10 Best Paying Jobs in Energy That You Must Know

Energy is an essential aspect of daily life. Everything is powered by energy; vehicles, gadgets, lights, devices, appliances, etc. Hence, the world requires experts in the energy sector to make intelligent energy-related decisions. The energy sector is huge, and there are various departments in it. However, not many are aware of this, but there are several roles, such as accountants, technicians, engineers, etc.

According to the International Labour Organization, renewable energy jobs hit 12.7 million globally.  

In this article, I will familiarise you with the best-paying jobs in energy available in the market today.

10 Best Paying Jobs in Energy That You Must Know!

1. Information Systems Manager

Reducing energy consumption and taking intelligent solutions for the same requires the help of innovative technology. For that, it is essential to keep one post for the information systems manager.

Information systems managers have a responsibility to maintain computer systems and networks. From updating and uploading the software, it is their task to focus on security and managing databases. As evident, tech professionals are highly required in every department. The same applies to the energy sector too.

To get an impressive salary, you need to gain a lot of experience first.


  • Diploma, Degree (IT most preferred) or Bachelor’s degree (computer science, electrical, and related field)
  • The minimum experience is 5+ years to reach this position.

Salary In India

National average salary: INR 20,00,000

Salary In US

Average salary: $87620

2. Architectural Manager

This is another one of the best-paying jobs in the energy sector. Energy-efficient buildings are an essential part of the energy sector. Therefore, architectural managers are responsible for handling architectural engineers, training staff, making plans, and researching.

The entire strategy remains on finding methods to reduce energy consumption and present energy-saving solutions.


  • Diploma, Degree, or Bachelor’s degree (Architecture, Computer Science, Electrical, and related fields).
  • The minimum experience must be of at least five years for this post.

Salary in India

National Average Salary: INR 23,00,000

Salary in US

Average Salary: $90422

3. Petroleum Engineer

There is a huge demand for oil and gas production and supply worldwide. Therefore, it’s a good career path to choose. Many are doubtful about choosing this post, but it is considered one of the best-paying jobs in energy.

Petroleum engineers get the opportunity to work with core industrial applications and top vehicles.

The core responsibilities are designing oil extraction equipment, working on production methods, creating strategies to drill new oil fields, and creating energy-saving solutions.

Additionally, they must coordinate with other team members, such as geologists, managers, and engineers, to create a smooth workflow.


  • Diploma, Degree, or Bachelor’s degree (Computer Science, Electrical, and related fields).

Salary In India

Petroleum Engineer salary in India ranges between ₹ 0.2 Lakhs to ₹ 31.8 Lakhs

Salary In US

Average salary: $126450

4. Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineers play a vital role in energy advancement. Their knowledge and skills help them use the concepts of physics, chemistry, biology, etc., to solve energy-related problems in the field.

However, this is a complicated job, and the employee must excel at problem-solving and decision-making.


  • Diploma, Degree, or Bachelor’s degree (Computer Science, Electrical, and related fields).
  • Minimum experience of 5 years.

Salary in India

Chemical Engineer salary in India ranges between ₹ 1.5 Lakhs to ₹ 8.3 Lakhs 

Salary in US

Average salary: $93768

5. Solar Power Plant Operator

There are millions of solar power plants worldwide, and the demand will escalate immensely.

These operators work at solar power plants and regulate every function.

It is their responsibility to monitor and fix any errors and ensure the smooth functioning of the plant. Furthermore, an individual should possess excellent technical knowledge, communication, teamwork, and analytical skills.


  • High school diploma (any field).
  • Bachelor’s degree (a requirement by some companies).
  • Prior experience in this field.

Salary in India

Average salary with an experience of 2-5 years: INR 3,08,750

Salary in US

Average salary: $49134

6. Wind Farm Site Manager

Wind farms are increasing in number with each passing day. Wind farm managers operate and manage all the tasks of a wind farm. They ensure that all the tools are available to conclude day-to-day work.

