Indeed Vs Glassdoor: A Detailed Comparison

Indeed and Glassdoor are websites that help big businesses post job openings and recruitment through both big and small advertisements and provide job opportunities to the people. But lately, both companies have merged, and one can post a job or advertisement only through paid job advertising products. Here is a complete comparison between Indeed vs Glassdoor.

Difference Between Indeed and Glassdoor

IndeedWhat is Indeed?

This is an employment website launched by an American company to list jobs and help job seekers find the right job. This application helps the users to list the jobs regardless of where they are posting. Moreover, the app has multiple services and features for the users.

GlassdoorWhat is Glassdoor?

It is an application that provides reviews, ratings, and feedback for career, learning, and development opportunities. Glassdoor is an American-based company that reviews anonymously and helps users post the job openings and recruitment process easily.

Glassdoor Vs Indeed Features Comparison

Feature Glassdoor Indeed
Resume Search NO YES
Free Job Posting NO YES
Free Employer Profile/Company Page YES YES
Employer Profiles/Company Pages YES YES
Affiliated/Nested Profiles YES NO
Country Enhanced Profiles YES NO
Featured Jobs YES YES
Featured Reviews YES YES
Employer Reviews YES YES
Review Requests YES NO
Activity Dashboard YES YES
Reporting & Analytics YES YES

Glassdoor Pros and Cons


  • Tons of job listings
  • View real-time salaries
  • View real-time reviews of the company
  • Blogs
  • Mobile application software


  • Have no advanced search option

Indeed Pros and Cons


  • Value for money
  • Easy to use
  • Have an excellent support team
  • Tons of features


  • The search engine is slow

How did We evaluate Glassdoor vs Indeed?

If we look from the eyes of a job seeker, Indeed is an excellent place to look out for a job. But in the evaluation, both the application provides good features and services for the users. There are no specific points that can outthrow the other one easily. So, both are excellent in their ways.

Glassdoor vs Indeed: Which Is Better for Employers?

Indeed has an overall rating of 0.5 more than that of Glassdoor employees. The career opportunities rated by Indeed are 0.4 higher than that of Glassdoor employees. And in the part of compensation and benefits Indeed has rated 0.4 higher than that of Glassdoor employees.

Glassdoor vs Indeed: Which Is Better for Job Seekers?

As a job seeker, you may find one is better than the other based on what you want from the application. If you want a resume and skills from a company, Indeed is a better option, and if you need role selection, Glassdoor is better.


Glassdoor has pricing for free and custom-priced paid plans. It has a premium plan which includes services like the custom page content, branded job posts, and many more. Whereas Indeed is free for job postings and resume searches.

Glassdoor vs Indeed: User Reviews

Glassdoor users gave feedback that it helps the users get insights and good information about the company and the pros and cons of a company, which help them choose what’s best for them. And whereas, Indeed users claimed that the user interface is user-friendly and has many options of job openings to choose from with ease.


Both the application is good and provides excellent features and services. Lately, the companies have been merged so the users can access both the applications services easily and thus help you cater to all your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Which is more affordable?

Answer: Booth is a good application, and after the companies have merged, it has many more options for the users.

Question: What is the price difference between both applications?

Answer: Indeed provides free services like job posting and job searches and, whereas Glassdoor has plans like premium, which includes custom page content, advertising, advanced resume searches.

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