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JEE Advanced Preparation Tips 2021: Check Complete Strategy Here

JEE Advanced is no doubt one of the most critical and toughest entrance tests in the entire country. Thus, one must have the right JEE Advanced Preparation Tips so that one can score higher. JEE Advanced is the gateway ticket to get admission in B.E/ Btech/ B plan courses offered by the IITs across India. Before going ahead, make sure that you have checked all the JEE Advanced criteria, so that you don’t mistake later. This article will help you guide through the various JEE Advanced Preparation Tips suggested by previous year AIR holders.

Latest Updates

  • May 26, 2021: JEE Advanced 2021 postponed, revised exam date to be released soon.
  • April 10, 2021: JEE Advanced Mock Test has been Released for Paper 1 and 2.

JEE Advanced Preparation Tips 2021

Here we have listed the best JEE Advanced Preparation Tips and tricks for JEE Advanced 2021 preparation:

JEE Advanced Mock Test

Through a mock test, you can practice a lot of questions by which you can find where you are well prepared and where you are not. You can also see if you can complete the question paper on time or not. Always try and attempt to solve question papers in an environment similar to that of the exam hall. Doing so will also help you also familiarize yourself with the exam pattern, syllabus, timings, and other details.

Time Management

The success key of JEE Advanced Preparation is time management.  Candidates need to prepare their preparation schedule for self-study of all the relevant subjects. You need to create a plan through which you can cover each subject on time. Always try to keep your all goals in your mind while you are going to prepare. You have to give a sufficient amount of time to study and revise the subjects.

Know Exam Pattern & Syllabus

Before starting the preparation, try to review the complete syllabus and understand the exam pattern. With the help of the Exam Pattern, you can get a perfect idea about the mark distribution in each section, the marking scheme, question weightage, and the type of questions.

Study Material & Books

The most vital part of the preparation is the study material and books. By choosing the best study material, one can solve different kinds and levels of problems quickly. Covering the syllabus with one book is also a puzzle for the students.  Before going to prepare with reference books first cover the entire syllabus of  Class 11th & 12th NCERT book. It suggested that instead of buying multiple books stick to 1-2 good books, as that will help you understand the basics well.

Solved Previous Year Question Papers

In a recent discussion, it was found that 30% of questions are always asked in previous year question papers  Solving previous year question papers is thus an advantage.  Also, by doing so, you get a complete idea about the difficulty level of the examination and the exam pattern. Solving a lot of these question papers will not only help you in understanding the question paper pattern but also help you increase your speed.

Stay Healthy

One significant factor is that you stay healthy, both physically and mentally. Try to make a habit of taking food on time, take a nutritious diet and take proper sleep. Always keep your mind fresh whenever you are going to prepare. Always be positive, don’t take a lot of pressure on your mind; try to stay stress-free. Take care of yourself in this COVID -19 and stay healthy.


At the last of your preparation, you need to do revision which is an essential factor of preparation. Candidates need to keep the last two months for revision. In the final two months, one must focus on the basics and learning. Once you have a good hold on the fundamentals, then you can achieve your goal in JEE Advanced Examination.

By following all these JEE Advanced Preparation Tips, one can stay assured about their AIR in the upcoming JEE Advanced exam.

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