Difference between Boarding and Lodging [Boarding vs Lodging]

The major difference between boarding and lodging is in the services they offer. Boarding means offering both food and stay services to the customers. On the other hand, the lodging offers accommodation services only.

Here in this post, we have mentioned the difference between boarding and lodging in detail. So let us get started.

Difference Between Boarding and Lodging

What Is Boarding?

Boarding offers accommodation and food services to the customers in exchange for money. Usually, boarding is recommended for students looking for food and stay services while away from home for work or studies.

Boarding offers stay services for a long time. It also refers to a place where students can live in school during their term.

On the other hand, “boarding a plane” also refers to accommodation and food services offered on a plane. So overall, boarding is a permanent lodging. The boarding charges include lodging and food services.

Some of the best examples of boarding are- boarding schools or hostels.

What Is Lodging?

Lodging is a service that offers accommodation and other basic facilities like housekeeping and more for a shorter time period. Moreover, it does not offer food services. Lodging offers stay services to everyone staying away from home for a shorter period of time.

We require lodging while we are traveling to sleep and rest. Many hotels on the highways have signboards that say “lodging facilities available” meaning, that they offer accommodation services.

The lodges are located in tourist places for tourists looking for a place to stay while on holiday.

One of the best examples of lodging is hotels.’

Boarding Vs Lodging

Now that you know the meaning of boarding and lodging, here is a detailed comparison between the two.

Basis Boarding Lodging
Definition Boarding refers to a place that offers accommodation and food services to the customers. Lodging is a service that offers accommodation and other basic facilities like housekeeping and more.
Time period of stay A longer period of time A shorter period of time
Temporary/ Permanent Permanent Temporary
Services offered Accommodation and food Accommodation services
Examples Boarding schools or hostels. Hotels


In a nutshell, the core difference between boarding and lodging is that boarding means accommodating people for a longer duration of time. Whereas, lodging is providing accommodation for a temporary period.

The best example for boarding is hostels and for lodging is hotels. Both serve different purposes and fulfills varying requirements of the customers.

We hope that this article helped you to gain clarity regarding the difference.

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