10 Best Life-Changing Books That Can Change Your Life

In this article, we will entail the 10 best life-changing books that can help you to create a better understanding of life, your well-being, basic perceptions, optimism, etc.

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Life is full of ups and downs. There are various days when you don’t feel like doing anything or being productive. There is a complete lack of motivation and inspiration. It requires a good boost to overcome such a feeling. However, it is necessary to offload the baggage you have in your head by taking a decent break.

While searching for some motivation, we gain new perspectives of life that help us to lead it in a much better way. Sometimes, it is the need of the hour too. As we get so engrossed in our day-to-day routine, we forget to cherish life. We forget to be grateful and thankful for what we have. In addition, there are instances where understanding more about simple things can help to shape our mentality in a more rational way.

Various modes of information including both online and offline channels can help us to gather such information. Many learned authors and intellectuals have devoted their lives to delivering some essential messages. Messages such as simplifying life rather than making it complicated, being rational rather than being caged in rigid beliefs, and much more.

10 Best Life-Changing Books That Can Change Your Life

1. The Alchemist

The Alchemist


Author: Paula Coelho
Last Published: 2005
Publisher: Harper


This is one of the most enchanting novels that you will ever come across. The writing is powerful yet simple in its own unique way. The story revolves around an Andalusian shepherd boy, Santiago. He decides to leave his hometown and travel the world to explore life. Someone told him that a treasure is buried in the pyramids in the Egyptian desert. He goes on a hunt to find it.

The book is extremely interesting as it teaches some major life lessons that one faces along their own journeys.

The Alchemist will teach you that no matter how many obstacles you may encounter, you must gather the courage to fight them. There are many learnings that an individual can gain through this book.

The writing style of the book is very lucid. Moreover, the book is very compelling, hopeful, and positive. The writer is an expert in delivering a message that boosts your morale instantly.

If you wish to read a story full of optimism, then this is the book for you. Purchase your copy now!

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2. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

The Power of your Subconscious Mind


Author: Joseph Murphy
Last Published: 2015
Publisher: Amazing Reads


This book is pathbreaking in every sense. There are several powerful techniques that help you to bid goodbye to the mental blockages that hinder your positive mindset. Dr. Joseph Murphy has written this revolutionary book that has helped millions of people to achieve results by simply changing their thoughts.

The book contains some real-life case studies that show the effectiveness of his techniques. There are various guidelines that help an individual to build self-confidence, strengthen relationships, conquer fears, leave bad habits, and much more.

You will be able to control your negative thoughts by following some simple guidelines and methods. The existence of an individual is somehow controlled by their own thought process. It is important to control them so as to lead a meaningful life.

The power of your subconscious mind is an amalgamation of scientific research and spiritual wisdom. It further makes you understand the abilities of your subconscious mind and how it can be a great influence on your day-to-day life. There are various phobias and fears in the minds of human beings. When you understand the working of your subconscious mind, you will be able to overcome such fears.

To gain a new perspective of life, you must purchase this copy now and witness the miraculous changes in your life.

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3. Mindset

Mindset Changing The Way You think To Fulfil Your Potential


Author: Carol Dweck
Last Published: 2012
Publisher: Constable and Robinson


Carol is a world-renowned Stanford University psychologist. She has carried out groundbreaking research based on the power of our mindset. He further explains how we should move forward to our goals with a fixed mindset. With the help of the correct mindset, you can motivate your children to raise their grades as well.

This book can be your self-help guide to train your mind about learning patience, understanding, and resilience to accomplish your goals.

It is a profound way to learn some insightful details about life. The writer has curated this book with commendable research and knowledge. In order to make his points more compelling, there are various solid psychological examples. Carol has gracefully depicted how the relationships between parents and children or teachers and students can be nourished.

The writer gives concrete knowledge regarding various aspects of life. If you wish to read something interesting yet informative, purchase your copy now!

You can buy this book here.

4. The Power of Now

Power of Now A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment


Author: Eckhart Tolle
Last Published: 2004
Publisher: New World Library


The Power of Now is a life-altering book that everyone must read once in their lifetime. Most of us struggle to live in the present moment and worry more about our past and future. This approach is never beneficial. However, we still get caged in such a thought process. This book is miraculous as it helps to handle such thoughts and motivates you to live in the ‘now’.

It is an extremely powerful and insightful resource book that helps to achieve spiritual balance and understand the importance of being.

Several chapters assist you to control your mind and lead a better life. Many people have experienced a positive change in their life and mindset.

After a lot of research, the writer has curated all his learning and knowledge into this book. Although, the concept of living in the ‘now’ takes time to understand and put into perspective. However, constant efforts and the strategies mentioned in the book can help you in this journey.

To experience this masterpiece, purchase your copy now!

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5. The 10x Rule

The 10X Rule The Only Difference Between Success and Failure


Author: Grant Cardone
Last Published: 2011
Publisher: Wiley


This book will help you to attain massive action results and accomplish your goals. There are various concepts explained by the writer that help to bring your thoughts into action. After reading this, you will understand that if you have big goals, you cannot settle for the ordinary.

The concept of the coveted 4th° of action is mentioned in the book. This 4th° is also termed as the 10 X rule. At this stage, your level of action guarantees you to accomplish your dreams and goals.

