair idea about the gist of the exam. It helps to understand the pattern and the difficulty level too.

Hence, do not skip this part during your preparation.

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