ZipRecruiter vs Indeed: A Complete Comparison

Here in this post, we have explained Indeed Vs. ZipRecruiter in detail. So let us get started!

ZipRecruiter vs Indeed

Indeed and ZipRecruiter are the largest job openings and recruitment websites for users. Employers from various industries can list their jobs and job seekers find the right job with ease apart from that the applications have excellent features and services at good pricing.

What is ZipRecruiter?

ZipRecruiterZipRecruiter is a place where millions of job seekers meet millions of employers. They provide meaningful connections and help the users to find the right they need. This company is an American-based marketplace company that charges zero money for job seekers.



  • Setup is easy
  • Excellent support service
  • Easy to navigate and find jobs
  • Free of cost for job finding


  • The customer alert feature lacks suggestions
  • Lacks company page information

What is Indeed?

IndeedIndeed, is an employment website launched by an American company for a listing of jobs and recruitment processes. This application helps the users to list the jobs regardless of where they are posting. Moreover, the app has multiple services and features for the users.



  • Value for money
  • Easy to use
  • Have an excellent support team
  • Tons of features


  • The search engine is slow

ZipRecruiter vs Indeed: Head-to-Head Comparison

Feature ZipRecruiter Indeed
Phone Support x
Online Support
Resume Database
Resume Search
Free Trial
Credit Card Required for Trial x
Free Plan x
Accounting Management x
Budget Control x
Activity Dashboard x
Social Advertising x
Social Recruiting x
Built-in Database x
Database Access x
Communication Management x
Customizable Branding x
Real-Time Notifications x

How did We evaluate ZipRecruiter vs Indeed?

The evaluation of ZipRecruiter and Indeed depends upon the pricing, listings of jobs, services, and features, and the advanced options available for the users. After the evaluation of both, Indeed is slightly on the upper hand because of the intensive services and features it provides. ZipRecruiter is excellent for job seekers and indeed is good for employers.

ZipRecruiter vs Indeed: Which Is Better for Employers?

As an employer, Indeed is a better option because of the services and features it provides to the users whereas ZipRecruiter is a little pricey which will cost extra money to the employers.

ZipRecruiter vs Indeed: Which Is Better for Job Seekers?

ZipRecruiter is a better option because it is free for job seekers. They can search for the desired job, they can save it, and they can apply for it all can be done for free which helps the users to choose as many jobs as they want without thinking about the money. Whereas Indeed charges pay per post.

ZipRecruiter vs Indeed: Pricing

Indeed charges on pay per click and have other plans for the employers whereas ZipRecruiter charges on pay per post. But the best part about ZipRecruiter is that it offers free services and features for job seekers which will help millions of people to get the desired job.

ZipRecruiter vs Indeed: User Reviews

Indeed is a very easy-to-use application that has millions of jobs to choose from and it also provides a template that can be used to send to candidates for the recruitment process. Whereas ZipRecruiter is best for job seekers as it is free and users can see the job and apply accordingly.


In short, both are on the same level but it depends upon the users what they wish to choose as these companies provide thousands of job openings for users worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Question

Question: Which one is easy to use?

Answer: Both are easy to use because of the user-friendly user interface and features and services are easy to access.

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