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JobHat Job Portal: Overview, Pricing & More

JobHat is one of the best aggregator website portals that help employers post jobs on their sites. They further index the posted jobs on the international boards and advertise them to many other companies and brands.

JobHat Job Portal

What is JobHat?

It is one of the portals which helps employers post job openings to reach larger audiences with advertising and indexing. This portal spreads on various platforms and further bridges the gap between job seekers and employers.

JobHat Key Information

Legal Name
Address 40 Warren St # 3 3rd Floor, Charlestown, MA 02129
Number of Employees 10
Email [email protected]


They have no fixed pricing but you can put in a request letter and an official will contact you to share the pricing.

How to Post a Job?

It is pretty simple to post a job:

  • Look for the official website.
  • Fill out the form for the job posting.
  • An official will be assigned for you.
  • Rest will be discussed with the representative.

JobHat vs Other Job Portal

JobHat vs Indeed

Both are the best aggregators in job postings and the recruitment processes. Indeed have good pricing information and plans available for the users whereas JobHat has no such information about the pricing.

JobHat vs CareerBuilder

Careerbuilder is one of the most reliable portals with excellent quality features and services providing minimal charges whereas JobHat has no pricing information and provides services in the US only.

JobHat vs Nexxt

Nexxt is the best place for job seekers because of the reach it gives to the users. It also provides excellent quality services. Whereas, JobHat is a good aggregator of advertising the job posting with quality services.


  • Scouted
  • Find jobs near you
  • Ladders
  • Indeed


In short, the JobHat portal is the best place for employers as they can post the job openings and recruitment process. It is advertised on many other platforms and bridges the gap between job seekers and employers.

We hope that this article helps you to gain clarity on the topic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the procedure for getting the pricing?

Answer: You can visit the official website and put in a request letter, an agent will be assigned and further will be discussed.

Question: How easy JobHat is to use?

Answer: It is very easy to use because of the excellent quality user interface provided by the company where users can avail all the features and services.

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