Best MAT Books for Management Aspirants in 2024

The Management Aptitude Test (MAT) is a widely recognized entrance examination for admission to various postgraduate management programs in India. Conducted by the All India Management Association (AIMA), MAT assesses candidates’ aptitude in key areas necessary for management success.

What Is the MAT Exam?

Management Aptitude Test is a national-level management entrance exam conducted by the AIMA. The main aim of this exam is to provide admissions to the best management courses in 600+ business schools in India.

This exam occurs four times yearly: February, May, September, and December. MAT is conducted in three modes: IBT, PBT, and CBT. Candidates can appear for two or more sessions and choose up to two modes (IBT, PBT, or CBT).

Importance of Quality Study Material

The significance of quality study material in the preparation for any competitive exam cannot be overstated. MAT is no exception. Aspirants need comprehensive and reliable resources to navigate the extensive syllabus and complex question formats presented in the MAT exam.

MAT Exam Structure

Breakdown of Sections: There are five sections in the MAT exam. 

  • Language Comprehension: This section assesses candidates’ proficiency in the English language, testing their comprehension skills, grammar, and vocabulary.
  • Mathematical Skills: Focused on quantitative aptitude, this section evaluates candidates’ mathematical abilities, including arithmetic, geometry, algebra, and data interpretation.
  • Data Analysis and Sufficiency: This section gauges candidates’ ability to interpret and analyze data, making decisions based on given information.
  • Intelligence and Critical Reasoning: Designed to evaluate logical reasoning and critical thinking skills, this section assesses candidates’ ability to analyze and solve complex problems.
  • Indian and Global Environment: This section focuses on general knowledge and current affairs, testing candidates’ awareness of the world around them.

Understanding the Assessment Criteria

MAT evaluates the depth of candidates’ knowledge and ability to apply it in diverse scenarios. Each section carries equal weight in the overall assessment, emphasizing the need for a balanced preparation strategy.

How to Choose the Best MAT Books

  • Comprehensive Coverage of Exam Syllabus: The best MAT preparation books should cover the entire syllabus comprehensively. Comprehensive coverage ensures that aspirants are well-equipped to tackle any question in the exam.
  • Clear and Concise Presentation of Concepts: Clarity in presentation is vital. Books that simplify complex concepts and present them clearly and concisely aid in better understanding and retention of information.
  • Inclusion of Practice Questions and Mock Tests: Practice is key to success in competitive exams. Books that include many practice questions and full-length mock tests enable aspirants to hone their skills, identify weak areas, and improve their time-management abilities.
  • Past Performance and Reviews: A track record of success and positive reviews from previous test-takers can indicate a book’s efficacy. Aspirants should consider the experiences of others to make informed decisions about their study material.
  • Alignment with Aspirant’s Learning Style: Different aspirants have different learning styles. MAT books that align with an aspirant’s preferred learning style enhance comprehension and retention, ultimately contributing to effective preparation.

6 Best MAT Books for 2024

MAT books recommended by experts are the main tool for exam preparation. If you plan to appear for MAT 2024, you should get hold of the best books recommended by experts. MAT is an easy to medium-difficulty level MBA entrance exam. MAT books provide topics-wise explanations of concepts, the process of application of concepts, examples for understanding, and sample questions for practice. 

1.  Mission MAT Crack MAT with the Right Approach

Tarun Goyal’s book is renowned for its comprehensive coverage and strategic approach to MAT preparation. It provides insights into effective time management and offers practice questions aligned with the exam pattern.

Author Name: Tarun Goyal, BS Sijwalii
Publisher: Arihant

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2. Complete Guide for MAT and Other MBA Entrance Exams

The thoroughly updated 4th Edition of the “Complete Guide for MAT and other MBA entrance exams” is specially designed for the MBA entrance exam. The USP of the book lies in its coverage of the syllabus, exhaustive theory, techniques to master problem-solving, and Fully Solved exercises.

