JEE Main Important Topics 2021 – Paper I (B.Tech.)

By | December 31, 2020
JEE Main important topics

While preparing for the JEE Main 2021, it is crucial for students to have their basics clear. It is imperative that the candidates strategize their study plan very carefully so that they can work smarter and cover the entire syllabus for the examination. Working smart means optimizing the way you study so as to get the maximum marks possible while keeping yourself stress-free. The best way to do it is by focusing more on the important topics which have higher weightage in the JEE Main Exam. Here we are listing the JEE Main Important Topics 2021 for the most efficient preparation.

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JEE Main Important Topics

We have listed the most important subject-wise topics for JEE Mains 2021:

Important Topics for JEE Main Chemistry 2021

Topics based on Fundamentals Concepts

Topics Weightage
IUPAC Nomenclature
Periodic Table
Chemical Bonding 5%

High Weightage Topics

Topics Weightage
Mole Concept 2%
Co-ordination Chemistry 5%
Alcohol, Phenols and Ethers 7%
p-Block elements 5%
Atomic Structure 5%
Gaseous State 3%
Hydrocarbons 2%
Aldehydes and Ketones 5%
d & f Block Elements 5%
General Organic Chemistry 7%

Other important Topics

 Topics  weightage
Chemical Equilibrium 3%
Ionic Equilibrium 3%
Thermodynamics 5%
Hydrogen and its Compounds
s-Block Elements 5%
Isomerism of Organic Compounds
Environmental Chemistry
Solid State
Chemical Kinetics
Qualitative Salt Analysis
Alkyl Halides and Aryl Halides
Carboxylic Acids and their derivatives
Amines 2%
Biomolecules 1%
Polymers 1%
Surface Chemistry 2%
Chemistry in Everyday Life 2%

Important Topics for JEE Main Mathematics 2021

Mathematics is a vital part of the JEE Main Exam, so you must keep your maths fundamentals really strong as Maths is the base for Engineering courses irrespective of your stream.

General Important Topics

Topic Weightage
Inverse Trigonometric Functions 2%
Circles and Family of Circles 6%
Sequence and Series 5%

Important yet Easy Topics

Topic Weightage
Applications of Derivative 4%
Limit and Continuity 3%
Matrices and Determinants 4%
Straight Lines and Pair of Straight Lines 2%

High Weightage Topics

Topic Weightage
3-D Geometry 5%
Probability and Statistics 7%
Vector Algebra 5%
Integration 8%
Complex Numbers 5%
Parabola 3%
Trigonometric Ratios 3%

Easy Topics

Topics Weightage
Logarithms 1%
Quadratic Equations
Theory of Equations 5%
Sets, Relations and Functions 4%
Differentiation 2%
Permutation and Combination 1%
Binomial Theorem 1%
Hyperbola 2%
Ellipse 2%
Fundamentals of Mathematics
Solution of Triangle 1%

Important Topics for JEE Main Physics 2021

Topics based on Fundamentals Concepts

Topics Weightage
Units and Dimensions 2%
Measurements of errors 2%
Kinematics 1%
Newton’s law of motions 4%

Important yet Easy Topics

Topics Weightage
Work, Energy and Power 5
Electrostatics 6
Current Electricity 7
Wave Optics 5
Ray Optics 6

9 Most Important Topics

Topics Weightage
Centre of Mass, Momentum and Collision 5%
Rotational Dynamics 4%
Simple Harmonic Motion 5%
Fluid Mechanics 2-5%
Wave Motion and String Waves 5%
Magnetism 6%
Heat & Thermodynamics 6%(It is the most crucial topic for both physics and chemistry)
Nuclear Physics 5%
Modern Physics 5%

Other Topics

Topics Weightage
Circular Motion  1%
Gravitation  1%
Properties of Matter, Elasticity  2%
Sound Waves
Electromagnetic Induction  3%
Alternating Current  1%
Heat Transfer
Thermal Expansion & Thermo Electricity
Semiconductors and Electronic Devices  5%
Communication Systems  2%

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