Best NDA Books: Check Subject-wise Books for NDA Preparation

Joining the armed forces to serve your country is a matter of pride and is a dream of many youngsters. NDA or National Defence Academy is one of the premier exams to fulfill this dream. The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts the national level exam twice yearly.

The candidates should have passed from a recognized board with Physics and Mathematics to be eligible for this exam. They should be in the age group of 16-19. The candidates are also required to be unmarried at the time of the examination. Other than this, there are various physical requirements that a candidate must fulfill.

The NDA exam is a two-level exam that includes a written test and a Services Selection Board (SSB) interview. The written test is the first stage of the exam and decides your further progress. This is why it is vital to score good marks in the written exam.

The pen and paper exam (written exam) consists of two papers; Mathematics (120 questions, 300 marks) and General Ability Test (150 questions, 600 marks). Each paper is 2.5 hours.

Here we have compiled the top ten books for NDA, including the top books for each subject.

Best NDA Books


As Mathematics is a separate paper in itself, it requires thorough practice and clear concepts. The following two books on the subject will help you achieve that.

1. Mathematics For National Defence Academy (NDA) & Naval Academy By R.S. Aggarwal (Revised Edition)

Mathematics For National Defence Academy (Nda) & Naval Academy By R.S. Aggarwal (Revised Edition)

Author: RS Agarwal
Latest Edition: 2017
Publisher: S Chand Publishing

This is one of the best books for the exam’s mathematics part. It is primarily for the NDA/NA exams. This book covers the entire syllabus in a chapter-wise manner. The chapters first provide the relevant theory, then the solved questions, followed by unsolved exercises to practice.

The solved questions are good for practice and further solidifying the learned concepts. It is a beginner to intermediate level book and is suitable even if you want to start your preparations.

Here’s why investing in this book is well worth your money and time:

  • Especially for NDA/NA exams
  • Covers the entire syllabus
  • Elaborate theory explains the concepts in detail
  • Vast number of solved and unsolved questions

You can buy this book here.

2. NDA/ NA 14 years Mathematics Topic-wise Solved Papers (2006 – 2019)

NDA NA 14 years Mathematics Topic-wise Solved Papers (2006 - 2019)

Author: Disha Experts
Latest Edition: 2019
Publisher: Disha Publication

If your basics for Mathematics are straightforward, you still need to practice a wide number of questions for accuracy and speed. This will help you beat the competition and give you a reality check about your preparations. Many online and offline test series are available for this purpose, but the best method is to solve previous year’s questions.

Offline and online test series are good, but their questions are either higher or lower than the ones from the actual examinations. The syllabus of NDA hasn’t changed much in recent years, so you need not worry about the questions being irrelevant.

Some other salient features of the book that make it so popular amongst aspirants are:

  • Chapter-wise division of questions
  • Contains previous years’ questions from 2006 to 2019
  • Shows the detailed breakup of questions from 2006 to 2019
  • Over 3000 MCQs for practice

General Ability Test

This is the second paper in the written test and comprises the following sections:

  • English
  • General Knowledge
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • General Science
  • History and Freedom Movement
  • Geography
  • Current affairs

You can buy this book here.


3. Arihant Objective General English by sp Bakshi

Arihant objective general english by sp bakshi

Author: SP Bakshi
Latest Edition: 2020
Publisher: Arihant

Arihant Objective General English by SP Bakshi is one of the best books to prepare for the English section of most competitive exams, including NDA. This book has four modules; foundation module, verbal ability, sentence formation, and practice grammar. All the sections combine to cover the syllabus for most competitive exams, including NDA, MTS, CGL, etc.

In addition to the grammar section, the book also has synonyms, antonyms, one-word substitutions, and idioms. These are often asked in NDA exams, and the unit is beneficial for aspirants. The book has many solved and unsolved questions, many of which are from various competitive exams.

Some reasons why this book is a top choice of many aspirants are:

  • Covers the entire syllabus of several competitive exams
  • Large number of solved and unsolved questions
  • Previous years’ questions
  • Advance grammar

You can buy this book here.

4. Word Power Made Easy

Word Power Made Easy The Complete Handbook for Building a Superior Vocabulary

Author: Norman Lewis
Latest Edition: 2014
Publisher: Penguin India

Word power made easy is not just for this exam or any exam; if you want to increase your word power quickly, this is the book for you. Studying this book is way better than just rote learning hundreds of words and still not be able to answer the synonyms and antonyms part in the exam.

In addition, this book makes increasing your word power fun and straightforward by teaching you the root words and the common suffixes and prefixes associated with them.

This way, instead of learning each new word individually, you learn a collection of words at a time and have a higher chance of retaining your newly acquired vocabulary. This is a workbook. You build your vocabulary as you work with it. It also teaches about the common grammar mistakes and provides the phonetics of every new word.

The following features make this book a must-have for every student:

  • Increases your vocabulary
  • Several solved and unsolved exercises
  • Writer uses etymology to build the vocabulary of readers.

You can buy this book here.

5. Lucent’s General Knowledge

General Knowledge

Author: Dr. Binay Karna, R. P. Suman, Manvendra Mukul, Renu Sinha, Sanjeev Kumar
Latest Edition: 2018
Publisher: Lucent

General Knowledge by Lucent is an excellent book. It covers general science, history, freedom movement, and geography. The best thing about this book is that it eliminates the need to read several books. If you study this book thoroughly, you won’t need to read anything extra for all the above subjects.

It has all facts and information you’ll be needing for various competitive exams on subjects like History, Geography, Indian Polity, Indian Economy, General Science, and General Knowledge. Remember, the economics and political science sections are not in your syllabus. The different sections are discussed in an orderly manner, and relevant MCQs follow each one at the end.

