JEE Main Practice Centres 2024 – How To Register

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has been entrusted with conducting fair, transparent, and internationally standardized tests for various purposes, including admissions and recruitment. As part of its objectives, NTA conducts computer-based Tests (CBT) and has established Test Practice Centres (TPCs) to facilitate candidates, especially in remote and rural areas, in getting acquainted with the CBT format.

JEE Main Practice Centres 2024 – How To Register

Overview of NTA’s Test Practice Centres (TPCs)

NTA establishes Test Practice Centres (TPCs) to allow candidates to practice and familiarize themselves with the Computer Based Test (CBT) environment. These centres aim to ensure that candidates are comfortable with the CBT format and can perform to the best of their abilities during the actual examination.

Registration Process for Test Practice Centres (TPCs)

Step 1: Visit the NTA official website for Registration as a candidate for the Test Practice Centre (TPC).

Website URL Click on the link “Student Registration (For Practice Center)” to begin the registration process.

Step 2: Selecting Login Method

Candidates choose between Gmail or Facebook login methods.

Step 3: Entering Gmail Username & Password

For Gmail login, candidates enter their email ID and password.

Step 4: Selecting Gmail Account

After authentication, candidates click on their selected Gmail ID.

Step 5: Enter Personal Information

Upon login confirmation, students are redirected to the registration page.

Step 6: Enter Contact Information

Candidates provide their contact information.

Step 7: Enter Academic Information

Candidates enter their academic details.

Step 8: Enter Exam Information

Candidates input information related to the exam.

Step 9: Center Selection Dashboard

A list of available center locations is displayed, sorted based on the candidate’s current geo-location.

Step 10: Five Center Selection

Candidates select any five centers in order of preference.

Step 11: Schedule Selection

Candidates choose one session from the six sessions provided.

Step 12: Review the Selections

Candidates review their center and schedule selections and click on “Confirm Appointment” after reviewing.

Step 13: Center Selection Confirmation

Candidates receive confirmation that their data has been submitted.

Step 14: Approval SMS

Candidates receive approval as an SMS on their registered mobile number.

Step 15: Confirmation SMS and Email

Candidates receive a confirmation SMS on their registered mobile number and an email two days in advance. This SMS will be used for entry at the Centre.

Step 16: Rescheduling Notification

In case the candidate’s center has not been confirmed, they receive an SMS regarding rescheduling the booking.

By following these steps, candidates can register for a Test Practice Centre (TPC) and avail the opportunity to practice for upcoming NTA examinations in a simulated CBT environment.

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What are JEE Main Practice Centres?

NTA has created these test centers to give a chance to every student across the country to prepare themselves for the online examination being held. The NTA has also released a mobile application to locate the nearest test practice centers. Click Here to download the app.

The schedule of these centers is tabulated below:

Day Timings
On working days (From Monday to Friday) 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
On Saturday, Sunday & Holidays 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Highlight table for NTA JEE MAIN TEST Practice Centers