Author Name: Deepak Agarwal, Mahima Agarwal
Publisher: Disha Experts

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3. 10 Challengers MAT

it offers practical exam simulation and effective time management. Despite being an old edition, its enduring relevance makes it a valuable resource for honing skills. Written in English, the 193-page book is a compact, portable guide for comprehensive MAT preparation.

Author Name: Dharmendra Mittal
Publisher: Arihant Publications

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4. MAT (Management Aptitude Test) Entrance Exam Guide

The book has been specially published for the ‘The Management Aptitude Test (MAT) aspirants.’ The book comprises the latest study and practice material, Solved Previous Years’ Papers. It will prove extremely useful for aspirants to be well-conversant with the exam pattern, the type of questions asked, and their answers.  

Author Name: R. Gupta
Publisher: Ramesh Publishing House

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5. A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning

The updated version of A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning maintains its previous strengths and structure. It organizes questions and examples effectively, covering all question types. Additionally, it includes more questions from competitive exams such as SSC-CGL Tier I, CSAT, SBI (PO), RBI Grade B, etc.  

Author Name: R.S. Aggarwal
Publisher: S. Chand

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6. Verbal Ability & Comprehension for CAT

The New Updated 4th Edition of Disha’s Verbal Ability & Comprehension for CAT, XAT & other MBA Entrance Exams is enriched by adding the past CAT questions in respective chapters. The papers covered are CAT 2009 to 2020, XAT & IIFT 2015-20. Further, the 5 Mock tests are revised per the latest pattern. The book demonstrates that it is very student-friendly because it progresses from a basic level to an expert level. 

Author Name: Aditya Choudhary, Bharat Patodi
Publisher: Disha Publication

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Additional Tips for MAT Preparation

  1. Start with Creating a Study Schedule.
  2. You Should take Mock Tests on a regular period
  3. Then, you should review and Analyze your Performance based on the results
  4. Keep yourself updated with current affairs
  5. You can join a MAT Coaching institute for better results.

Best Language Comprehension Books For MAT Preparation

Chapter-Wise Weightage

Chapter Easy Moderate Difficult Low Weightage High Weightage
Para jumbles
One-word substitution
Fill in the blanks
Error Correction of Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verb, and other parts of speech in sentences.
Correcting the sequence of the sentences in paragraphs
Antonyms and Synonyms


Book Name Author/Publisher Price Buy Now
How to Prepare for Verbal Ability, and Reading Comprehension Arun Sharma & Meenakshi Upadhyay ₹399 Buy Now
Word Power Made Easy Norman Lewis ₹133 Buy Now
Reading Comprehension Ordering of Words Ordering of Sentences Dilip Kushwaha ₹340 Buy Now
Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for the CAT Nishit K Sinha ₹400 Buy Now
Proficiency in Reading Comprehension Simplifying the “Passage” for You Ajay Singh ₹128 Buy Now
High School English Grammar & Composition Wren & Martin ₹358 Buy Now
English Reading Comprehension RPH Editorial Board ₹161 Buy Now
30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary Wilfred Funk and Norman Lewis ₹173 Buy Now
English Comprehension for MAT Disha Experts Buy Now
Verbal Ability & Comprehension for CAT/XAT/GMAT/IIFT/CMAT/MAT/Bank PO/SSC Bharat Patodi and Aditya Choudhary ₹520 Buy Now


Best Mathematical Skills Books For MAT

Chapter-Wise Weightage

Chapter Easy Moderate Difficult Low Weightage High Weightage
Commercial Maths
Speed, Time, and Work
Set Theory
Simple Interest and Compound Interest
Sequence and Series
Complex Numbers
Linear Programming
Coordinate Geometry
Elementary Mathematics
Number System
Mixtures and Allegations
Height and Distance
Linear Equation
Profit and Loss
Venn Diagrams
Arithmetic Geometry
Unitary Method
Quadratic Equations
Permutation and Combinations
Binomial Theorem
Surds and Indices