Here are some features of the book that make it so popular:

  • Covers the entire syllabus
  • Suitable for various competitive exams like NDA, CDS, SSC, etc
  • Large number of MCQ’s
  • Has an excellent miscellaneous section

You can buy this book here.




Author: Various
Latest Edition: 2021
Publisher: NCERT

The physics section of the exam consists of most of the Physics syllabus for classes 11 and 12. This is why consulting NCERT textbooks of classes 11 and 12 is an excellent way to prepare for this subject. While many other books go into detail, the NCERT textbooks are the best for you. They have essential elaborate explanations you need without the additional information.

As NCERT textbooks get new editions every year, make sure you get the latest one. They contain the newly added sections and subsections.

Here are some reasons why these are the best book for your preparations:

  • Covers the syllabus
  • Elaborate explanations of concepts
  • Quality solved and unsolved questions

You can buy this book here.

General Knowledge

7. General Knowledge 2022

General Knowledge 2022

Author: Manohar Pandey
Latest Edition: 2022
Publisher: Arihant Publications

While the book has other sections, aspirants must use this book for the Chemistry part. The chemistry section covers the entire syllabus of the exam. It saves you time and money by eliminating the need to read both class 9 and 10 Science books.

The book is also helpful if you want quick revision days or weeks before your exam since scouring through half a dozen books is not practical. But, if you have already read Lucent’s general knowledge, you can avoid the other sections of the book. Here are the features of the book that make it a must-buy:

  • Has the major five sections of History, Geography, Indian Polity, Indian Economy, General Science, and General Knowledge
  • Includes major events of the current year
  • Provides complete and accurate facts
  • Useful for many exams like railway, SSC, NDA, CDS, etc

You can buy this book here.

Current Affairs

8. Panorama Year Book

Panorama Year Book Volume -1 2021 English

Author: Pratiyogita Darpan Editorial Team
Latest Edition: 2022
Publisher: Pratiyogita Darpan

Current affair is an essential aspect of the NDA exam. You need to be abreast with the latest events of national and international importance events. Candidates can do this by reading newspapers but for this to be effective for the exam; you need to read at least two to three newspapers daily to be effective for the exam. As this is highly time-consuming, it is not practical for aspirants.

Panorama yearbook fills this gap. It covers all the major national and international events. This includes events from the field of economics, science, trade, commerce, and sports. It also has a separate section for the award winners from different fields. It is safe to assume that this book, along with the daily reading of a highly acclaimed newspaper like The Hindu, would cover your current affairs section.

Some reasons why this book is better than most others in the market are:

  • Covers the field of politics, economics, science, and sports
  • Latest facts and data
  • Useful for several competitive exams like UPSC, CDS, NDA, etc

You can buy this book here.

Additional Books

The books we have discussed so far are the best subject-wise. But you need additional books that cover the entire syllabus and help you practice. The following two books are most suitable for that purpose.

9. 10 Practice Sets NDA/NA Defence Academy & Naval Academy

10 Practice Sets NDANA Defence Academy & Naval Academy

Author: Arihant Experts
Latest Edition: 2020
Publisher: Arihant Publications

Covering the syllabus is good, but you need to practice complete sets to get a real idea of the exam and your preparations. This book has ten complete practice sets for the exam. The level of the questions is good and comparable to the actual level of questions in the NDA exam. As this is for practice, make sure to cover your entire syllabus first.

Many websites and apps provide online test series, but since the exam is offline, it is better to practice it that way. When you solve your practice sets, try mimicking your actual exam. Choose the same time spot, avoid interruptions, and resist the temptation to check answers as you solve. This will benefit you as you will get accustomed to the actual exam.

Some features that make this book a must-buy are:

  • Ten practice sets
  • Helps candidates find the weaker sections
  • Detailed solutions are provided for each set
  • Gives a reality check about your preparation level

You can buy this book here.

10. Pathfinder NDA/NA National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Entrance Examination

Pathfinder NDANA National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Entrance Examination

Author: Arihant Experts
Latest Edition: 2020
Publisher: Arihant

This book is primarily for NDA/NA exams and covers the whole syllabus for the exam chapter-wise. The book has four sections; Mathematics, General Science, General Studies, and General English. All the sections have further chapters, including the relevant theory, practice questions, and previous year questions.

Although the book covers the entire syllabus, it is advisable not to start your preparations with this book. It is better to start with other books on the list and use this book for quick revision and practice work.

Some of the salient features of the book that make it a must-have are:

  • 8000 MCQs for practice
  • Has five previous years’ solved papers
  • Chapter-wise division of syllabus
  • Covers the entire syllabus of the exam

You can buy this book here.


Lakhs of students apply for a few thousand seats in the NDA. This means the competition is tough, and you need to prepare well for the exam. Also, as the age limit of the exam is not very high, you will most probably get two to three chances to appear in this exam.

Picking the right books is a step in the right direction. Study these books thoroughly and remember, the written exam is only one phase of the exam. Prepare well for the SSB interview and maintain all-around health for the physical requirements.

Good luck!


Q.1 How many attempts can I give in NDA?

Ans. There is no limit on the number of attempts. However, your age must be between 16.5 and 19.5 years.

Q.2 Is it possible to crack NDA by preparing for 3 months?

Ans. No. The level of the exam is tough hence, you need at least 6 months of dedicated study time.

Q.3 Is NDA training free?

Ans. Candidates have to pay a sum of 50,000/- for the initial year of training and Rs.1 lakh during the last year.

Q.4 What is the importance of physical fitness in NDA?

Ans. Candidates must be physically and mentally fit. If not, the candidature is canceled.

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