S. No. FAQ Answers
1 What is National Testing Agency (NTA)? The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) has set up ‘National Testing Agency’ (NTA), a premier testing Agency, to conduct computer-based entrance examinations for higher educational Institutions. Beginning December 2018, NTA shall commence its Tests/Exams. For more information visit:
2 What is the Mission of NTA? To improve equity and quality in education by administering research-based, valid, reliable, efficient, transparent, fair, and international level assessments. NTA ensures that current gaps in existing assessment systems are properly identified and bridged with the help of subject matter experts, psychometricians, and IT professionals.
3 What are the Examinations to be conducted by NTA? Entrance Examinations: JEE (Main), UGC-NET, CMAT & GPAT, NEET – UG.
4 What is the tentative schedule of the Examinations for the coming academic session? Entrance Examinations: UGC – NET (09.12.2018 to 23.12.2018), JEE (Main)-I (06.01.2019 to 20.01.2019), CMAT & GPAT (28.01.2019), JEE (Main)-II (06.04.2019 to 20.04.2019), NEET – UG (05.05.2019).
5 Whether all the Examinations conducted by NTA will be offline or online? All the above Examinations will be computer-based tests except NEET Exam. NEET will be a single Exam in Pen-and-Paper Mode and will be conducted in the same number of languages as was conducted last year.
6 What is a Test Practice Centre (TPC)? The Ministry of Human Resource Development has mandated the NTA to set up, establish, and create a network of Tests Practice Centres for candidates, especially in remote and rural areas to enable them to practice and be comfortable in taking a Computer Based Test (CBT). This facility will be completely free of cost to the candidates. This will facilitate and ease the process of being able to take a Computer Based Test (CBT). The entire experience of using a computer will be as close to the actual experience of taking a CBT. All efforts will also be made to provide practice tests and questions so that candidates can familiarize themselves with logging into the system, go through the detailed instructions regarding the test, use the mouse, scroll down to the next question, navigate between questions, review and edit their options, and submit questions.
7 What is the primary objective of Test Practice Centre (TPC)? The objective of TPCs is primarily to familiarize the candidate for taking the upcoming NTA examinations in Computer Based Test Mode.
8 Is NTA providing Free Coaching to the Students? As of now, NTA is providing only free Mock Test to the students in Test Practice Centre (TPC). The same facility will also be available on the website and “NTA Student” App. Initially, only one Mock Test is available for the Exams JEE (Main) & UGC-NET. The number will be gradually increases.
9 How can an institution/school/college become part of the NTA family for Test Practice Centre (TPC)? The Institution has to register on the website of NTA ( on the link “Training Practice Center : Registration” or follow the below link to become a Test Practice Test (TPC), Fill information online & submit.
10 What is the minimum infrastructure required to become a Test Practice Centre (TPC)? The following are minimum infrastructural facilities required from an institute/school/college: 30 Computers and more with necessary software, Local Area Network (LAN) or some Internet at all PCs, Power Backup for at least 30 Minutes of working, Labs/Rooms for TPC, Necessary furniture, Necessary manpower for ensuring uninterrupted working of all units. A TPC, having fulfilled all required requirements and having successfully made Online Registration, automatically becomes a member of NTA and can be allotted students for practice by the NTA.
11 What are the major responsibilities of Test Practice Centre (TPC)? The TPC shall provide the above information and facilitate students to take the Computer Based Mock Test.
12 Is there any Agreement or MoU to be signed by Test Practice Centre (TPC) with NTA? Yes, there is an agreement/MoU to be signed between the NTA and Institutions who want to become the Test Practice Centre (TPC).
13 Where can the Test Practice Centre (TPC) get MoU and how can it send it to NTA? After successfully Registration for Test Practice Centre (TPC) on NTA website, then TPC has to login in the below link with the Registered Email ID and the Password. User ID: Nodal’s Officer Email ID Password: Nodal’s Officer Mobile No. TPC has to take a printout of the blank MoU after login, sign it using simple paper, scan it with the good scanner as PDF for its clarity, and upload the Scanned 6 pages to PDF on the corresponding space in their TPC login. For best results, PDF should be about 1.5 MB. The link for user manual to execute MoU process for TPC:
14 Can institutions send MoU through mail or post to NTA? The institutions are not required to send the signed MoU through mail or Post. It should be uploaded on the NTA website.
15 What if a Test Practice Centre (TPC) has successfully registered with NTA but forgot the registered Email ID and Password while uploading the MoU on the website? Reset Password feature is available.