Book Name Author/Publisher Price Buy Now
Speed Mathematics: Do it quick, Do it right Rajesh Kumar Thakur C ₹236 Buy Now
How to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT Arun Sharma ₹810 Buy Now
Magical Book On Quicker Maths M Tyra ₹320 Buy Now
Quantitative Aptitude R.S. Aggarwal ₹465 Buy Now
Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations Abhijit Guha ₹499 Buy Now
Quantum CAT Sarvesh K Verma ₹620 Buy Now
Mathematics for MBA RS Aggarwal ₹406 Buy Now
The Pearson Guide To Quantitative Aptitude And Data Interpretation Nishit Sinha ₹430 Buy Now


Best Data Analysis and Sufficiency Books For MAT Preparation

Chapter-Wise Weightage

Chapter Easy Moderate Difficult Low Weightage High Weightage
Data Tables
Pie Charts
Data Comparison
Data Comparison
Caselet Based Data
Data Charts
Data Sufficiency
Venn Diagram
Bar Diagrams and Charts


Book Name Author/Publisher Price Buy Now
Data Interpretation for The CAT Arun Sharma ₹545 Buy Now
Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency for CAT/XAT/IIFT/CMAT/MAT/Bank PO/SSC. Disha Experts ₹149 Buy Now
Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for CAT & other MBA exams. Nishit K Sinha ₹547 Buy Now
Data Analysis & Interpretation Data Sufficiency. Think Tank of Kiran Prakashan ₹210 Buy Now
Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency. Arihant Experts ₹170 Buy Now
Data Analysis & Sufficiency. Arun Sharma ₹445 Buy Now
Data interpretation and Logical Reasoning for CAT. Pearson ₹547 Buy Now
Kiran’s Text Book of Data Interpretation & Analysis and Data Sufficiency. Kiran Prakashan ₹325 Buy Now


Best Intelligence & Critical Reasoning Books For MAT

Chapter-Wise Weightage

Chapter Easy Moderate Difficult Low Weightage High Weightage
Blood Relations / Family Tree
Linear and Matrix Arrangement
Logical Reasoning based on Rankings
Direction sense
Quantitative Reasoning
Passage Conclusion
Logical Sequence
Team Formation
Set theory, Venn Diagrams, and Network Diagrams
Critical Reasoning
Decision Making
Seating Arrangement


Book Name Author/Publisher Price Buy Now
How to Prepare For Logical Reasoning For CAT Arun Sharma ₹280 BUY NOW
Verbal Ability And Logical Reasoning For The CAT Nishit K. Sinha ₹1299 BUY NOW
Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning Gajendra Kumar ₹600 BUY NOW
Critical Reasoning Guide CrackVerbal BUY NOW
Analytical & Logical Reasoning for CAT & Other Management Entrance Tests Peeyush Bhardwaj ₹249 BUY NOW
A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning R. S. Aggarwal ₹550 BUY NOW
General Intelligence and Critical Reasoning for MAT Disha Experts BUY NOW

Best Indian and Global Environment Books For MAT Exam

Now that you know the exam syllabus, find the right and best MAT books for Indian and Global Environment preparation

Book Name Author/Publisher Price Buy Now
Manorama Year Book Mammen Mathew ₹280 Buy Now
Mega Yearbook Disha Experts ₹160 Buy Now
General Knowledge Arihant Publications ₹127 Buy Now
Lucent’s GK Lucents ₹131 Buy Now


Success in the MAT exam requires a multifaceted approach – from understanding the exam structure to selecting the right study material and adopting effective study strategies. The recommended MAT books for 2024 and additional preparation tips provide a comprehensive roadmap for aspirants. Remember, strategic and disciplined preparation is the key to cracking the MAT and securing admission to the management program of your choice. As you embark on this journey, stay focused stay motivated, and success will undoubtedly follow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How many attempts can I give MAT?

Ans. MAT exam is conducted four times a year. It is held in February, May, September, and December. You can appear in any of them.

Q.2 What is considered a good score in MAT?

Ans. Above 400 is considered a good score for admissions to colleges/universities.

Q.3 What is the validity of the MAT score?

Ans. MAT exam scores are valid for one year from the date of MAT results.

Q.4 What is the cut-off for the MAT exam?

Ans. MAT 2023 cut-off ranges between 95-65 percentile.

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