10 Best Books for Students In 2024

If you are studying in school, college, graduating, post-graduation, or even competitive exams, there are days when you would lack the motivation to study. To combat this, we present a list of the best books for students to help them get back on track again.

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One thing mandatory in the lives of students is discipline. Everything can be achieved by following a consistent routine. Following a specific timetable requires a good amount of motivation. For a lot of students, it is a challenging task. However, you cannot neglect it as it is the key to success. You might come across a lot of people who have a constant habit of reading even when they are busy.

Bill Gates is a book lover and reads 50 books in a year. Whereas our late President APJ Abdul Kalam had 2500 books in his collection. This indicates that books are a medium to gain wisdom that no one else can impart to you.

10 Best Books for Students In 2024

Here are some of the best student books every student should read in 2024 to help them study.

1. 10 Steps To Earning Awesome Grades

10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades (While Studying Less) Paperback – 5 January 2015


Author: Thomas Frank
Publication Year: 2015


If you are a college student, then you must purchase this book. The writer has compiled this compact book to give you the boost you want. He has mentioned his own experiences, the lessons he learned as a student, and some informative resources and diagrams.

Additionally, after purchasing your copy the author sends you an email every Tuesday known as Tuesday tools and tips. This contains information about applications, new books, and resources explored by him.

The key sections of this book are given as follows:

  • Tips to take better notes
  • How to achieve the most in your classes
  • Optimal study environment
  • How to win procrastination
  • Steps to write better papers
  • Tips for reading more effectively

This book is rich in its content and will provide you with many tips and strategies to achieve more in your studies.

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2. Debt-Free U

Debt-Free U How I Paid for an Outstanding College Education Without Loans, Scholarships, orM ooching off My Parents Paperback – 31 August 2010


Author: Zac Bissonnette
Publication Year: 2010
Publisher: Portfolio


You must already be aware that obtaining a college education requires a lot of money. Hence, the parents and students are prepared to be in debt for years and risk their financial future just for a degree. Well, why not? This is how the education system has turned out to be.

But this book is an excellent compilation by the writer who has portrayed how this whole system is a con game stealing money from millions of families. Moreover, there is no guarantee of future security as well. He has portrayed a unique perspective from two angles. One, he is a personal finance expert, and two, he is a senior at the University of Massachusetts. With the help of these two points of view, he explains how a student can complete his education without bankruptcy.

There are excellent statistics, data, and intelligent analyses done by Zac. The book is filled with several instances where you would feel that college finances are highly hazardous.

The entire compilation is highly intriguing, and you must read it!

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3. The Power of Habit

The Power of Habit Why We Do What We Do, and How to Change Paperback – 7 February 2013


Author: Charles Duhigg
Publication Year: 2014
Publisher: Random House Trade Paperbacks


Everyone understands that it is the small habits that bring us nearer to our goals. However, most of us fail to follow the regime continually. The Power of Habit is an exceptional book that has received various accolades.

This novel is an award-winning compilation. With the help of scientific discoveries, this book explains how and why habits are formed and how we can bring significant change. A detailed explanation of human nature and, subsequently, its potential is mentioned in the book. The impressive tips and strategies based on science can help you to transform your business, communities, or even life.

Charles has neatly described how to form good habits and expel bad ones. After reading this book, your perspective changes in a significant way. You would no longer see the world the way you used to. It would be more enjoyable, fascinating, and optimistic.

This book is highly recommended to every student to bring discipline into their lives.

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4. The Motivation Hacker

The Motivation Hacker Kindle Edition


Author: Nick Winter
Publication Year: 2013


The writer of this book is a multitasker. He wrote this novel when he was working with 17 other missions. Missions include building a startup, learning Chinese, building a testing website, skydiving, etc.

The motivation hacker helps you to gain an enormous amount of motivation to accomplish your tasks. It is filled with many new concepts, including rejection therapy and pre-commitment. After reading this, any individual would build the urge to devote themselves to their goals.

This book was written in three months. There are various methods to accomplish your goals in a limited amount of time, with methods for motivation.

Do grab a copy now to explore more!

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5. How to win at college

How to Win at College Surprising Secrets for Success from the Country's Top Students Paperback – 12 April 2005


Author: Cal Newport
Publication Year: 2005
Publisher: Crown


This is one of the essential guides that you must purchase as a student. Filled with many proven strategies to make the best out of your college life, it practically helps you.

Several interviews with students from Harvard and the University of Arizona help achieve the best in life.

Some critical strategies mentioned in the books are stated below:

  • Avoid pulling an all-nighter
  • Participate as a club president
  • Write a paper takes three days
  • Master one skill better than anyone else you know
  • Do not worry about the GPA; instead, focus on your grades

The book beautifully describes how success does not always fall in the hands of a genius workaholic but follows simple methods as described above. The knowledge gained after reading this book would give you an edge over others in your graduation.

Overall, with the help of this book, a student can understand how to achieve out-of-the-box thinking for their success.

Purchase your copy now!