16 How can a Candidate register for Test Practice Centre (TPC)? Candidate will register for Test Practice Centre (TPC) through NTA website ( or through Mobile App.
17 Will the Test Practice Centre (TPC) charge any fee from the candidates for Mock Test? The facility of Mock Test for all the candidates will be completely free of cost, and Test Practice Centre (TPC) will not charge any fee from the Candidate.
18 How many attempts are allowed for students to appear in Mock Test in Test Practice Centre (TPC)? There is no limit for the number of attempts. Students can choose the next date of Mock test.
19 How will the Test Practice Centre (TPC) get the Mock Test Material and from Where? The Test Practice Centre (TPC) will get the Mock Test Material in their Login ID on our website.
20 How will the Test Practice Centre (TPC) know about the No. of Registered Candidates in their institution? The Test Practice Centre (TPC) will get the latest status of Registered Candidates (at least a day before the test) in their Dashboard available in the login portal of TPC. TPC has to login with User ID and Password. A mail is also being sent to this effect.
21 What if a Test Practice Centre (TPC) has successfully made a new password and uploaded MoU on the website but forgot the Password while logging in to know about the no. of registered candidates? Reset Password feature is available.
22 How will the Test Practice Centre (TPC) know if it is an operative TPC and When will they get the Final List of Candidates? The final selection process of a TPC shall be done automatically based on the propelled population of students in that area and exercising that particular TPCs choice. An operative TPC for the weekend shall be selected by the process as explained above and that TPC shall be communicated accordingly. The List of candidates shall be communicated 24-48 hours before the scheduled date of Mock Test to the operative TPC.
23 How many days a week does the Test Practice Centre (TPC) conduct Mock Test for Candidates? The TPCs shall be operative on all Saturday afternoon slot from 14:30 to 17:30 Hrs and Sunday two slots are from 11:00 to 14:00 Hrs and 14:30 to 17:30 Hrs.
24 Can a Test Practice Centre (TPC) edit or correct their details? Yes, Test Practice Centre (TPC) can edit certain details in the NTA Database. For any change TPC Nodal Officer can login his/her credentials in the dashboard and make necessary edits.
25 Is the Remuneration fixed as mentioned in MoU, even if the Test Practice Centre (TPC) is having more than 30 Computers? The Remuneration to Test Practice Centre (TPC) is clearly indicated in MoU and is subject for revision by the NTA.
26 How will the Test Practice Centre (TPC) authenticate the Candidates for Mock Test? The candidates will receive the date and slot for practice at TPC through SMS/registered e-mail Id 24-48 hours before the scheduled slot in TPC. The same SMS will be used for entry at the Centre.
27 Will there be any issue if the Test Practice Centre (TPC) is not operational on Saturdays/Sundays? In such emergency, Test Practice Centre (TPC) will have to inform the NTA and send a mail to the Nodal Officer, NTA.
28 How is the Student List issued to a TPC by NTA? The process is student-dependent and automatic. When a student registers for a TPC, a choice of TPCs appear before him/her. If a particular TPC near his/her place of stay is not visible as a choice in the Student Registration. The TPC may raise the issue and send a mail to for correction.
29 Where will a TPC get updates about Mock Test and Student Registration? Keep visiting the TPC menu on the website of NTA ( To know about the Mock test and Student Registration, be online with NTA website through TPC login.
30 Does a TPC need to open the center every Saturday & Sunday? A TPC should operate only on the receipt of student list from NTA, indicating specific date and time and allow candidates with SMS received from NTA, indicating the allotted TPC, date and time.
31 Should a TPC mail the attendance of candidates? The TPC Nodal Officer is required to upload on NTA website, information regarding operations and issues concerning a TPC, on the “Appraisal Form” for each TPC date allotted by the NTA. This is a must for release of payment by NTA to TPC.
32 Students are not able to see a TPC in their choice list while registering. Suppose a TPC receives such information that the candidates do not see their Institute as a choice near their vicinity. In that case, the Nodal Officer should immediately bring it to the notice of NTA, for inclusion.
33 When shall NTA make Mock test available to the student/s applying for NEET-UG? At present Mock Test for students aspiring for NEET-UG Test is not available at TPCs. A notice to this effect shall be put on NTA website, as and when the Mock test for UGC-NEET is going to be available.
34 What is the Email ID or Mobile Number at NTA for timely solutions of queries on TPC? Email ID: &, Mob. 9354946422, 9354957636


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