MCA Syllabus: Core & Elective Subjects [Subject-Wise]

Before applying for the MCA course, you need to know the syllabus in detail. Here is a complete guide on the MCA syllabus, colleges offering these Courses, and more in detail.

MCA (Master of Computer Applications) is a 2-year degree that covers computer science, data structures, software applications, operating systems, and other related topics. It is a great course for anyone who wants to become an IT professional.

MCA Course Highlights

  • Depending on the candidate’s choice, they can pursue the Master of Computer Application online, or offline
  • Admission to MCA programs is determined by merit and admission tests.
  • The applicant must have a degree in BCA or similar in a field. Moreover, you must have completed your Bachelor’s degree with an aggregate of 50% or higher to enroll in this program.
  • Applicants interested in pursuing an MCA degree can enroll in an AICTE or UGC certified institution, as AICTE and UGC accredited MCA degrees are prominent.
  • The top entrance examinations for MCA are- TANCET, IPU CET, MHT CET, and NIMCET.
  • The average fee of the course ranges from INR 30,000 to 2,00,000.
  • The top job profiles after completing MCA are- Software developers, system engineers, programmers and system analysts.

Why Choose MCA?

Since the computer generation started, new IT technologies have been evolving making a rise in the job vacancies in the IT industry. Studying MCA will fill these job roles and benefit in the following way.

  1. MCA courses make a great impact on your professional lives with ample job opportunities in the IT industry in the form of – Cloud Architect, Web Designer/ Developer, Software Developer or Software Programmer, Data Scientist, and government jobs.
  2. The minimum MCA salary of the graduates is approximately 5 lacs per annum.
  3. The graduates have an opportunity to work at world-class companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google in the IT sector with a minimum salary expected to be around 12 lacs p.a.

MCA Course Structure

The MCA two-year course is meant to provide not only an in-depth knowledge of computer applications potential but also to build soft skills in applicants so that they can be a future asset to the industry.

Seminars, lab training, conferences, and industrial projects are all part of the course curriculum. A student’s workshops or seminars experience gets them closer to the actual realities of the software industry. The last semester of the MCA course syllabus is entirely devoted to improving the candidate’s practical understanding through projects and workshops.

  1. Seminars
  2. Workshops
  3. Group Project
  4. Individual Project
  5. VI semesters
  6. Elective subjects
  7. Core subjects
  8. Practical work/ Lab training

MCA Syllabus

The MCA curriculum includes both classroom and hands-on training in disciplines including coding, communications, graphic design, and more. The Syllabus is divided into 6 semesters. MCA course includes subjects like Mathematics, Computer Networks, OS, and practical training for students with the most up-to-date coding tools and utilities, such as C programming, Python, Java, SQL, etc. Let us discuss the syllabus.

1st Year
Semester I Semester II
Computer Organisation & Architecture Business English and Communication
Data Communication & Computer Networks Object-Oriented Programming With C++
Business Systems and Applications Micro Programming & Architecture Lab
Information Systems Analysis & Design Data structure lab
Computer Programming with C Programming lab
Data Structures with C Database lab
Discrete Mathematical Structure Business presentation and language lab
Database Management System Object-Oriented Programming lab (C++)
2nd Year
Semester III Semester IV
Operating Systems and Systems Software Business Management
Software Engineering & TQM Environment and Ecology
Unix and Shell Programming Management Accounting
Graphics & Multimedia Software Project Management lab
Intelligent Systems Unix lab
Database Management System II Graphics & Multimedia Lab
Statistics and Numerical Techniques Statistics and Numerical Analysis lab
Operation Research & Optimisation Techniques Advanced Database lab
Accounting Systems lab
3rd Year
Semester V Semester VI
Elective 1 (Anyone): Distributed database management, Parallel Programming Seminar
Project Work Elective 3 (Anyone): Advanced Unix programming, Programming With Java
Elective 2 (Any one): System Administration, Programming With VB,
Elective 4 (Anyone): Compiler Design, E-Commerce
Elective 2 Lab

MCA Subjects

1. MCA Electives

Let us look at the subjects you can choose from to study the electives

Advanced Database Management Systems Advanced Computer Architecture
Operational Research Mobile Computing
Numerical and Scientific Computing Software Quality Management
Distributed Systems Microprocessors
Software Project Management Digital Signal Processing
Organizational Behaviour Compiler Design
Multimedia Technologies E-Commerce

2. MCA Core Subjects

The core subjects can be designed as follows

Unix and Shell Programming Computer Programming with C
Software Engineering & TQM Discrete Mathematical Structure
Operation Research & Optimisation Techniques Database Management System
Object-Oriented Programming with Java

Best MCA books

Book Name Author/Publisher Price Buy Now
Fundamentals of Data Structures Horowitz and Sahani ₹ 499 Buy Now
Object-Oriented Programming in C++ Nabajyoti Barkakati ₹ 1824 Buy Now
Fundamentals of Computers V Rajaraman ₹ 324 Buy Now
Computer Database Organization James Martin ₹ 319 Buy Now
Object-Oriented Programming C++ Lafore ₹ 773 Buy Now

Top MCA Colleges in India

Sr. No. College Est. Year Location
1. JNU 1969 New Delhi
2. Jamia Millia Islamia 1920 New Delhi
3. Anna University 1978 Chennai
4. University of Hyderabad 1974 Hyderabad
5. VIT 1984 Vellore

MCA Job & Career Options

The list of major job sectors that hire MCA graduates are:

Consultancies Government Sector Technical Support
Banking Frontend & Backend Development Schools & Colleges
Database Management Networking Desktop Support & Communications
E-Commerce Security Companies Technical Design & Web Development

Job Opportunities & Salary For MCA Graduates

The table below is some of the common jobs that students can go for after finishing their MCA course, along with their salary scale

Job Profile Lowest Salary Average Salary Highest Salary
Software Developer 3.34 LPA 4.85 LPA 12.68 LPA
Web Developer 2.23 LPA 2.81 LPA 9.94 LPA
Systems Analyst 2.73 LPA 6.54 LPA 10.58 LPA
Software Programmer 2.87 LPA 3.89 LPA 12.00 LPA
Network Administrator 2.89 LPA 3.67 LPA 7.00 LPA
Mobile App Developer 2.42 LPA 4.41 LPA 14.00 LPA
System Administrator 2.67 LPA 3.04 LPA 4.41 LPA
Database Administrator 2.96 LPA 4.97 LPA 12.46 LPA
Hardware Engineer 2.92 LPA 3.78 LPA 9.82 LPA
Technical Writer 2.55 LPA 4.93 LPA 12.53 LPA


MCA is a good option for candidates who wish to make their career in the IT industry. The 3-year course covers all the important aspects and gives you an option to select a subject specializing in your career.

We have covered the syllabus of MCA with electives and also the career options you can choose after. Let us know which college will you be joining for your MCA.

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