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How to Prepare Maths for JEE Mains 2021?- Check Tips by Toppers

Are you preparing for JEE Mains 2021? If your answer is “Yes”, then you must start preparing for it thoroughly. While doing that you must take very thoughtful decisions as one wrong step can pull you really back in the competitions the competition is very tough, and there is no place for mistakes. If you want success in this examination, you must do something that takes you ahead of the competition. Mathematics is the most scoring subject in JEE Main as in this subject, and students can score 100% marks without any deductions. The exam is totally based on formulas and calculations. As compared to the other two subjects, the syllabus of Mathematics is the same for both the JEE Main exam and Board examination. This article will give you an idea about the important topics, syllabus, exam pattern, and the study material of maths for JEE Mains which can help you ace this subject. Below given are some of the best JEE Main Maths Preparation Tips 2021.

How to Prepare Maths for JEE Mains 2021?

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JEE Main Maths Preparation Tips

The JEE Main Mathematics Syllabus is very vast. These preparation tips will help you ace the mathematics section of the JEE Main Exam 2021 efficiently.

JEE Main Maths Preparation Tips

Start your preparation early

  • Always try to start from the syllabus of XI.
  • Do not wait until the last moment to start preparing.
  • Starting with your preparations early will give you a chance to improve your weakness after covering the whole syllabus.
  • It will give you enough time to cover the whole JEE Main Syllabus.
  • It will save you from unnecessary pressure and stress.

Try to learn by yourself

  • Since you need to prepare for both JEE Main 2021 and your board exam, try to give enough time to both. Don’t compromise on any exam and try to give equal time for both exams.
  • Try to understand the concepts yourself as the topics which you understand by self-study remain with you forever.

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Prepare a study plan for each and every day

  • You don’t just have to prepare for Maths, but there are two more subjects-  Physics & Chemistry; Therefore, you must prepare a timetable and divide your time accordingly.
  • Try to stick to your timetable and do not compromise on any subject.

Select the best Study Material

  • Try to find reliable and quality study material that is comprehensive so that you don’t have to waste your time searching for different topics in different books.
  • Do not collect excessive study material as it can confuse you. Just go for good-quality and reliable sources.

Always start with NCERT

  • Studying through NCERT books is the key to success.
  • Not just experts, but even the JEE toppers claim that the best books for the JEE preparation are NCERT.

Try to solve previous year question papers

  • Solving previous year’s question papers will give you an idea about the difficulty level of the examination and what topics can be asked in the JEE Main Maths Section.

Best book for JEE Main Mathematics Preparation

S.RBook NameAuthorBuy Now
1:Maths for Class XIR.D. SharmaClick Here
2:Maths for Class XIIR.D. SharmaClick Here
3:AlgebraDr S K GoyalClick Here
4:TrigonometryS L LoneyClick Here
5:Differential CalculusAmit M AgarwalClick Here
6:GeometryArihantClick Here
7:TrigonometryAmit M AgarwalClick Here

Topics that JEE Aspirants need to cover

  • Conic Section
  • Probability
  • Definite Integration
  • Vector & 3D Geometry
  • Permutations & Combinations
  • Quadratic Equation
  • Differential Equation
  • Complex Numbers
  • Calculus; Definite Integral in Calculus
  • Sequencesengineers
  • Determinants
  • Coordinate Geometry; Matrices in Algebra: Circle, Parabola, Hyperbola in Coordinate Geometry
  • Application of Derivatives
  • Functions, Limits, Continuity & Differentiability

JEE Main Maths Important Topics

JEE Main Maths Important Topics

3-D Geometry5%
Probability and Statistics7%
Vector Algebra5%
Integration 8% (Definite + Indefinite integration)
Complex Numbers 5%
Trigonometric Ratios3%

JEE Main Maths Topics where aspirants can score 100%

Applications of Derivative4%
Limit and Continuity3%
Matrices and Determinants4%
Straight Lines and Pair of Straight Lines2%

JEE Main Maths Fundamental Topics

Inverse Trigonometric Functions2%
Circles and Family of Circles6%
Sequence and Series5%

JEE Main Maths Additional Topics

Quadratic Equations –
Theory of Equations5%
Sets, Relations, and Functions 4%
Permutation and Combination2%
Binomial Theorem1%
Locus –
Fundamentals of Mathematics –
Solution of Triangle1%

Quick JEE Main Maths Preparation Tips

  • Solve Question Papers.
  • All the formulae should be at your fingertips.
  • Prepare a formulae chart.
  • Revise all the topics.
  • Try to use reference study material.
  • Do not take stress.
  • Take healthy food.
  • Take proper sleep & rest.
  • Don’t lead your preparation to the last.
  • Do not demotivate.
  • Always be positive.

Detailed analysis of Previous year Question Papers

Binomial Theorem143.33%
Complex Numbers143.33%
Straight Line143.33%
Limit, Continuity & Differentiability286.67%
Maxima & Minima143.33%
Sets & Relation143.33%
Application of Derivatives143.33%
Fundamentals of Mathematics143.33%
Definite integration286.67%
Differential equation143.33%
Indefinite integration143.33%
Matrices & Determinants286.67%
Permutation & Combination143.33%
Sequence & Series286.67%
Trigonometric equation143.33%
Trigonometric Ratio & identities143.33%
Coordinate Geometry (3-D)286.67%
Mathematical Reasoning143.33%
Grand total30120100.00%

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