Majorly, the 10 X rule implies the principle of massive action, which tells you to take concrete steps in order to reach your goals. It also depicts why people get stuck in this journey and often give up. Some of the major key points mentioned in the book are stated below:

  • Estimation of effort calculation to help you achieve the target
  • Understand the reasons for failure and how other people succeed
  • Time management
  • How to solve problems efficiently

Success is always achieved by doing something extraordinary. Therefore, the 10 X rule helps you to unlock massive success by taking appropriate actions.

To explore more, you must purchase your copy now!

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6. Expert Secrets

Expert Secrets The Underground Playbook to Find Your Message, Build a Tribe, and Change the World


Author: Russell Brunson
Last Published: 2017
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing llc


This book is considered one of the best creations for marketing your business. The detailing of this subject is remarkable. If you are into marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, or online influencing you must get this book. Various steps and tricks are mentioned in this book that will help you to surge your business online.

The major takeaways of the book are mentioned as below:

  • The book pushes you to find your voice and instill confidence to build leadership qualities
  • Configure target audience whose lives can be affected by your business
  • Try to make this calling as your career where you will get paid by the people to deliver advice

The writer has been in this field for more than 10 years. He is scaling several companies online. With all his experience and learnings, he has created this book to help entrepreneurs to grow their business online.

Overall, this is a highly insightful compilation that guides you to explore more and more business-related ideas. The style of writing is stunning and easy to understand.

If you are looking for a helpful guide to boost the growth of your business, then this is the book for you.

You can buy this book here.

7. Sapiens

Sapiens A Brief History of Humankind


Author: Yuval Noah Harari
Last Published: 2015
Publisher: Penguin Random House


It is one of the bestselling list changing books of all time. Sapiens is highly intriguing and provocative. It is also one of the guardian’s hundred Best books of the 21st century. Interestingly, it gives an insight into how briefly mankind has been on Earth.

Earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old and human beings or mankind have conquered all other species in just a fraction of that time. The narrative describing this incident shows us who we are and where we are going.

The bold description and the style of writing of this book intrigue the readers. In one chapter, the elaborate meaning of Atman, the Hindu polytheism is mentioned. It tells how Atman is the soul of the universe and as of each individual.

In addition, the author also follows the reductionist approach where he described humans as only complicated types of machinery. Furthermore, he also entails that Artificial Intelligence will take over mankind in the near future.

Some of the most interesting points in the book are:

  • The law of religion
  • End of homosapiens
  • No justice in history

To unravel more, you must purchase your copy now!

You can buy this book here.

8. Start With Why

Start With Why How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action


Author: Simon Sinek
Last Published: 2011
Publisher: Penguin UK


This book is one of the best life changing books. Moreover, the TED talk regarding this book is the third most-watched video of all time. It raises various important questions such as how some people or organizations are more successful than others or how they are able to achieve more and more.

The writer depicts how what you do in business is not important rather, what matters is, why you do it!

With this thought, there are various examples, tips, and strategies mentioned in the book that you can follow. The stories and life journeys of some great leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates are mentioned and analyzed. Simon has entailed how and what they did differently that made them such great inspiration.

There are plenty of stories that will inspire you. Interestingly, the chapter also makes you understand the two major ways to influence human behavior, that is, inspiration vs manipulation. This beautiful depiction will help you to gain a new perspective.

Overall, it’s an easy-to-understand and highly motivating book that you must purchase!

You can buy this book here.

9. Man’s Search for Meaning

Man's Search For Meaning The classic tribute to hope from the Holocaust


Author: Viktor E Frankl
Last Published: 2008
Publisher: RHUK


The writer of the book was a psychiatrist who had a keen interest to observe the experience of staying in Auschwitz. He understood that the people who comforted believed to help others survive the longest.

The book has two main parts:

  • Experiences in a concentration camp
  • Logotherapy in a nutshell

Logotherapy is a concept that highly intrigues the readers. Whereas experiences in a concentration camp are the overall experience faced by Sir Frankl. Every pain and suffering is poured into this book by the writer intricately. Moreover, the term holocaust is deeply described in the book that delivers the message of how horrifying the incident was, to the readers.

The book tells you how an individual can lead a beautiful and peaceful life ahead. To understand more, purchase this book now!

You can buy this book here.

10. The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F ck A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life


Author: Mark Manson
Last Published: 2017
Publisher: Harper Collins


This book is one of the best-selling life changing books of all time. It is an incredible self-help guide composed by a blogger who has entailed a beautiful insight into taking a different approach to life. He explains how it is not easy to be positive all the time. For ages, everyone says to endure positive thinking in order to live a happy life.

However, Mark says how this is quite impossible! In the entire book, he has not sugar-coated or equivocated anything. He has kept the text and information as simple as possible.

This book is simply an anti-dude to the infected mind adhering to some impractical beliefs. He has done elaborate research that proves how simple changes in lifestyles can bring wonders to your life. In one section, he has beautifully advised how to understand our limitations, fears fall, and accept them. Once an individual stops running away from the painful truths of life, they can embrace courage, honesty, and perseverance.

Overall, it’s a highly refreshing book that will guide you to lead a content life!

You can buy this book here.


Various events and incidents in life bring major changes to our behavior or life in general. Some are good, some are bad. But we must inherit the good ones and let go of the bad ones. It is the way to lead life.

At times, when we lose hope and wish to jump back, a push is needed. There are various mediums to help you with that. Books are one of them.

In this article, we have mentioned the 10 best life changing books available online. We hope that this information helps you in the best way possible.

Keep reading, keep learning!

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