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6. How to become a straight-A student

How to Become a Straight-A Student The Unconventional Strategies Real College Students Use to Score High While Studying Less Paperback – 26 December 2006


Author: Cal Newport
Publication Year: 2006
Publisher: Crown


There is a false perception that only a bookworm succeeds in getting A grades. And being successful includes burning the midnight oil and a lot of cramping. The writer here has discarded these perceptions and given a much better explanation. He has stated that a student receives the highest grades not by studying harder but by studying smarter.

The most vital key points explained in the book are as follows:

  • How to avoid procrastination
  • Steps to maximize and streamline your study time
  • Write efficient and effective answers
  • Tips to learn the chapters quickly and efficiently

The study plan does not only include studying but extracurricular activities too. The book guides how having fun and enjoying your free time is essential to achieve the highest productivity. Several real-world methods will help you to excel in your exams and achieve good grades.

Buy this book here.

7. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Powerful Lessons in Personal Change Paperback – Import, 9 November 2004


Author: Stephen R. Covey
Publication Year: 2004
Publisher: Free Press


The seven habits of highly effective people is a New York Times bestseller and have been named the number one most influential business book of the 20th century. Such accolades themselves prove that the book is a gem.

For a long time span of 25 years, this book has increased the number of readers more and more. It is undoubtedly a highly impactful and motivational book. The writer has brought exceptional changes in the lives of many educators, CEOs, presidents, parents, and many more.

Stephen R. Covey has written this classic book that has finely imparted timeless wisdom. It encourages you to endure your purpose in life and motivates you the same. Several principles and ethics described in the book would impact you most positively. The writing is simple yet remarkably effective. Today’s competitive world demands the best out of you, and this book delivers just the same.

You can not miss out on this incredible masterpiece!

Buy this book here.

8. Confessions of a recruiting director the insiders’ guide to landing your first job

Confessions of a Recruiting Director The Insider's Guide to Landing Your First Job Paperback – 4 April 2006


Author: Brad Karsh
Publication Year: 2006
Publisher: Prentice Hall Press


There is always a lot of ambiguity when a freshly graduated student goes out in the real world to fetch a job. It is a sensitive time period for him. There are ample challenges along the way with a lot of uncertainty. You may have several questions such as how is the recruitment done? Or how is a perfect resume created? Or how will your resume be picked up?

Well, Confessions of a recruiting director is a book that helps you to have an inside view of the recruiter’s world. There are many examples where the recruiting directors tell about what happens while hiring an employee. The key lessons of this book include the following sections:

  • Step 1: Resumes- steps to qualify for the 15-Second Test
  • Step 2: Networking- Tips to use connections to have a job
  • Step 3: Cover Letters- Reason why most letters get rejected
  • Step 4: Ace the Interview- What is the recruiter expecting from you?
  • Step 5: Thank-You Notes- How to make a good and lasting impression?
  • Step 6: Follow Up – Understanding the difference between persistence and stalking

You will get a lot of information about recruitment’s real world by religiously studying this book. Hence, buy your copy now!

Buy this book here.

9. So good they can’t ignore you

So Good They Can't Ignore You Paperback – 1 December 2016


Author: Cal Newport
Publication Year: 2016
Publisher: Piatkus


This is one of the best books for students to help you change your thoughts about happiness, careers, or even your life. The writer has challenged the widespread belief that says ‘follow your passion’ uniquely. He has mentioned that it may lead to anxiety issues and chronic job-hopping.

Interestingly, an investigation has been conducted with some individuals who love what they do. He spent time with freelance programmers, organic farmers, capitalists, writers, etc. After a full-fledged conversation, he came out with some strategies those people used and the things they ignored in building their careers.

If you are frustrated about your career or life in general, this book can be an eye-opener for you.

Buy this book here.

10. Spark the revolutionary new signs of exercise and the brain

Spark The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain Paperback – 1 January 2013


Author: John J. Ratey MD
Publication Year: 2013
Publisher: Little, Brown Spark


John J. Ratey has written this exceptional and groundbreaking novel. He is a well-renowned psychiatrist, and this book is one of the best books for students across the world. There are some mind-boggling revelations in the book that would stun you.

For instance, by simply elevating your heart rate or sweating, you can lift up your mood and beat stress! Moreover, it also helps you to function better and improve your intellect. To achieve better performance, aerobic exercise helps in wondrous ways. A remarkable explanation connection of the mind and body with the help of scientific research compels you to understand the concept in detail.

Many case studies would prove this nexus between your brain and the rest of the body. You would incredibly change the way you think about the simplest things, for example, your morning run or even everyday thinking.

Overall, this is simply a spectacular book. Purchase now!

Buy this book here.


Books are a gateway to a world full of knowledge. You can gain different perspectives on various topics to the existing one. It is the easiest and simplest way to learn and explore the most amusing things. Students in their life need a constant dose of motivation to achieve their goals in life. For that, books are the best source of inspiration.

This article entails the list of best books for students online, along with the purchase links and brief descriptions.

We hope the information provided above helps you make an informed decision.

Keep reading, keep exploring!

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