A wind farm manager must have excellent management experience, the ability to work under pressure, team management capabilities, and prior technical knowledge of wind farms or related fields.


  • No specific degrees.
  • Any degree in the field of engineering and construction are beneficial.

Salary in India

National average salary: INR 5,60,000

Salary in US

Average salary: $71,579 – $92,881

7. Solar Engineer

Solar engineers are primarily responsible for building solar power plants. Not just power plants, they build various renewable energy plans to save energy. It is an intricate task where an individual must possess excellent technical and engineering skills.

The primary responsibilities of a solar engineer are to perform site surveys, be present at the site of construction, supervise labor, and perform regular inspections to check the update of construction.

Additionally, if you hold excellent communication and analytical skills, you will excel in this field.


  • Bachelor in engineering (electrical or mechanical).

Salary in India

Solar Engineer salary in India ranges between ₹ 0.3 Lakhs to ₹ 5.6 Lakhs

Salary in US

Average salary: $87,891

8. Renewable Energy Consultant

At present renewable energy sources are the need of the hour. They help to create electricity. Additionally, the world is focusing on creating electric-based appliances and vehicles to save energy. Therefore, the demand in this industry is rising; hence the post of renewable energy consultant will be in high demand.

For this post, an individual must have strong communication skills and problem-solving capabilities to make better decisions at work.


  • Diploma or degree (any field).

Salary in India

Renewable Energy Consultant salary in India ranges between ₹ 4.2 Lakhs to ₹ 18.0 Lakhs

Salary in US

Average salary: $58958

9. Solar Project Developer

You must have seen solar power panels in various residences, offices, and industries. The primary task of managing the installation of such systems on various buildings is given to solar project developers.

This is a budding field with exciting opportunities in the future.

In addition, an individual must possess a basic knowledge of solar-related technologies and business administration.


  • Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering or related fields.
  • Master’s degree in electrical engineering or related fields (a requirement at some companies).

Salary in India

Solar Project Engineer salary in India ranges between ₹ 1.8 Lakhs to ₹ 5.4 Lakhs

Salary in US

Average salary: $81427

10. Solar Project Manager

Solar project management is one of the highest-paying jobs in the energy sector. They are primarily responsible for building large-scale projects. Mostly, they work with government agencies where it is mandatory to comply with regulations.

Further, the managers are expected to have excellent communication skills with incredible technical knowledge. It is also essential for them to be decision-makers and have teamwork abilities.


  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering or business.
  • Minimum experience of 5+ years in solar management and installation.

Salary in India

Solar Project Manager salary in India ranges between ₹ 4.2 Lakhs to ₹ 15.3 Lakhs 

Salary in US

Average salary: $93,903


There are abundant carriers at different levels in the energy sector. However, it is mandatory to have a diploma or bachelor’s degree in engineering for most opportunities. As mentioned above, the energy sector provides impressive salary packages for different positions.

Moreover, job offers related to solar plants are predicted to rise in the upcoming future. Hence, if you are interested in joining the sector, this is a good time!

I hope the above information helps you find a solution to your queries.

Keep learning, and keep exploring!

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Ques.1 What is the highest paying job in renewable energy?

Ans. Wind farm managers have one of the highest-paying jobs in the renewable energy sector. 

Ques.2 Does the renewable sector pay well?

Ans. There are many high-paying jobs in the energy sector, as mentioned above. Some of them are solar project managers, solar project developers, wind farm managers, etc. 

Ques.3. Is energy a good career path?

Ans. Yes. Few people know that the energy sector pays impressive salaries in different departments. 

Ques.4 What increases the energy demands?

Ans. Rising industrialisation and commercial activities are increasing the demand for energy jobs daily. 

Ques.5 Which energy is best for the future?

Ans. There are various energy sectors, such as nuclear, solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, hydroelectric, and more that have a bright future in the energy field.  

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